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Where would we be without cars?

Our daily lives revolve around them. To get to work, to the store, or just to take us out and about around town, maybe for a bite to eat.

We love our cars ... mostly. 

Over the years, some cars just can't seem to catch a break. Unlike a Toyota Corolla that has been sold by the millions and millions worldwide over a 50-year period, these models just struggle to sell.

And often there are reasons for their unpopularity. Perhaps the most obvious is that they are just ugly! No matter who different car designers try to be, if the buying public deems a car ugly, they simply won't buy it. OK, so what if the car is not too bad to look at but still proves unpopular? Well, that's often a result of the fact that they are unreliable or poorly made.

Word soon gets out that a model is not up to standard and the public will simply stop buying it, making it an entry on the unpopular list. 

Those are just some of the reasons why vehicles are unpopular.

Now would you be able to identify them from just an image?

Good luck. 

The revival of a popular name doesn't always translate into sales. Name this vehicle, please.

Reviving a classic Dodge marque hasn't worked out at all with the Dart. Sales in America have been poor and dropped significantly following the year of its release.


Any idea of the make and model of this interesting looking vehicle?

It's a driving cube! It's ugly. No one likes it. Even the marketing department at Nissan failed to have words for this vehicle, describing the front as looking like a 'bulldog wearing shades'. To further show how much it was hated, the Cube was voted the most embarrassing car by American audiences in 2013.


Name this unpopular vehicle from the late 1950s.

The Edsel was meant to be a triumph for Ford. Instead it cost them money, and lots of it. The American public refused to buy it when released in the late '50s. And reports suggest Ford lost up to $2 million as a result.


Which unpopular vehicle is seen in this image?

There is lots to hate about the Hummer H2. The fact that you can basically go around the block before you need to fill the tank again is the prime problem with this hulking beast. And the fact that it is huge and required two football fields worth of space to park didn't help the love toward it either.


Identify this vehicle, please.

A retractable roof on a station wagon sounded awesome ... in theory. But it leaked, a lot! The Wagonaire model with this roof was a flop and the marque soon disappeared off showroom floors.


Identify this unpopular vehicle in the United States, please.

Not only ugly, the Chevrolet HHR was somewhat of a recall waiting to happen. Over a six-year sales period, the HHR sold 1 million units but generated 6 million recalls. That's some ratio! Yep, it became pretty unpopular as a result.


Any idea of the make and model of this unpopular car?

By the end of the 1960s, American had its fill of pointy tail-finned cars. The Coronet had those. It also had a range of other additions that weren't necessary. It became an unpopular marque in the Dodge brand very quickly.


Name this vehicle, which has proved to be most unpopular.

Released to the American public in 2001, the Aztek from Pontiac wasn't a pretty looking car, especially the sloping rear section. It didn't sell well either.


Let's just say the car in this image is not pretty. Can you name it though?

V8 versions of the Gremlin are considered muscle cars. But putting a big motor in it didn't hide the problems the Gremlin had. Firstly, it was ugly. Secondly, the build quality was terrible. People soon began to hate the Gremlin...


The car in this image is a _________?

Let's face it, the DeLorean failed for a number of reasons. Looks must have been one of them. The fact that its performance figures, for a supposed supercar, were terrible also didn't help much.


Made by a massive name in American motoring, can you name this car that proved to be unpopular?

So this Caddy was actually a rebadged Chevrolet at double the price. Seems like a stupid move. It was, as the Cimarron was hugely unpopular.


You would think this model would be a strong seller; it wasn't. Do you know the make and model?

Another car the American public just stopped buying. It's easy to see why, with the styling on the Sebring not the greatest work every from Chrysler designers. It wasn't a great ride either.


Unpopular? In the US it certainly is. Name it, please.

Sales figures for the BMW 5-Series in the United States have been terrible. In fact, in 2017, they dropped staggering 42%. Now that's unpopular.


Another unloved vehicle, can you name it?

Although the Omni initially sold well, it soon became apparent that it was not a well-made car. It wasn't very safe either. Soon, it was very unpopular.


Please name this vehicle that proved to be not very popular for a major automaker.

Despite have rave reviews, the price of the Chevrolet SS put off many potential customers. It simply didn't sell well at all.


This wasn't a great car at all. Can you name it?

The Pinto was not one of Ford's greatest moments. Ugly and unsafe, the company was prosecuted as a result of a death that occurred in a Pinto. As a result, Ford lost many loyal customers.


The unpopular vehicle in this image is a ________.

High gas mileage, poor build quality, not exactly a looker. The Kia Spectra had many problems, and the American public just stopped buying them. Kia replaced the Spectra soon afterward.


You wouldn't think it unpopular but with its owners, but it certainly is. Name this vehicle, please.

Pre-2017, the Compass was the most hated SUV in America. In fact, it was ranked lowest in reliability and had the worst customer satisfaction rating in its class in the United States. Talk about unpopular!


