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From Africa to Asia to North and South America, the world is covered with some of the most unique and captivating animals that the mind can imagine. Of course, many of these animals can only be seen in two places. One of those places is the zoo if you are lucky enough to have a quality zoo in your hometown, and the other, of course, is in their natural habitat. 

If you're an animal lover, there is something brilliant and beautiful about seeing an animal in its natural environment; swimming in a river, hanging from a tree or running across the prairie. It's the way animals are meant to be viewed, as only the animal kingdom can give us a full understanding of what life is like in the wild. 

Do you think you can identify these animals from all over the world in their natural habitat? If we give you an image, will you be able to distinguish one animal from its close relatives? Here's a quiz where you can find out just that. 

If you're an animal lover or just obsessed with animals in general, this quiz is just for you. Get started and put your wildlife knowledge up against a real test! 

What's the name of this animal that likes to hang out on the ice in the Arctic Circle?

Polar bears are specifically built for living in the Arctic Circle. Not only do they have thicker fur and more fat, but polar bears also have large feet for maneuvering​ on ice and swimming.


These animals are kings of the Safari. What are they?

Lions live in family units known as prides. A pride usually consists of a few males along with around a dozen females and their young.


Known for its incredible voice, which animal is this?

Humpback whales are known for launching themselves out of the water before crashing back down, causing a huge splash. Scientists aren't sure why the whales display such behavior, though it could just be for fun.


Which animal is this that you'll find swimming around a swamp?

Crocodiles lurk in the water on the edges of river beds. When prey comes for a drink, they launch out of the water and pull their prey into the river with them. It's not a fun way to go.


This animal is known for having a great memory and a large trunk. Which animal is it?

The African bush elephant is the largest animal found on land. These animals can live up to 70 years and grow to weigh around 13,000 pounds as an adult.


You'll have to watch out for this animal lurking in tall grass. Which animal is it?

You won't find a bigger member of the cat family than the tiger. Though these enormous predators prefer to live alone, they sit at the top of the food chain, so other predators rarely mess with them.


These animals use the ocean to travel hundreds of miles during migration season. What are they?

Sea turtles have been around for over 100 million years. These turtles are unique from others in that they can't retract their heads and limbs into their shells.


Known for traveling in large herds, which animal is this?

Wildebeest are migratory animals who travel for food and water. Millions of wildebeest take part in the migration each year along with several other animal species such as the zebra.


You don't want to run up a tree from this animal. What is it?

Though black bear attacks on humans are rare, they do occur. Humans are told to stand and face the bear if they see one and to never run away during an encounter.


This primate enjoys the cold. What is it?

Like humans, macaques are omnivores, meaning they eat both plants and meat. Common sources of meat include mice and birds.


You'll find this animal defending its habitat in a pack. What is it?

A wolf pack is known for its strong social bond and ability to work together. Wolves have several sounds used to communicate over long distances with the pack.


These animals enjoy terrorizing beachgoers​. What are they?

Sharks are known for the thousands of razor-sharp​ teeth that cover their mouths. When a tooth falls out, it is replaced by another one from a different row. And no, they don't REALLY like to frighten swimmers!


You're not going to outrun this animal. What is it?

Reaching speeds of 70 miles per hour, cheetahs are the fastest land animal on the planet. To make them even more dangerous, they can reach this speed in about three seconds.


Known for eating large quantities of salmon out of rivers, which animal is this?

Grizzly bears go into a denning period during the winter. Leading up to this period, these bears consume as much food as possible to build fat to survive the winter.


This animal likes to tour its habitat at night. What is it?

Owls possess large eyes and a flat face, providing them with excellent vision. These animals are able to turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.


Recognized by its black and white stripes, which animal is this?

Found in Africa, zebras are the relatives of horses and donkeys. All of these animals belong to the Equidae family.


Known for its solitary nature, which animal is shown here?

Foxes have unique pupils which allow them to see in dim light. For this reason, foxes are typically active after the sun has set.


This animal can hide in its habitat as well as any. What is it?

Jaguars might be predators, but they are vital for the ecosystem. Jaguars keep the population of plant-eating animals down, preventing overgrazing.


