Quiz: Can You Identify These Ugly Cars from the '80s?
Can You Identify These Ugly Cars from the '80s?
By: Brian Whitney
Image: Wiki Commons via Bull-Doser

About This Quiz

The '80s were a pretty good time for a lot of us, but looking back, some of the styles from that decade were pretty awful. Some of the ugliest designs of all had to do with cars. But it wasn't just cars. The '80s were the time of incredibly bad hairstyles, including the mullet. They were when acid-washed jeans were thought of as cool, and people were even wearing MC. Hammer pants. It was the decade of shoulder pads, Members Only jackets, fanny packs and carrying a boombox on your shoulder. There was no way everything that decade could be so tacky without cars being affected by it too.

The '80s might have been the worst decade for the design and look of cars of all time. Even brands like Rolls-Royce and Cadillac were making ugly looking cars, so you can imagine how horrific looking the cars put out by Ford and Chevy looked. And some of the smaller dealers from overseas were really putting out some awful stuff. 

We've put together some photos for you to check out of some of the ugliest cars of the decade. We sure had a lot to choose from! Can you identify ugly cars from the '80s from a photo? Take this quiz to find out. 

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