Identify this unpopular city car in the image, please.

There is a famous joke about Smart's mini car. "A Smart car hit a squirrel on the highway. Don't worry the squirrel is OK, the Smart car is a write-off though." 'Nuff said!


You either like it or hate it. Most Americans hate it. Name it please.

It's not the prettiest car ever made, and sales in the United States have dropped significantly for the Juke. Certainly not popular with the American public.


Certainly a strange look, can you name this unwanted vehicle?

Before Isuzu pulled the plug on their US operations, they gave Americans the Axiom. And Americans didn't want it. Try as they might, Isuzu tried to sell this 'interesting' looking SUV for two years but no one was buying.


Please identify this vehicle in the image.

Although Toyota is popular in the United States now, this wasn't the case. Many models were hated by the American public and just didn't sell. The Tercel of the late '80s is a case in point. Probably as it is a contender for ugliest car of all time.


With a center-mounted speedo (who does that?), this vehicle was widely avoided by the buying public. Can you name it?

Boring to look at and poorly made the Saturn Ion was not well loved. Who puts a speedometer in a center console anyway...


Certainly a strange model from this automaker, but can you name it?

An economical Aston Martin city car. Wait, just say that again slowly. Yes, it simply didn't sell. That probably had something to do with the $40,000 price tag.


Poor sales proved this car's unpopularity. Can you name it?

Only 6000 and a few G3's were sold in the United States ... ever. Now that's unpopular.


Although it sold solidly, not many people actually liked it. Name it, please.

Rubbish looks, rubbish reliability. That about sums about the Yugo. Strangely, over 140,000 were sold in the United States in the 1980s. They were still hugely unpopular though.


This vehicle didn't receive much love from the American public. Can you name it?

Let's get out of the way. The X6 is damned ugly. A cross between an SUV and a coupe - a Sport Active Coupe, according to BMW - the world was just not ready for it in 2008. Since, it has become one of BMW's least popular models and it's easy to see why.


It doesn't get stranger looking than this. Can you name the vehicle in this image?

What was Fiat thinking? This compact MPV was first released in 1998. With its odd shape, it got more notice thanks to its looks than anything else. And those weird mid-center lights? What are those all about? Certainly, this is one of the most unpopular Fiat models ever.


Are you able to identify this unpopular car model in this image?

It's 2012. Electric cars are the new "in" thing. Chinese auto manufacturer Coda releases its electric sedan. Although it's 'green', it's also ugly. Just 120 are sold in the US and the company disappears without a trace. This just proves that even if it's saving the world, it needs to look good!


This luxury brand was hated by America. Very low sales saw it soon canned. Can you name it?

Brave, bold styling. Not loved by America. Only 5,677 units sold.


Almost an unknown car anywhere else but Down Under, can you name this vehicle?

Made in Australia, the Zeta first entered production in 1963. This lasted until 1965 with only 400 sold. This might have been on account of the fact that the Zeta not only had a silly name but was hideous to look at.


Name this unpopular car, please.

Not a smash hit in the US, this people carrier only sold a little over 8,000 units during its production run.


Highly unpopular at release, can you name this vehicle?

The first Aveos released by Chevrolet in 2002 were rebadged Daewoo Kalos vehicles. Not Chevy's greatest move. Although the Aveo improved in later life, many people were put off by the first version.


Identify this coupe/pickup that sold very poorly in the United States.

A coupe pickup. What's not to like about the Subaru Baja? Well, everything apparently. Only 33,000 sold in the US, making it a massive failure.


Actually, this is a great car. Sadly, it didn't sell. Name it, please.

This is a great car, especially as it's rear-wheel drive. It just didn't sell, so therefore makes our unpopular car list.


Are you able to name this vehicle?

Designed with American motorists in mind, the Kizashi was a massive failure, selling only around 22,000 units. Make of that what you will.


A terrible seller, this vehicle is certainly unpopular. Name it, please.

Sales figures for the Avalon in America have been poor. Why this is so, is unsure. As an example, a little over 2,000 were sold in February 2017, a drop of 34% from the same period the year before.


The unpopular car model in this picture is a ______.

The early versions of the Kia Rio were just plain ugly. If that's not enough to turn you off them, then they were not well-built or reliable. And they were a little dangerous. Luckily, newer models have improved somewhat.


The unpopular car in this image is a _______?

OK, let's just all agree that Fiat has built some ugly cars over the years (the Multipla, anyone?). The Strada, released in the 1970s, is a close second in the ugly stakes. No one liked it as a result, and Fiat soon pulled their operation back to Europe.


Any idea what this unpopular car might be?

This massive MPV was first marketed in 2004. The good? It can carry up to 11 people. The bad? They won't want to get in it because it's so ugly! It sold terribly, and as a result is certainly an unpopular car.


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