Quiz: Can You Identify These Popular Kid Snacks From the ’90s?
Can You Identify These Popular Kid Snacks From the ’90s?
By: Zoe Samuel
Image: Photos.com/PhotoObjects.net / Getty Images Plus/gettyimages

About This Quiz

Everyone knows that snacking isn't generally very good for you. Only eating at set mealtimes is one of the top ways that you can manage your health. Of course, what's good for us and what we want aren't always the same thing, and anyway, if you eat right most of the time and keep up your exercise, then there will be space in your diet for a little treat now and then. Besides, what if you get low blood sugar and underperform at school?

Catering to these exceptions and to the people who've decided they won't be told, or just prefer to snack, the snack industry has become a global behemoth. No wing of it is more effective or better-funded than the kids' snacks, because creating brand loyalty can mean a customer for life, and kids tend to lack self-discipline. This means there are plenty of yummy options aimed at children, and always more entering a crowded market.

Of course, thanks to our parents trying to limit the amount of nonsense we put into our bodies, we tend to remember well our favorite childhood snacks. They were made all the more precious thanks to their deliciousness being combined with the lure of the forbidden fruit. Let's see how well you recall the top children's treats of the 1990s!

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