Can You Identify These Predatory North American Animals From an Image?

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The North American continent is known for many things, and one of those things is its diverse wildlife. Animals like deer, owls, dog and rats make their home on this continent and go about their daily lives hunting or being hunted. Today, we're going to zoom in on the hunters—the ones that cause smaller animals to have nightmares about being eaten while foraging for their own food. Yes, we're talking about the predators. 

These are the animals who hunt other animals, whether they're bigger, the same size or even smaller than them. We've even taken the liberty and added in some apex predators to spice things up. Apex predators are animals who are so powerful that nothing hunts them; they are literally at the top of their respective food chains. 

And don't forget that the North American continent is also made up of Canada, the Caribbean and Mexico, in addition to the US of A. So we've added predators from each of these places to really test your knowledge. Do you really think you can name all these animals that go bump in the night in this quiz? Can you name all these North American predators? Take this quiz and find out!

The dark animal is found in many parts of the continent, but what is it called?

The American black bear is a large animal that can be found in Mexico, Canada and in many forested areas of North America. Its many coats of rugged bluish gray or bluish black fur of help to keep it snug during the cold winter season.

Which North American predator is this?

The bald eagle is a large predator that has served as the mascot of The United States of America since June 20th, 1782. This eagle was chosen as a national symbol for many reasons, but its amazing strength and regal looks are credited as top factors. Also, this bird of prey is native to the U.S.

The animals feeds on virtually anything it can sink its teeth into. What is its name?

A bull shark is an aggressive predator of the sea that feeds on almost anything: bony fish, stingrays and even its own kind—other small sharks. It tends to hide in dark waters before launching its attack on the unsuspecting animal. Bulls sharks hunt during the day and night.

What member of the dog family, also found in the Arctic, is this?

The gray wolf is recognized by a different name in some parts of the world: in the Arctic, it is the white or common wolf, while in North America, it is the timber wolf. This wolf is the largest of the dog family and may be gray, black or pure white.

If you had to guess what animal this was, what would it be?

The lynx is a medium-sized wild cat with spotted fur and a short tail, and it can be found in southern Canada, the United States and northern parts of Mexico. The Iberian Lynx is the most endangered cat in the world- in 2002, less than 100 could be found.

What name was given to this fish, which is poisonous if eaten incorrectly?

The lionfish is a colorful fish recognizable by the long, spiky dorsal fins covering its body. Although this fish is often consumed by humans, it must be handled carefully, because its venomous fins can cause nausea and difficulty breathing.

Despite its size, this animal can run quickly. Which of these options is its name?

The grizzly bear inhabits valleys, forests and woodlands of Canada and parts of North America. Despite its large size, this subspecies of the brown bear is very agile and has been known to move as fast as thirty miles per hour. It can weigh as much as 800 pounds.

Based on this picture, what do you think this is?

Fire ants are tiny animals that should not be underestimated. Their painful sting can be inflicted multiple times and cause welts on the skin that may cause infections. These ants consume sweet food as well as small insects and carrion.

This reptile loves freshwater and is extremely dangerous. What is it?

The alligator is a carnivorous reptile related to the crocodile, except that it has distinguishing features: its snout is wide and rounded, and its teeth remain visible when its mouth is closed. Alligators live in primarily freshwater sources, such as rivers and ponds, as well as some brackish waters.

The creature is quite venomous. What is its name?

The rattlesnake is given its name due to the rattle found at the tip of its tail, which it uses to ward off predators or bewilder its prey. This venomous creature also makes a disturbing hissing sound that scares its prey. Additionally, it may assume a defensive posture by coiling itself up then raising its head high.

If this animal charges at you, you may be a dead person running. What kind of animal is it?

The wild boar is a big animal with a thick coat of fur that may be brown, black, gray or even red. They can weigh as little as 90 to as much as 700 pounds and stand at 21 inches in height. This boar is native to northwest Africa and Europe but has been found in Asia.

This hunter is quite ferocious, especially in a pack. What is it called?

