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When it comes to health care, there are so many more professions than nurses and doctors. For instance, there are physical therapists, anesthesiologists, radiographers, dieticians, sonographers and the stars of this quiz, EMTs. EMTs, or emergency medical technicians, are people who, as the name suggests, provide emergency medical services  They're trained to respond to these kinds of situations whether it be traumatic injuries, vehicular accidents or any other situation that requires one to be rushed to the hospital. 

Becoming an EMT requires one of two things, besides bravery and a strong stomach; it requires a medical degree or the completion of an EMT training course. Now, during those two forms of education, prospective EMTs are taught not only about the methods used to save lives but also about the equipment that helps accomplish that. And that's what we want to quiz you on today. 

Show us that you know what these items that an EMT should know are and we'll vouch for you in your application. 

Which medical tool is this?

Known in the medical world as a "sphygmomanometer," this instrument is paramount in gauging a patient's status. It consists of a rubber bladder that goes around the arm and a meter to record the pressure within an artery after being compressed and released.


A tool used for cutting, what is this particular instrument named?

Trauma shears are a quick and relatively safe way to cut clothing from a patient's body for proper assessment or to perform certain interventions. These special "tuff cuts," as they are sometimes called, have wide, unsharpened tips that glide smoothly across the skin.


Used to stop bleeding, among other things, what is this object known as?

Bandages are not only used to provide support or reinforcement to areas of injury. Bandages can also be used to provide compression in cases of bleeding as well as to minimize contamination by creating an airtight seal. There are several varieties, for various uses.


Can you tell us what this stuffing-like tool is?

Gauze pads can be used to clean and dress small lacerations and abrasions or wounds where blood loss is not a major concern. Larger pads called combine pads are used to pack larger wounds or as compression and reinforcement for massive blood loss.


It really does help one see better, but what is it known as?

Penlights are small flashlights that are handy particularly when dealing with patients who are suspected to have head injuries. The nerves are tested by shining a light into each pupil. Head injury patients are checked for quality and size of pupils and reactivity to light, among other things.


Which of these options goes best with this picture?

Named after the first seven bones that make up the spine, this "neck brace" secures the head and neck in cases of trauma, sprains, strains and whiplash. Also used in chronic illnesses, its main goal is to prevent further damage.


Used to keep an eye on certain vital signs, can you give this tool the name that belongs to it?

A transport monitor is a more compact, portable version of the standard monitors attached to patients at a healthcare facility. It provides vital signs; such as pulse, breath rate and temperature. Heart rhythm is also displayed to ensure early detection of deterioration.


What is this object that carries many essentials called?

A jump-bag is a responder's essential for the moments where help may be delayed or out of reach by the ambulance. While there is no universal list of items that it must contain, basics such as blood pressure cuffs, gauze, stethoscope and trauma supplies should be included.


A listening tool, what is this basic object known as?

If the blood pressure cuff available is a manual one, then a stethoscope will be used in conjunction with it to listen to attain a reading. It is also useful for listening to the heart and lungs to properly assess a patient and detect issues not readily seen.


Which of these four options is the name of this tool?

Much smaller and simpler than its in-hospital counterparts, a ventilator provides the basic function of a mechanical one while a patient is being transported; this is usually accompanied by an artificial airway.


It stabilizes, but do you know what it is?

Broken bones or fractures are some of the most common injuries and so, splints are a must-have. They immobilize and provides support to broken bones, particularly on tumultuous travels en route to the hospital.


Pick the name that matches this tool.

Also known as an "ambu-bag," bag valve masks aid to provide manual respirations. The bag part is connected to the oxygen supply and a mask, connected to the other end is placed on the face, over the nose and mouth. The bag is then compressed and oxygen enters the lungs.


What do you call this device?

Saline is a fancy word is used to describe a salt water solution which is often sterile. This can be used as an intravenous infusion to restore fluids to dehydrated patients or as a wash to cleanse wounds or burns. It can also be used as an eyewash when contaminants irritate eyes.


It helps with breathing, but can you help us with its name?

