Quiz: Can You Identify These Speedy Animals From a Photo?
Can You Identify These Speedy Animals From a Photo?
By: Ian Fortey
Image: KeithSzafranski/ E+ / Getty Images

About This Quiz

The fastest humans are capable of speeds just under 30 miles per hour. We're pretty good at endurance overall, but when compared to wild animals, our speed is a bit lacking.  In fact, there are an exceptional number of animals that are much faster than humans. Some of these swift critters take advantage of things like gravity to help them swoop at great speeds, while others are remarkably fast when you take the whole size of the animal into consideration. It's a fast-paced world out there, so it's a good thing we invented bikes, cars, and planes to keep up.

If you know anything about speedy animals, you probably know most only attain high speeds in short bursts, kind of like humans. Others can sustain a pretty incredible speed over great distances and others will just use that speed for a push to catch prey or evade a predator. You probably know some of the most common fast animals out in the world, but do you know all of them? Most of them? A lot of them? How many do you think you can identify just from a photograph? Lucky for you, we put together a little list here to test your knowledge. Put on those running shoes and try to keep pace. See how many speedy animals you can identify in our quiz!

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