Quiz: Can You Identify These Rock 'n' Roll Icons?
Can You Identify These Rock 'n' Roll Icons?
By: Olivia Cantor
Image: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nEjLFpU2pJ4

About This Quiz

Rock and Roll, Rock 'n' Roll, Rock-and-Roll. No matter how people refer to it, the distinguishable era that formed this great all-encompassing genre was as colorful as the music it produced.

Back when the concept of popular music was still being shaped, many cultural influences contributed to the formation of most of the musical genres we now know today. For example, the church songs and choirs, as well as the gospel singing styles of the '30s up to the '60s positively influenced many musicians and artists who grew up exposed to these sounds. Then, there are the subcultural formations that developed in pockets of places here and there, with experimentations that included various musical instruments, as well as experimentations that included vocal harmonies.

Now, combine all of that with the burgeoning attitude of change evident in the 1950s and 1960s, and what have you got? You guessed it - rock and roll! No wonder this definitive musical genre is identified with concepts such as teenage angst, rebellion, and even counterculture since the music styles of that era challenged many existing structures already in place.

So, do you think you can name the people behind these monumental changes? Let's see if you can identify them after we give you some clues and their hit songs as hints. Come on, rock on!

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Who is this undeniable King of Rock and Roll?
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Which legendary rock and roll singer-guitarist is this one?
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Who are these Fab Four from Liverpool?
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Can you name this piano-playing man?
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Who was this bespectacled rock and roller and what was his band?
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This flamboyant rock and roller is known as...?
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Who was this really cool rock and roll icon?
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This legendary group had legendary songs. Who are they?
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Who is this piano-pounding musician?
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Can you name this iconic guitar-playing singing legend?
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Who is this group that kept vocalization afloat?
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Can you dare name this iconic idol?
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Which rockabilly rocker was this?
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This fantastic female rock and roll icon is known as…?
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This talented head-turner is named…?
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Can you identify this guitar-playing rock and roller in the image?
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How about this great group?
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This great lady is known as…?
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Can you successfully name this successful group?
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Can you pick the name of this group correctly?
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Holler if you know who this is!
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Sail on the name of this one! Who are they?
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Can you name this rock and roll duo?
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Cruise around for the right answer, and guess who this is!
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Latino music represent! Who was this cool rock and roller?
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This related group is known as what?
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Who is this super-duper funky singer?
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Who was this gracious rhythm and blues singer?
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Do you know who this rock and roller is?
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He was unfortunately included in "The Day The Music Died." Who was this musical figure?
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He was known as Mr. Excitement. Can you guess who he is?
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Can you name this rock and roll dude?
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Can you correctly name this famous singer-songwriter?
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Can you name this rock and roll act?
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This music and TV heartthrob is…?
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