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Making it in the NFL as a head coach takes an intense drive, hours of hard work and years of built-up knowledge. Even when coaches have all of those boxes checked, it doesn't always guarantee success, and if the NFL has proven anything, it's that teams aren't afraid to let go of a coach who can't put up W's. 

With that being said, when a coach is able to rack up at least 50 wins in their career, it says a lot about their skill and work ethic as a head coach. It also says a lot about how their message resonates with players, because players have proven they aren't afraid to launch a mutiny against a coach who they don't believe in. 

What do you know about the coaches who have won more than 50 games in their career? Do you think you can identify them from an image? Do you know the 50-plus game winners who also won championships or the ones who never even made it to the big game? Here's a quiz where you can find out.

If you're ready to test your knowledge on the best NFL head coaches, get started and see if you can get a win on this quiz! 

A winner with 11 Super Bowl appearances, what's the name of this head coach?

Bill Belichick has earned a reputation as a cut-throat head coach, known for getting rid of players a year early instead of a year late. However, that's one of the reasons that he rules over a Patriots' dynasty that's approaching 20 years of success.


The original head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, who is this 50-plus game winner?

Tom Landry coached the Cowboys from their inaugural season in 1960 until he was fired in 1988. Landry won two Super Bowls and racked up 270 wins during that stretch.


What's the name of this head coach who worked for 21 seasons in the NFL?

Despite a 21-year career in the NFL, Marty Schottenheimer never reached an NFL Super Bowl. He holds the most wins of any coach to not make it to the big game.


The winner of Super Bowl XXXI, do you know the name of this head coach?

The Seahawks were on a 10-year playoff drought when Mike Holmgren took over the team in 1999. He led the Seahawks to the playoffs in his first season with the team.


This coach won two Super Bowls with the Denver Broncos. Who is he?

Mike Shanahan was known for his run-heavy West Coast offense, which he adapted from Bill Walsh. Behind this offensive philosophy, Shanahan consistently found running backs who could put up 1,000-yard​ seasons.


Coaching primarily for the Packers between 1921 and 1953, who is this coach?

Curly Lambeau founded the Green Bay Packers in 1919 alongside George Calhoun. While playing on the team, Lambeau also served as the first head coach, a job he held until 1949.


Who is this legendary Steelers' coach?

Chuck Noll led one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history when he coached the Steelers in the '70s, winning four Super Bowls during that decade. He continued to coach the team throughout the '80s with less success and finally retired in 1991.


The first black head coach to win a Super Bowl, do you know the name of this Hall of Famer?

Tony Dungy won his first Super Bowl as a player for the Pittsburgh Steelers. He later coached the Steelers' defense, where he started to develop what would become known as the Tampa 2.


This coach went to the playoffs his first six seasons. Do you know who he is?

In 15 seasons, Bill Cowher led the Steelers to 10 playoff appearances, reaching the Super Bowl twice. Of those Super Bowls, the Steelers earned a championship in Super Bowl XL.


This coach racked up 324 wins before the NFL merged with the AFL. What's his name?

Nicknamed "Papa Bear," George Halas founded the Chicago Bears, a team he also played and coached for. He led the team to an NFL championship in only his second season.


What's the name of this head coach who helped two franchises move cities?

Jeff Fisher was the head coach of the Tennessee Titans during the Music City Miracle, a famous play that helped the Titans reach the Super Bowl. The play occurred at the end of their 1999 Wild Card game when the Titans returned a kickoff for a touchdown to win the game as time ran out.


Who is this former head coach who led the Browns when legendary running back Jim Brown was on the team?

The Browns' team was named after Paul Brown, a founder and the first head coach of the team. However, Brown struggled to connect with the players in his later years with the team and the franchise was eventually stripped away from him.


Do you know this head coach who was the first ever hire for the Jacksonville Jaguars?

A member of the Giants' Ring of Honor, Tom Coughlin was part of three Super Bowls with the team. His first title came as a wide receivers coach and his latter two came as the head coach.


A two-time Coach of the Year, who is this 50-plus game winner?

Joe Gibbs became a NASCAR team owner after leaving the head coaching profession during his initial run. His NASCAR team is known as Joe Gibbs Racing.


Do you know this head coach who's still piling on wins with the Kansas City Chiefs?

Andy Reid started his head coaching career with the Philadelphia Eagles. From 1999 until 2012, he won 120 games with the Eagles and racked up 10 postseason wins.


A former NFL running back, do you know this 50-plus game-winning head coach?

Dan Reeves led two different teams, the Broncos and the Falcons, to Super Bowls, reaching four Super Bowls in total as a head coach. However, he lost all four championship games.


This head coach has won both a national championship and a Super Bowl. Do you know who he is?

Pete Carroll was heavily criticized for calling a pass play near the end of Super Bowl XLIX which resulted in an interception. Critics believe he wanted to make his quarterback, Russell Wilson, the star of the game.


The mentor of Bill Belichick, who is this head coach with over 50 wins?

