Quiz: Can You Identify These Unwrapped Snacks?
Can You Identify These Unwrapped Snacks?
By: Allison Lips
Image: Mikroman6/Moment/Getty Images

About This Quiz

Everyone snacks. Sometimes you get hungry between meals. While we all know we should grab something healthy, such as an apple or string cheese, we often grab something unhealthy because it is convenient or because we have a craving. How many times do you get a craving for grapes? It happens, but you probably go looking for the Doritos, Snickers, Fudge Stripes or York Peppermint Patties first. Don't worry we won't tell your doctor!

Many of our favorites have distinctive shapes that we don't usually take the time to appreciate because the snack goes directly from the wrapper into your mouth. However, we want to know if you can spot a bowl of M&M's or if you confuse them with Skittles when there is no wrapper around. 

In the following quiz, every snack is an old favorite, so there are no trick questions. It covers everything including sweet, salty, sour and meaty snacks. 

Are you a connoisseur of snacks? Do you spend too much time in the snack aisle? Can you tell the difference between a Ring Ding and a Ding Dong? How about a Swiss Roll and a Yodel?  Even if you struggle, it is likely that this quiz will make you hungry! 

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