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About This Quiz

Can you define what a tech company is? Maybe the logos of these companies can help you!

Today's definition of a tech company continues to expand as it widens in scope within the digital era. Technically speaking, a tech company is a business or enterprise involved in developing and utilizing specific types of technologies for particular industries. 

Generally speaking, though, we in the digital era are now used to thinking of tech companies as computer or internet-related businesses. While this is partly true, there are many companies which continue to contribute innovations and developments in existing technologies, and in the process, producing new ones.

Tech companies not only involve those in the telecommunications, media, or content-providing industries. They also involve other industries that rely on state-of-the-art technologies, like the medical industry.

But for this quiz, we will focus mainly on the entertainment, media, internet, and telecommunications industries, and other allied companies of these industries. We've picked out the most fun logos, so have fun naming them all! 

This logo is from one of the top multi-product American tech companies in the world that started out with computers. Can you name this brand?

Apple's fruit logo is one of the most recognizable tech brand logos out there. The company is on top of many "best tech companies" lists, such as those tallied by Thomson Reuters, Fortune 500, Forbes, and even a list of the "best tech companies to work for" tallied by the jobs site, Glassdoor.


You can search for this tech giant's former brand name in their own online invention. What company is this?

The search engine called Google is the banner contribution of the company formerly known as Google Inc. They changed their corporate organizational structure in 2015, creating Alphabet Inc. as their parent company. All other Google-related companies became subsidiaries of this parent company.


A San Francisco-based wearable tech company owns this logo. What are they called?

One of the most recognizable brands in wearable technology is Fitbit, an American tech company founded in 2007. They are popular for producing electronic products like smartwatches​ that can digitally sync with mobile devices. These products can track users' health and fitness data.


This four-colored window-like image is unmistakably the logo of which top tech company?

Microsoft Corporation became well-known by developing the Windows operating system of personal computers. This is the reason why the window-like image is their logo. Its famous founder is Bill Gates, the perceived direct competitor of Apple's Steve Jobs when they first started out.


Cloud storage is the specialty of this aptly named tech company. Can you identify which one?

MIT is an academic breeding ground of innovative tech ideas, and two of its students conceptualized Dropbox back in 2007. The idea is to store files in one's computer onto a cloud-hosting storage space, and users can sync the Dropbox contents in other computers, or in their mobile phones.


Budget travelers know this tech company all too well. Do you know what it's called?

The concept of "bed & breakfast" lodging in the hospitality industry was taken to the next level by the founders of Airbnb. The idea is for ordinary homeowners​ to offer available room and lodging to travelers looking for accommodations that are cheaper and not as formal as hotel set-ups.


This tech giant started out as a Harvard student's pet project. What's it called now?

Mark Zuckerberg's story of how he and his friends founded Facebook is chronicled in the 2010 biopic, "The Social Network," written by Aaron Sorkin and directed by David Fincher. The film shows how Facebook was originally an inter-university project that later became global in scope.


Originally accessed in the U.S. alone, this tech company is now streaming worldwide. Can you name this audiovisual industry player?

The streaming media company known as Netflix started out as a DVD rental and sales company that ran operations via mail. Their late '90s business model was revised when DVD usage declined due to the growing popularity of online content. They're now the most recognized name in streaming media.


For monetary transactions, this tech company is one of the most reliable pioneers out there. What's it called?

PayPal Holdings Inc., or popularly known as PayPal, is primarily a money transfer service which users can utilize to send and/or receive payments. Users need to attach a credit card and a bank account number to their PayPal accounts to help facilitate these online-based transactions.


Their ad simply says what their business is about. "Hotel? ____." Fill in the blank!

Trivago is a website that consolidates hotel bookings for pricing comparison. It operates like a search engine specific to the travel booking industry. This tech company was founded in Germany, and its​ headquarters is located in Düsseldorf.


People in various creative industries are very aware of this logo. Can you name this software company?

If you use Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Pagemaker, InDesign, or Illustrator, you know that these creative industry software products are made by Adobe Inc. Those who are not in the creative industry will also be familiar with Adobe if they use the company's other products, like Acrobat Reader.


This tech company specializes in streaming music. Can you name it?