Coyotes are members of the dog family found in forested and mountainous areas in many countries of North America. Farmers and some homeowners are wary of these versatile animals, which not only feed on fish and rodents but have also been known to kill pets and livestock.

This animal can attack even when it isn't threatened. What is it?

The American crocodile is a protected animal; the species is threatened and was once listed as endangered, due to the fact that it was being hunted excessively and its habitat was being destroyed. The crocodile lives in Florida and the tropical waters of the Caribbean.

Based on the picture, what kind of animal would you say this was?

The mountain lion is referred to by many names such as cougar, deer tiger, panther and catamount. This wild cat can be found in several areas of North and South America, where it feeds on deer and other animals, such as mice, using its sharp vision and hearing.

This yellow-and-black bee-like creature's sting hurts like nothing you've ever felt. What is the animal's name?

The yellow jacket is a wasp that gets its name from the distinctive colors on its body: its face/head is usually yellow and black, and its abdomen has a striped pattern. Yellow jackets live close to humans in nests they have built underground or in trees, where thousands of them may live together.

It looks more like a bear than a wolf, if you take its name into consideration. What name was it given?

A wolverine is an animal of usually 24 to 40 pounds that mostly resides in countries such as Canada, Alaska, Russia and the cold regions of the Arctic. Although its short, furry look resembles that of a small bear, the wolverine is of the weasel family and is the largest of its kind.

Which option is the correct name of this animal?

Polar bears have been named as the largest carnivores on earth, and rightly so: an adult bear can weigh as much as 680 kg and be as long as 2.5 meters. They feed mostly on seals hunted out of the ice in the Arctic region where they all live.

This is one of the fiercest sea animals to ever exist. What is this creature's name?

The great white shark is a fierce predator of the ocean and a threat to other animals. As an adult, it feeds on sea lions and whales, as compared to its younger years, when it feeds on fish. This shark is gray with a white underbelly.

Can you match this picture to name of the animal?

The great horned owl is an intimidating bird; it has a sharp stare and catlike ears that stand on end, and it produces a deep hooting sound. It may be relatively small in size, but this predator is a powerful one; it can tackle squirrels, raccoons, skunks and even other owls.

This tiny animal is capable of causing diseases in humans—some that can kill. What is it called?

The deer tick, also known as the black-legged tick, is an insect not much bigger than a seed that can cause ill health in humans. This deer tick is a transmitter of the Borrelia burgdorferi—the bacteria which causes the debilitating condition known as Lyme disease.

Identify the North American animal shown in this picture.

The killer whale, or orca, is a huge predator that can consume more than 200 kilograms of food daily. This intelligent animal may feed on squid, penguin and fish and may even join forces with other killer whales to corner its prey before consuming it.

With six eyes instead of eight, what kind of arachnid is this?

The brown recluse spider tends to live alone and has been spotted in the United States, in states like Texas and Kansas. This spider has six eyes, compared to other spiders, which have eight. Also, its abdomen is in one solid shade of brown and is covered in hair.

What is the name of this fish with a taste for shiny things?

The barracuda is an elongated fish with a pronounced head, strong jaws and teeth and sharp eyes. Its scales may differ from fish to fish; they may be black, gray-blue or brown. This predator is attracted to glossy objects, and as a result, it often pursues fish with silver scales.

Can you say which predator this is?

The red-tailed hawk is a small predator that often stalks its prey from its perch from a high vantage point. It then dives and captures either a lizard, rabbit or some other animal before flying back to its safe spot to devour its victim.

This white bird is as ferocious as it is beautiful. Can you tell us its name?

Snowy owls are one of the largest of its species to be found in North America. This owl has a predominantly white body with white feathers, which may have brown spots on them. Their claws and their toes are also feather coated.

What's this predator called?

The golden eagle is a dark brown bird that has a lighter shade of golden brown feathers on its neck and head. This bird can move very quickly, at a speed of more than 150 miles per hour. The golden eagle is also the national symbol of Mexico.