Bill Parcells left the coaching profession in 1999 after a short tenure with the New York Jets. He was lured back into coaching the Cowboys in 2003, taking the team to the playoffs in his first season.


This 50-plus game-winning head coach helped introduce Gatorade to the NFL. What's his name?

Hank Stram coached in the AFL prior to when it merged with the NFL in 1970. He holds the record for most wins and most championships in the AFL.


Do you know the name of this Super Bowl-winning head coach who also has a championship as a player?

Mike Ditka was the head coach of the 1985 Bears, who went 15-1 in the regular season. The Bears were led by a dominant defense that set a new standard in the NFL.


Spending his entire head coaching career with the Bengals, who is this coach with over 50 wins?

Marvin Lewis went to the NFL playoffs seven seasons as a head coach for the Cincinnati Bengals. However, he lost every year in the Wild Card round.


This NFL head coach has both an NFC and AFC Championship. Who is he?

John Fox coached the Broncos when they were blown out by the Seahawks in Super Bowl XLVIII. Fox was fired after losing in the Divisional Round the next season.


What's the name of this head coach who guided the Packers to 135 wins?

In 2018, a rift developed between Mike McCarthy and his star quarterback, Aaron Rodgers. When the Packers failed to reach the playoffs, McCarthy was fired from the team.


Do you know the name of this Hall of Famer who served as the second and fourth​ head coach of the Vikings?

Before starting a career as a head coach, Bud Grant played professional basketball for the Minneapolis Lakers. He won the 1950 NBA championship with the team.


What's the name of this head coach who lost four straight Super Bowls?

The Bills in the early '90s were four games away from being one of the greatest dynasties in NFL history. Instead, they became known as the greatest chokers in NFL history.


This coach took three different teams to the playoffs. What's his name?

Dick Vermeil took over three losing teams in the NFL: the Eagles, the Rams and the Chiefs. During his separate stints with each team, he led them to divisional titles.


Posting a .645 winning percentage, who is this head coach?

Mike Tomlin has been the head coach of the Pittsburgh Steelers since 2007. Since joining the team, he's guided them to eight playoff appearances.


This head coach played in the first-ever Super Bowl featuring two brothers as head coaches. What's his name?

John Harbaugh made the decision to bench his former Super Bowl MVP quarterback, Joe Flacco, in 2018 for rookie Lamar Jackson. Jackson guided the team to a playoff berth, but they lost in the Wild Card game.


Known for guiding the Packers to wins in Super Bowl I and II, do you know who this former head coach is?

Vince Lombardi won five titles with the Green Bay Packers in only seven seasons, which included the first two Super Bowls. He stepped down as their head coach after winning Super Bowl II.


This coach famously left the Cowboys after winning the Super Bowl. What's his name?

The rift between Jimmy Johnson and Cowboys' owner Jerry Jones grew wider after the Cowboys won Super Bowl XXVIII. Johnson wanted more control of the team, and Jones wasn't willing to give it away.


This head coach has racked up over 50 wins despite getting suspended from the NFL for a season. Who is he?

Coached by Sean Payton, the Saints lost the 2019 NFC Championship to the Rams after the referees blatantly missed a pass interference call against the Rams. Payton was extremely critical of the refs after the game, claiming they cost his team a Super Bowl appearance.


In his second stint with the Raiders, who is this head coach with over 50 wins?

Looking to change their play style, the Raiders traded Jon Gruden in 2002 to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In a turn of events, Gruden led the Buccaneers to the Super Bowl that same season, where they defeated the Raiders.


Do you know the name of this head coach who led the Vikings to the playoffs eight times?

Dennis Green served as the head coach of the Vikings for 10 seasons, leading them to the playoffs eight of those years. Despite making it to the NFC Championship in 2000, he was fired the next season after going 5-10.


Known for drafting Peyton Manning, do you know this former NFL head coach?

Jim Mora famously gave a rant about his team making it to the playoffs in 2001 after starting off 4-6. The rant is often quoted by analysts and other contemporaries in the industry when talking about Mora.


Though he has an overall losing record, what's the name of this head coach with over 50 career wins?

Norv Turner was the offensive coordinator for the Cowboys from 1991 until 1993. He coached Emmitt Smith during that stint, who led the league in rushing all three seasons.


This head coach holds the 49ers' record for career wins. Do you know who he is?

George Seifert holds the 49ers' career wins record with 98 wins. He was part of five Super Bowls with the team, two as a head coach and three as a defensive coach.


Do you know this head coach who holds the record for most wins all-time?

Don Shula is the only head coach to lead an NFL team to an undefeated season, which he accomplished in 1972 with the Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins finished that season 14-0, defeating the Redskins to win the Super Bowl.


The winner of Super Bowl III, do you know the name of this former head coach with over 50 wins?

Super Bowl III pitted the New York Jets against the Baltimore Colts, resulting in the only Super Bowl victory in Jets' history. Joe Namath, who promised New York a victory, was named the MVP of the game.


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