This identifiable logo is familiar to music lovers subscribed to Spotify's streaming music service. One can access Spotify for free, but ads disrupt the listening flow after every few songs have played. You need to pay for the premium services to enjoy an ad-free listening experience.


This tech company pioneered the concept of "microblogging." Do you know this one?

Twitter started out as an idea by New York University student Jack Dorsey. He wanted a way to send one text message to a group of friends at the same time. With that simple idea, Twitter was soon launched and became another social media giant.


For professional social media connections, you can sign up on this tech company's site. What's it called?

More than mere personal social networking, LinkedIn was created for professionals who want to do professional networking for career advancement. You can search for potential jobs here. You can also follow the accounts of various business leaders for their industry insights.


Calls done over the internet, whether for personal or business purposes, can thank this company. What's it called?

The early 2000s saw the European innovation called Skype to take off, and people took advantage of this new telecommunications technology. It enabled them to make calls over the internet, with video chatting to boost. Businesses eventually began​ using it for teleconferencing purposes.


Whether internal or external, this company knows hard drives. Can you identify it?

Seagate Technology is originally a manufacturer of hard disk drives used in desktop and laptop computers. Today, they also manufacture external hard disk drives which are portable plug-and-play storage devices.


E-commerce retail experts know this one. Which brand is this?

E-commerce is the new way of selling and buying products, thanks to the evolution of the internet. Many e-commerce platforms help both consumers and entrepreneurs with their needs. One such platform is Shopify, a Canadian tech company based in Ottawa.


Smart travelers look for this logo on hotels to check a lodging's reliability. Which company has this logo?

Various lodging places around the world now proudly display their TripAdvisor ranking as evidence of their quality service. These ratings and reviews are mostly crowdsourced, meaning people who went to these places are the ones ranking their quality. Restaurants and other travel-related businesses​ are also included in the listings.


Their 3D globe-shaped logo was originally 2D when it was introduced in the 1980s. Which company is this?

The inventor of the telephone, Alexander Graham Bell, founded the company known originally as American Telephone and Telegraph Company. Its name reflected the two main telecommunications technologies of the late 1800s. It's now known simply as AT&T.


Gamers know this one. This logo shows the initials of which American gaming technology company?

With its headquarters in California, Electronic Arts Inc. is one of the leading tech companies focused on producing video games. They have developed software for various brands of consoles since the company was founded in the early '80s. They are the creators of The Sims, FIFA Football, and others.


Deals and discounts are the unique selling points of this tech company. Do you know what it's called?

E-commerce platforms have different business models, so they are able to address consumer and seller needs in various ways. The tech company called Groupon offers a different business model wherein people can search for group discounts and deals from various merchants that offer them.


This tech company is also classified as a transportation network company or TNC. What's it called?

Today's mobile-based commuter alternative is being provided by transportation network companies. They operate like taxi systems except that you book a ride through their apps and fixed rates could be determined from there. One of the first TNCs to use this ride-hailing system is Uber.


According to this electronics company's website, their logo looks like a human face. Do you know what brand this is?

LG Electronics manufactures home appliances for a worldwide market. Their products include refrigerators, vacuum cleaners, TV sets, microwave ovens, and many more. This South Korean company also manufactures smartphones and smartwatches​.


Computer mouse and webcam users are familiar with this brand. Can you name this company?

Small things are also big in tech industries, such as computer accessories and peripherals. One leading company that manufactures these products is Logitech, a tech company in Switzerland. They make computer mice, keyboards, webcams, speakers, Bluetooth speakers, and much more.


Flip the letter in this logo and you'll get the initial of its founder, Dr. Dre. What's his brand called?

A rapper and record producer might know a thing or two about good audio technology, so Dr. Dre and Jimmy Iovine of Interscope Records teamed up to form Beats Electronics. Their company is one of the subsidiary companies of Apple Inc. Their products are mainly speakers and headphone sets.


Early internet users of the '90s will instantly recognize this one. Can you name this search and web email company?

Early internet adaptors will definitely remember the glory days of Yahoo! when it first came out in the mid-'90s. It was that decade's leading search engine and one of the earliest web portals of varied information. People also chatted using their now defunct Yahoo! Messenger service.


