Can You Identify These Handyman Tools in 7 Minutes?

By: Robin Tyler
Image: Wiki Commons via Simon Eugster

About This Quiz

No matter which way you look at it, a handyman is simply nothing without his tools, no matter how talented he is.

Now that is a fact, isn't it?

For every nail that needs to be driven into wood, every screw turned, every piece of wood cut into the right length and ever hole that needs to be drilled... well, there is a tool for that. There are so many tools that a handyman's toolbox could get a little big!

Although it might be nice to have all of those tools, a massive range is not that necessary if you have the basics. Those tools and pieces of equipment that can help the handyman get the job done on time, every time. 

And yes, there are the usual suspects that you will be able to identify quickly, but we have thrown a few curveballs at you in this quiz. Let's see if you can identify those essential tools of a handyman that you would not think he would need in his everyday job.

And you should be able to finish this quiz in just seven minutes.

Let's see how you fare!

Good luck!

To protect your eyes, a pair of safety glasses should always be in any toolbox, that of a handyman as well.

Our ears are sensitive and to protect them, especially when drilling or using power tools, one should wear earmuffs or ear plugs.

Any good handyman knows that protection is paramount. Things can easily drop on your feet, and to protect them, safety shoes with steel toe caps are a must.

The perfect way to get to higher places, a step ladder is easily transported as well.

Something you would use everyday as a handyman is a screwdriver. Make sure you have the right kind for the screws you intend turning in!

Does exactly what it says on the box - strips wires as needed. Don't buy cheap. You want wire strippers that will do the job first time! Of course, a handyman would not use this every day but it's an important part of a toolbox.

A tape measure of around 50 feet is a toolbox essential for any handyman! How else can you measure up?

A range of pliers are important in handyman work, including the needle-nose.

A pair of heavy duty scissors is never out of place in a handyman's toolbox. It is perfect for cutting pipes, rubber and other materials.

Sometimes things need to be hit. That's where a hammer comes in useful. As an example, a tight bolt might need a friendly tap to loosen it.

A top of the range multi-meter can test a/c and d/c voltage, amps and temperature. Although not essential, a good handyman will have one of these.

A range of different sized crescent wrenches are always handy to have in any toolbox.

An extension cord is a handy piece of equipment to have, especially when you need reach areas that have no power source.

No toolbox is complete without a pipe-wrench, especially one belonging to a HVAC technician.

To protect your hands, a pair of thick gloves should always be in your handyman toolbox.

A caulking gun is used to seal piping among other handy applications.

For when sawing is the only option, a Sawzall can cut through just about anything.

A multi-tool can come in very useful in many situations. No self-respecting handyman would be without one on their belt.

PVC cutters are the perfect tool to cut PVC piping.

A fully-charged cordless drill means that you can work in areas that have no power points! It can also double as screwdriver if you interchange the drill bits with screwdriver bits.

If a handyman is working with metal, the chances are a hacksaw is needed. This is the cheapest way to cut through metal rods, for example.

Screws are not all the same. To turn in one with a Phillips head, you will need a Phillips screwdriver. Every handyman has one of these.

One of the best things in a handyman's toolbox... a socket set! The easiest way to tighten and loosen nuts!

A range of pliers are important in a handyman's work including the flat nose.

Never leave home without them! Many manufacturers use bolts with Allen key heads, so have a range of sizes is a great idea as well. Having a metric and standard set is what you should aim for.

Side snips can be used to cut PVC piping, wires, thin pieces of metal. They are invaluable for a handyman.

A flashlight or headlamp is perfect for those dark places where you might work or when the electricity is off.

Always make sure you have the right drill bit for the job at hand. Some are for drilling into wood, others stone and still others, metal.

If you handyman work includes plumbing jobs, a leak detector is a great addition to a toolbox.

A level is the perfect way to ensure that the shelf you just hung, is straight. All handymen have these!

Perhaps the greatest invention ever, duct tape can be used to faster anything!

A good quality paint brush is all you need for the occasional paint job you might come across.

Sandpaper comes in many different grains, perfect for rough or fine sanding jobs.

Fine wood grains from sanding can play havoc with your lungs, especially if you are asthmatic. A mask is a great addition to the toolbox in this regard.

Sometimes, the drilling job is just too much for a cordless drill. In situations like this, you need a tough pneumatic drill.

A bucket is a useful thing to have, especially if you need to carry water from a tap to the area you are working in, for example.

A pencil behind the ear... that's every handyman, right? When you don't have one, you will go mad!

A jigsaw is a specialized saw that can cut any shape. A useful tool to have, especially for the woodworking handyman.

A tool belt is a great way to make sure all those tools you need on your current job are in close proximity.

A chisel is something that you would use often in handyman jobs that involve woodworking.

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