Can You Identify These Legendary Surfers from a Photo?

By: Olivia C
Image: WikiCommons via surfglassy

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Surf's up! Do you know your famous and legendary surfers? Cool! Try our quiz, then!

Surfing has been such a great sport for many kinds of people. Wherever you are based in the world, you can see that there is some kind of curiosity about surfing as a recreational activity and later as a sport.

Of course, this curiosity is a given for those who live near coastal waters. Island nations, archipelagos, and countries with coastlines may find their areas blessed with magnificent natural formations that make surfing possible. Of course, not all beaches or coastlines are great for surfing, because you gotta have that swell!

Thus, surfers have identified specific areas or regions that have great waves. And there are actually systems in place, scientific and meteorological, that can track these swells during different times and seasons of the year. Thus, surfers know when to go and where to go, for great surfing highs.

And these surfers are the ones we'll identify in this quiz. Do you know your worldwide surfing dudes and dudettes? Try this quiz to find out!

The Duke is considered the "father of surfing." The Hawaiian native helped put surfing on the world map.

Miki Dora was one legendary California surfer. He frequented Malibu.

Stephanie Gilmore is from Australia. She's a six-time world champion kind of surfer.

Carissa Moore is from Hawaii. Those waves sure did hone her wave-riding expertise!

Kelly Slater is not only a world champion surfer, but he also appeared on TV to do some acting. He was in the cast of Baywatch during the 1990s.

Doc Pascowitz is truly a doctor. He studied at the Stanford Medical School prior to embracing the surfing life.

Lisa Andersen is one cool American surfer girl! Sports Illustrated magazine for women honored her in the 100 Greatest Sportswomen of the Century list.

Layne Beachley has already been included into the Surfers' Hall of Fame. Yep, she is that legendary!

Laird Hamilton honed his surfing skills in Hawaii when he was younger. But he's now a happy residence of Malibu.

John John Florence is a great Pipe surfer. He's also a proud vegan.

Wendy Botha moved from South Africa to Australia. She has won surfing championships representing the two countries at different times.

Frieda Zamba reigned supreme when she was only 19 years old. She won world championship titles during the 1980s.

Nick Gabaldon was an amateur surfer of African-American and Latino descent. He became an inspirational role model for other people of color who wanted to break racial barriers in surfing.

Tia Blanco is a young professional surfer. She's also a known vegetarian.

Kathy Kohner is the surfer that became the basis for the popular Gidget book and films. She's now known as Kathy Kohner-Zuckerman.

Alana Blanchard is not only a surfer, but she's also a model. She models for Rip Curl, the swimwear brand where she also contributes designs.

Sean Collins was a surfer who also wanted to know the science behind the surf. He's one of the movers and shakers of surf forecasting.

Jack Freestone proudly labels himself as the Vegetarian Instagram Model. Yep, he loves his social media time, as well as his vegan lifestyle!

Nikki van Dijk was born in Australia. She resides in Victoria.

Dave “Rasta” Rastovich is a professional surfer. He's also an avowed environmentalist.

Rob Machado is an Australian-American pro surfer. But he also embodies the "soul surfer" lifestyle.

Anna Ehrgott is a surfer as well as an entrepreneur. She manufactures eco-friendly products in her Sagebrush Board Bags line.

Julian Wilson is from Queensland. He calls Coolum Beach home.

She was dubbed as a Lakey Surf Legend at a young age. Needless to say, Lakey Peterson is such a sporty person indeed.

Filipe Toledo is a proud Brazilian pro surfer. He's active in the World Surf League.

Carol Henrique is from Portugal. She could definitely ride those waves!

Italo Ferreira is actually Brazilian. He's got cool sponsorship deals with Billabong and Oakley.

Tyler Wright comes from a surfing family. His older brother, Owen Wright, is also a professional surfer like her.

Yep, the French also have surfing champs! One of them is Johanne Defray from Auvergne.

Tatiana Weston-Webb holds dual citizenship. She's Brazilian-American.

Bethany Hamilton is that surfer with one arm. She was attacked by a shark, but recovered and still became a champ.

Dewey Weber is one legendary name in early American surfing. He also began a surfboard company prior to his death.

Mick Fanning is an Australian pro surfer. He also encountered a supposed shark attack in South Africa.

Sally Fitzgibbons is from New South Wales. The Australian champ has a lot of sponsors supporting her, such as Under Armour and Amazonia.

Mickey Munoz is actually a New York City native. He's known for the Quasimodo stance.

Jordy Smith is from Durban, South Africa. He is known for certain maneuvers such as the rodeo flip.

Italy has its surfers, too! Leonardo Fioravanti is one of their younger champs!

Originally from Japan, Kanoa Igarashi's surfer dad moved the family to California. They settled in Surf City USA, also known as Huntington Beach.

Oney Anwar is an Indonesian pro surfer. That country also has great waves.

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