An oxygen kit consists of an oxygen tank and various masks for patients who require supplemental oxygen. The oxygen level can be adjusted according to the clinical signs displayed.


Which of these names was this medical tool given?

Defibrillators come in both manual and automatic but most commonly as an automatic external defibrillator (AED). This machine provides an automatically adjusted shock to reset the heart rhythm.


When you think of negative pressure, which of these options seems the most appropriate?

A suction unit is the equivalent of the vacuum cleaner. This device creates a negative pressure and is commonly used to clear blood, sputum, saliva or vomit from the airway to encourage a patent airway.


What name comes to mind when you see this picture?

An incubator is a dome which provides a warm environment for premature babies as well as protection from infection, allergens, as well as excessive noise and lights. Some people may go into labor and deliver aboard the ambulance, and so this is quite necessary.


Yet another stabilizer, what do you think this one is called?

A head immobilizer is a plastic-wrapped foam casing that is strapped to a spine-board and is used for stabilizing the head in cases of head and neck injury. At least two people are needed for the use of this.


When a specific body part needs to be completely still, which of these tools are used?

Generally used in prehospital care, a spinal board is key when shifting an individual with a suspected spinal injury. This allows for maintenance of complete immobility during transfer due to a very rigid surface.


This item is meant for a part of the face. What is its name?

Much smaller than a face mask, a nasal cannula provides low flow oxygen when connected to an oxygen (O2) supply for patients who cannot tolerate high doses of O2 or do not require a very high flow of air. It fits in the nose and is quite comfortable for an awake patient.


Which of these names looks like it belong to this tool?

A small prick of a lancet is all that is required for utilizing a hemoglucometer. It allows a caregiver to measure the level of glucose in the blood at the time.


This tool is meant to protect the skin. What do you think it is called?

Burn victims are at high risk for infections when coming into contact with surfaces around them; a sterile, laminated sheet called a burn sheet is used to wrap the patient, thus creating a protective barrier between them and surfaces.


Name this EMT item.

The human body functions optimally at a temperature of 98.6°F (37°C); illness, or infection may alter that. A thermometer measures body temperature. There are many variations, such as temporal (for the ear), axillary (for the armpit) and the no contact forehead thermometer.


Known for monitoring the heart, what is this machine's name?

EKG monitors measure and provide printed records of cardiac rhythms by interpreting electrical impulses of the heart and then producing a corresponding waveform. This machine usually also can suggest possible diagnoses for abnormal heart rhythms.


What does this look like to you?

An instant boost to the blood sugar can be provided by oral glucose, which comes in a gel or liquid substance that is primarily made from dextrose and water. It is a safe and easy intervention for people with low blood glucose; people with diabetes are particularly prone to this.


This complicated tool helps extricate people from their vehicles after an accident. What's its name?

A K.E.D, short for Kendrick Extrication Device, is used to remove victims of motor vehicle collisions from the wreckage. It is used in tandem with a cervical collar and secures the head, neck and back in an anatomically neutral position as the person is moved.


What is this device called?

Fetal monitors allow emergency personnel to keep track of an unborn baby's heart rate as well as the contractions of the mother. It is used to monitor the status of mother and baby during labor and delivery.


Identify the medical device in this picture.

Rather than use up valuable time regulating intravenous infusions manually, infusion pumps administer the exact amount required in a specified amount of time. It is useful in helping to eliminate human error that may cause administration of the wrong amount.


Match this tool to its name.

Seatbelt cutters are used when people may be trapped in their vehicles after a collision and may be unable to exit their safety belts. This little device, which also may come with a window breaker on the other half will cut through seatbelts and many other tough materials.


When one wants to measure blood oxygen, what should they use?

A pulse oximeter is a small infrared light used to measure blood oxygenation level, a normal reading ranges from 95% to 100% in normal functioning human beings. This provides a numeric figure to gauge oxygenation efforts and respiratory status.


It holds a part of the mouth down for inspection. What do you think its name is?

When further examination of the mouth and throat is required, these rounded wooden sticks "depress" the tongue to move it out of the way. They may be especially necessary in cases where a foreign body is lodged in the throat.


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