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The United States of America is such a huge country that it has to be subdivided into many regions. And while those regions have their regions, the states enclosed within them also speak a lot about their region's culture.

For instance, the southeastern US region is a huge one. Comprised of 12 states, their region's characteristics have great commonalities but obvious differences as well. Influences, history and other factors are the reasons why such commonalities exist. But it's also quite impressive how each of the states in this distinct region has evolved on its own.

There are so many things to see and experience in this culture that sometimes, you don't know just where to start! That's why in this special quiz, we have chosen some of the capital cities, the largest cities in terms of land area and population and quaint cities that have colorful details in them. 

Try and have fun guessing these cities from Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Virginia and West Virginia. Go!

Where can you find this Civil Rights Memorial Center?

The Civil Rights Memorial Center is a testament to the freedom fighters in Montgomery. That's a very historic city in Alabama.


The William J. Clinton Presidential Library and Museum is located in which city?

Those who grew up in the '90s would know that the Clintons are from Little Rock, Arkansas. That little place is a big one for a US president!


The colorful Calle Ocho is in which city?

Miami, Florida is where you can find Little Havana. That's where a lot of Cuban immigrants settled in before, as you can see in the culture of Calle Ocho or in English, Eighth Street.


Bourbon Street is happily located in which city?

New Orleans is the site of the yearly Mardi Gras celebration. Don't miss out on visiting Bourbon Street when you're in Louisiana!


Churchill Downs can be found where?

Kentucky Derby fans would know where Churchill Downs is in the city of Louisville. Horse race enthusiasts flock there regularly for this event.


Where can you visit the CNN Studio?

The CNN headquarters can be found in Atlanta, Georgia. They offer studio tours for visitors who would want to get a glimpse of how they operate their media there.


The Jefferson Davis Presidential Library is located in which city?

Biloxi, Mississippi is where you will find this presidential marker. It's also the setting of an old film called Biloxi Blues.


To head on to the Grand Ole Opry House, where should you go?

Country fans everywhere make a pilgrimage to Nashville to immerse in the country music culture they love. That's great news for tourism in the state of Tennessee.


Where can you find the Rainbow Row?

Charleston, South Carolina is a controversial city, then and now. But it's still worth visiting when you're in the state -- look up the historic and picturesque Rainbow Row.


The William B. Umstead State Park is located where?

This state park is a huge one for North Carolina. You need to go to Raleigh to access it.


Monticello is located where?

Monticello is as historic as the city that houses it. That's in Charlottesville, Virginia.


Where can you find Coonskin Park?

This cute place is a family-friendly spot in Charleston, West Virginia. It's specifically located in Kanawha County.


This famous theme park is located where?

Epcot is unmistakable in its appearance. That's why you'll know you're already in Orlando, Florida when you see it.


The Chattahoochee River National Recreation Area is located where?

Roswell is where you'll find this interesting place. That's the city in Georgia.


Where can you find Lake Lurleen?

You can take a swim at this lake in Tuscaloosa. Yep, there is lots to see and do in Alabama.


The Arkansas State University is located in which city in that state?

Jonesboro, Arkansas is the home of this important state university. That's why it carries the name of the state.


Rock and roll lovers head over to Sun Studio, but in which city is it?

The King, Elvis Presley, was born in a different part of the USA. But Memphis became his home.


Where can you find the Blue Bayou waterpark?

Baton Rouge, Louisiana is historically rich in cultural melting pot stories. That's why it's always cool to visit there, over and over!


The Guilford Courthouse National Military Park is found where?

Fans of the American Revolution head over to this park to see snippets of history. That's in Greensboro, North Carolina.


The historic T. R. R. Cobb House is located where?

Athens is, indeed, a city located in Georgia. Fans of architectural history should visit there.


This historic university is located where?

Jackson State University is an interesting place to visit when in Jackson, Mississippi. The school will provide lots of historical snippets for American history buffs.


The White House of the Confederacy is situated in which capital city?

Richmond, Virginia is another interesting city to visit for historical buffs. The city also offers more in terms of contemporary culture.


Mission San Luis is located in which capital city?

Tallahassee is the capital of the state of Florida. Mission San Luis is but one of the many points of interest in this colorful city.


Sunsphere can be found in which city?

Knoxville is a city located in Tennessee. Sounds like a fort, doesn't it?


Blennerhassett Island is actually found within this city.

It's strange to have an American city carry the name of a European city . But that's how it is for Vienna, West Virginia.


Where can you find the Salem Tavern?

Winston-Salem is a great place to visit. That's in North Carolina.


The Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport is located where?

The highly urbanized Crystal City can be found in Arlington County. That's located in Virginia


Skywheel can be found in which happy watery city?

Myrtle Beach is, indeed, the name of a city in South Carolina. But yes, there's a lot of beaches and beach resorts there, not just one.


The Alexandre Mouton House is located where?

Lafayette is a city in Louisiana. Interesting to trace their French ancestry there, n'est-ce pas?


Where can you find Rickwood Field?

Birmingham is located in the great state of Alabama. They have this really old baseball park called Rickwood Field, which is worth visiting for the sports history alone.


TPC Sawgrass can be found in the greens of which city?

The PGA Tour likes TPC Sawgrass a lot. Golf fans would know that this is located in Jacksonville, Florida.


This Naval Station is found where?

The Norfolk Naval Station is located within the city limits of Norfolk. That's in Virginia, folks!


The Mean Pig BBQ restaurant's "Man Vs. Food" fame happened in which city?

Cabot, Arkansas got some claim to fame when a local restaurant was featured in television's "Man. vs. Food." Foodies should visit sometime!


The Beech Bend Raceway could be found in which colorful city?

Bowling Green is a city in Kentucky. Maybe they like that sport too much ...


Forrest Gump was here! Where can you find Chippewa Square?

Forrest Gump's bus bench scene was shot here in front of Chippewa Square. You can visit the square in Savannah, Georgia.


The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is the tell-tale landmark located where?

Chattanooga Choo Choo! The song was definitely inspired by this city in Tennessee.


Comedian Aziz Anzari always references his South Carolina roots. Which city is he from?

Anzari is from Columbia, South Carolina. Growing up there provided him with many comedic materials, so it seems.


First Landing State Park is located where?

Virginia Beach is yet another city with a beach, since it's a coastal one. That's located in the state of Virginia.


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