This mammal is the largest of its kind and hunts octopus and other fish. What is it?

This toothed whale is the largest of its kind, as it can grow to as much as 67 feet. It has a spermaceti organ located in its oddly shaped head, and early explorers once believed the organ contained sperm, hence its name.

With the second-strongest venom of its species, this animal is beyond dangerous. What name does it go by?

This small but brightly colored snake has fixed fangs at the front of its mouth. It's also difficult to differentiate between its head and its tail because of their similar characteristics. The coral snake uses that to its advantage, as well as the fact that it has the second-strongest venom among snakes.

Which dangerous creature is this?

The Atlantic torpedo ray is a type of electric ray that dwells in the Atlantic Ocean, in the waters of Africa, Brazil and Scotland. It can grow to almost 2 meters and weigh as much as 200 pounds, making it the largest of its kind known to man.

Can you tell us the name of this animal, a relative of the weasel?

The American badger is a small mammal that is a relative of the weasel, ferret and otter. It has a short, compact body, wide feet with long sharp claws and thick hair found in colors of black, white, brown or gold. It's an aggressive animal that is otherwise reclusive and nocturnal.

They love stalking their prey before attacking. Which animal is this?

Peregrine falcons are excellent hunters that stalk their prey from their perch before swooping to snatch their prey mid-flight, reaching speeds as fast as 200 miles per hour. This type of falcon feeds on bats and birds and can be found in almost all countries worldwide, aside from Antarctica.

What do you think this animal is?

This mammal has an elongated, torpedo-shaped body and versatile flippers, which can be used to help them walk on land and swim through water. On land, they are quite agile and can move faster than humans, and in water, they can swim as fast as 25 miles per hour.

What's the other name for this animal, which is also called the water moccasin?

The cottonmouth snake is also referred to as the water moccasin, but is known scientifically as Agkistrodon piscivorus. It gets its name, "cotton mouth," from the white hue inside its mouth. It has sharp eyes similar to that of a cat and has a thick, stout, and scaly muscular body.

Which of the options is being shown in this picture?

The least weasel is a small animal about the size of a mouse, with a tiny head, a long, slim body and short legs that may be white or brown. This weasel feeds on rodents such as bank voles and mice but may also consume small fish and insects if the opportunity presents itself.

It may seem peaceful, but this animal is very strong and will attack if provoked. What is its name?

The leatherback turtle is the largest turtle in the world, and it has been known to weigh as much as 900 kilograms and grow up to two meters. This turtle gets its name from its shell that's leathery and soft, in contrast to other shells of sea turtles such as the loggerhead, which is hard.

What's the more common name of this animal, also called the fish or sea hawk?

The osprey is a large predator also known as the fish, river or sea hawk, as it is often seen swooping over waters to snatch its prey. It descends from 30-100 feet and uses its curved claws and the gripping pads on its feet to secure its catch.

What kind of animal do you see here?

The tiger shark is a ravenous hunter, with strong jaws and jagged teeth that help it to devour its prey. It consumes many animals, from stingrays to birds, sea snakes and squids. Similar to the great white shark, it is a threat to us, as it is known for attacking humans.

Can you tell us the name of this fish, which is one of the biggest animals of the sea?

The blue marlin is a large fish—in fact, one of the biggest worldwide—with females that have been known to weigh over 1,900 pounds and grow as long as fourteen feet. The blue marlin is whiteish or silverish on the bottom and blue on top, and it has a long, pointed dorsal fin and a spear-shaped jaw.

Can you tell us this animal's name?

This giant octopus is the largest of the octopus family, and so it is known for its impressive size: on average, it weighs about 110 pounds and grows up to 16 feet. They also tend to live to about four years of age and die soon after producing young.

It preys on insects that can cause diseases in humans. What is this animal's name?

The little brown bat is a small mammal that is 2.5-4 inches in length and often weighs less than an ounce. This bat tends to inhabit swampy areas and has been found in New Hampshire, Alaska, Arkansas and Georgia.

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