Quiz: Can You Identify These Historical Objects from an Image?
Can You Identify These Historical Objects from an Image?
By: Mark Laufgraben
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About This Quiz

We are the things we do, and as the preeminent users of tools on Planet Earth we have done some very strange things indeed! The usage of tools is what defines us as a people, and we have crafted an enormous array of different devices in order to suit our manifold needs. Need to wash your sheets? We have a tool for that. Serve up some stuff to a party? We have a tool for that. Keep the meat a'roastin'? We have a tool for that, too! And as our technological understanding has grown, so too have our tools changed and mutated to meet both our new needs and our strange new knowledge.

The old stuff that seemed so important to our day to day living, gets left behind. As the years wind on, what once was familiar and commonplace now seems weird, unwieldy, and even humorous. Why did we ever need Boom Boxes again? What exactly was the point of Betamax video cassettes? We stuck our feet in *what* at the shoe store??

...But you know the answers to all of these questions, don't you? Or do you? In this quiz, you will find dozens of esoteric technologies, lost to the ages, but here to test your knowledge. We have hints to help you along, but ultimately success or failure will be in your hands. Are you up to the challenge?

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