Its airplane-and-globe logo obviously announces that it's in the business of travel bookings. Can you name this tech company?

Washington is the home state of Expedia Group, a tech company that specializes in travel-related booking websites. This logo is for their main website,, where travelers can purchase items such as tickets, transact for car rental services, and make hotel booking reservations.


Mobile players of Farmville, Draw Something, and Words with Friends know this one. What company uses this as its logo?

Facebook's early years were marked with gaming tech tie-ups, and Zynga's FarmVille was one of the most popular games accessible through Zuckerberg's platform in the late 2000s. Zynga now develops games accessible via apps on mobile devices. Even FarmVille now has a gaming app of its own.


This ghostly outline of a logo is a popular one among young messaging app users. Can you name this company?

It was originally called Snapchat Inc. but has now shortened the company name to Snap Inc. They are the makers of the messaging app called Snapchat. Snap incorporated elements of augmented reality into their app, and it's a popular social media platform for younger social media influencers.


Moviegoers who like great audio with the films they watch usually look for this logo. What's this company called?

Dolby Laboratories is the formal name of the company people usually know as Dolby. Moviegoers are very familiar with this one since movie theaters equipped with their audio technology for cinema display this logo prominently on the premises.


Digital media companies are definitely part of the tech industry, like this one. Can you name this entertainment and news-focused platform?

Digital companies like BuzzFeed are contributing to the entertainment media industry landscape by providing alternative options to traditional media structures and systems. What was once a website for fun articles and quizzes eventually evolved into a global media company.


It's the smartphone brand that has its own messaging system now known as BBM. What's this company?

BlackBerry used to be one of the biggest names in mobile technology in the 2000s with their own operating system and instant messaging platform within their devices. The company still exists, and they still manufacture smartphones, some of which are Android-based.


This subsidiary company invites customers to "Broadcast yourself." Can you name this internet-based brand?

That familiar "play" icon is known to fans of web series, most of which are hosted on YouTube. Founded in the mid-2000s, it's now owned by Alphabet Inc., the same owners of Google. This platform enabled a new generation of entertainers known as "YouTubers" and "social media influencers."


Peer-to-peer file-sharing technology is this brand's specialty​ brand. Can you download its name from your brain?

When it comes to peer-to-peer file sharing technology, BitTorrent is the most well-known company for that. Their main technology is also called BitTorrent, the internet communication protocol that makes it possible to share large digital files online such as movies, music, photos, and documents.


Their old logo used to be the first letter of its company name with a pixelated portion. Do you know this brand?

Xerox Corporation is in the business of information technology today, though it started very differently as a company in the late 1900s. Their old company entity used to produce photo paper and photography-related equipment. They evolved into a photocopying technology company in the late 1950s.


This tech company's domain is, well, internet domains. Can you name this one?

Internet domain name registration is GoDaddy's main business. It is a tech company founded in the late '90s. Based in Arizona, the company also offers web hosting services. They are officially accredited by ICANN or the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers.


Freelancers and remote workers might be familiar with this green logo. Can you name this brand?

Upwork Global Inc. is the formal name of Upwork. Formerly known as oDesk, it merged with Elance and created one freelance jobs platform. Multinational companies like Johnson & Johnson are now part of this jobs marketplace where they hire freelancers on a per project basis.


Known mostly as a consumer electronics company, their logo is said to be a flower. What brand is this?

China is gaining ground in the global telecommunications industry as evident in the smartphone products made by these companies. One leading brand is Huawei which produces smartphones that are competitive in specs with Apple's iPhone and Samsung's Android​ phones.


If you can recognize the sine wave and the binary digits in this logo, then you know what company represents it. Can you name this one?

Vaio used to be part of Sony, and their computer products were branded as Sony Vaio. Sony decided to sell the Vaio line, and it's now known as Vaio Corporation under new owners. They still manufacture laptops but they have also expanded into making other mobile consumer electronics.


They specialize in making integrated circuits and semiconductors. What's this very American brand?

The big business of computer-run industries can't function without things like embedded processors, semiconductors or integrated circuits. One of the top tech companies that specialize in these is Texas Instruments. Its origins can be traced to the 1930s.


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