Found in the forests and mountains of Sub-Saharan Africa, which animal is this?

Gorillas are dived into two groups. In the mountains of central Africa, you will find the mountain gorilla while lowland gorillas live in the forest regions of central and western Africa.


Located in the northern parts of the world, which animal is this?

Reindeer are also referred to as caribou in North America. These animals are known for their massive antlers which are grown by males and females.


These little animals aren't afraid to defend their habitat. What are they?

Though they are aggressive, raccoons live closely with humans. They can often be found digging through human garbage as they search for food.


This animal can live upward of 20 years in its habitat. What is it?

A moose has a height of around six feet at the shoulders and can weight around 1,800 pounds. This makes them the largest deer species in the world.


Found in the Indonesian islands, which animal is this?

Komodo dragons use their long, thin tongues to detect where to find food. When food is found, the dragons rely on their sharp teeth and venomous bite to overcome the prey.


This animal likes to bury itself in the sand. What is it?

The Australian zookeeper Steve Irwin spent much of his life teaching people about animals. Sadly, the man known as "The Crocodile Hunter" was killed by a stingray in 2006.


What is the name of this highly intelligent animal that likes to hang around in the forest​?

Orangutans have an arm width that vastly outsizes their height. An orangutan's arms can extend seven feet from fingertip to fingertip.


Known for playing dead, what animal do you see here?

When an opossum plays dead, it lets off a terrible odor to keep predators from taking a bite. Strangely, opossums don't choose when to play dead, but instead, fear drives their reaction.


This animal will let you know if spring is coming early. What is it?

Groundhogs hide underground during the harsh winter months. During this hibernation period, their body temperature falls as their heart rate drops significantly.


Known for lurking in rivers where it waits for prey, what animal is this?

Unlike many other snakes, anacondas give birth to live young instead of laying eggs. They can produce as many as 30 babies in a single litter.


Characterized by its sharp tusks, which animal is this?

If you've ever seen a warthog rolling in mud, it's probably cleaning itself of insects. These animals will also allow birds to ride on their backs, as the birds pick off insects in the process.


This animal can eat from the top of trees. What is it called?

An adult male giraffe can stand as tall as 20 feet. This makes them the tallest mammals on the planet.


What is this bamboo-consuming animal found in central China?

Pandas are hungry creatures and will spend as much as 12 hours a day eating. Luckily for them, 99 percent of their diet is composed of bamboo, which is common considering they live in bamboo forests.


This animal has some powerful legs. What is it?

In a kangaroo society, the largest male dominates the group known as a "mob." Male kangaroos are known as "jacks," while females are called "jills."


Not known for its speed, what do you call this animal?

Sloths aren't the most active or entertaining animals in the world. Hanging out in trees, these animals sleep around 20 hours a day.


This is one of the many animals native to only Australia. What is it?

Koalas belong to the group of mammals known as marsupials. These mammals carry their young in a pouch for a time after birth as the young continues to develop.


This animal loves to snow sled. What do you call it?

Penguins have relatives that are as old as 60 million years. That means that penguins outlived the dinosaurs.


This animal is hunted in its natural habitat because of its horn. What is it?

Rhinoceros is Greek for "nose horn." These animals have horns which are sought by poaching who acquire large sums of money on the black market because of the horn's use in traditional medicine.


One of the most friendly animals in the ocean, what is this called?

Dolphins are social animals known for their playful nature. Their brains have evolved in a way that compares to that of a human.


A member of the weasel family, what animal is this?

Wolverines are omnivores, but they prefer to eat meat. Not the largest predators, they hunt smaller prey but will feed on carcasses​ when they are available.


What is this eight-legged creature of the sea?

An octopus is quite the unique creature aside from its eight legs. This sea animal has three hearts that pump blue blood throughout its body. An octopus is also boneless, allowing it to move in the tightest of spaces.


This semiaquatic mammal needs air every few minutes. What's it called?

Hippopotamuses are extremely aggressive animals that aren't afraid to attack other predators. They are particularly dangerous if they are in or near the water.


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