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The radio is such a viable and useful medium all over the world. It doesn't require much to operate one since it's relatively simple to figure out. Just put in the batteries, turn on the power, and let the airwaves do their thing!

Who would have thought that a simple transistor radio could broadcast the voices of the most important people in the land? Radio also played many a pivotal role in some culture's development and emancipation. Indeed, it is a form of media that should be respected and upheld, even during the Digital Age.

Since we now have the internet within our midst, radio also adapted to it -- or perhaps the internet adapted so it could accommodate radio. We now have internet radio, and listening to worldwide radio stations is such a blast to do these days. Long live the world wide web!

But how about running a radio station, or even operating a simple personal radio system set-up? Decades ago, a formal radio station set-up might be such a huge and expensive feat to accomplish. But these days, it's relatively simple to do. But if you want to do it like how professionals do, then you must know a thing or two about which kind of equipment to set up. Or if you choose to get into the world of amateur radio, then that has other sets of equipment you need to be familiar with.

So, do you think you're familiar with these varied types of radio equipment? Do you know what it takes to operate them, and what kind of gadgetry works for different types of broadcast? Then take this radio quiz and see if you can name these pieces of equipment.

Tune in and try it!

What is this ever-present audio device called?

This is a typical microphone used in any kind of radio station set-up. Even independent systems rely on good microphones for voice delivery.

What are these head contraptions?

The huge headphones or headsets come in handy when inside a typical radio station. The radio DJ can listen in here when someone from the control booth side speaks.

It's not just a box! What is it?

When you’re not comfortable with using headsets, having studio monitor speakers will help you monitor what’s already being broadcast. That way, as a radio host or DJ, you’ll know what to do next.

What is this tabletop-like equipment called?

This is a typical audio console, where each slider control has an audio input plugged in there. Things are easier to control here, as well as levels of sound.

What is this bendable device?

The microphone arm comes in handy if a radio host or DJ wants to move the microphone for flexibility. It also comes in handy when there’s a guest and they have to share microphones.

This system set-up is called what?

A typical desktop computer system is usually set up inside the radio station control booth. These days, it’s easier to control many things from the computer.

What is this called?

Every radio station setup needs to have an “On Air” light displayed prominently where people can see it. This prevents accidental noises while the DJ or host is live

What do you call this?

Some radio stations have microphone stands set up inside the DJ booth. It has its uses.

What is this called?

People in the control booth could let the DJ or radio host know what’s going to be heard next via the preview speaker. They have seconds to deliberate before something goes on air.

What do you call this strange contraption?

A wind screen could be in the form of a circular net or a foam-like device put directly on a microphone. This eliminates the weird popping sound that humans sometimes make.

What do you call this?

This is a typical transmitter. In a radio set-up, it’s the system that sends the radio waves to other equipment.

How about this? What is it?

This whole system is called the receiver. In any kind of radio setup, this is what receives the transmitted radio waves and processes them to become understandable to listeners.

This looks familiar! What is it?

An antenna is an external device that picks up the radio waves. It can come in varied forms, depending on what kind of radio work you're into.

What are these?

Any radio station setup could have these kinds of audio cables. There are varied types depending on their uses and functions.

No hearing in and out with these. What are they?

Soundproof walls are necessary for radio stations. They help improve the acoustics inside the room.

You may have one at home! What is it?

Even if radio stations run digitally, it’s still handy to have a CD player. Some audio resources could be played here.

What are these called?

A microwave relay tower is the very tall tower you see next to a radio station. This helps in far transmissions of the radio waves.

We know you know this! What is it?

A satellite dish is used to broadcast a signal even farther. This could mean using a satellite to help the broadcast to be more powerful and stable.

Don't overlook this! What is it?

The UPS comes in handy to power up certain types of equipment. Sometimes it’s not good to just rely on directly plugging things into sockets or outlets.

Gimme some scratch with this! What do you call it?

Nostalgic radio stations keep turntables in their booths to play old albums. It’s not a necessity, but it’s good to know what it looks like.

Tick tock, what is that, doc?

A digital clock should be prominently displayed inside a radio station. Everyone needs to be conscious of the time that runs when broadcasting.

Just waiting to do its duty. What is this called?

A generator, even a small one, could easily power up a radio station if needed. It comes in handy during times of crisis.

What do you call this monitoring device?

This is a standard VU meter. Radio people are careful not to have that needle reach the red part!

It's getting hot in here! What is this?

An air conditioner must be set up within a radio station to help keep the equipment cool. It also helps to keep people cool in there, to lessen stress.

What are these?

CDs are still found inside radio stations. Not everything is converted into digital yet.

These nostalgia-inducing round things are called what?

The vinyl record is perhaps the oldest source of recorded music. Some radio stations prefer to play them since they sound different, and they're quite nostalgic.

Pump up the volume, and more, with this! What is it called?

An amplifier is designed to boost the frequency of a radio signal. It’s a necessary device.

For police kind of radio work, what is this handy device?

Police use the scanner to listen in to varied frequencies. This is what they use to monitor distress calls as well.

See it better. Look here! What is this called?

The LCD in a radio scanner will display the different information needed to track the broadcast. Take note of the numbers!

In a police scanner, this is handy for input. What is it called?

A numeric keypad is helpful to punch in the numbers needed. The user usually inputs the frequency combinations here.

When two-way is the way, what is this contraption?

A walkie talkie radio system usually has two handheld sets. But there could be more, if needed!

Personalized but portable, what do you call this radio system?

The handheld ham radio is a two-way radio system that you can carry with you. Yep, that's why it's called handheld!

Most ham radios are these kind. What is it called?

A transceiver is a device that transmits and receives signals. It's fairly common with ham radios.

Drive around with it! What's this system called?

Mobile ham radio is the personal radio setup usually found in a vehicle. This comes in handy during emergencies.

To code and decode, what's this device called?

The code key is useful for those who use Morse code in their personal radio system setup. Personal radio communication system users still use these today.

This shifting assistant is called what?

An antenna rotator helps with turning the external antenna. Yes, it rotates it toward the best direction for a signal.

This multi-port piece of equipment is called what?

Radio users sometimes have different antenna setups. This antenna switcher makes life easier, so there's no need to connect or disconnect one or another if it's already set up with all of them.

If it's hungry for a signal, what is it called?

The feedline is the cable responsible for connecting the signal feed from the antenna and flowing into the transmitter or the receiver. Yes, it feeds!

These computer screen displays read out what?

Radio software is useful for running a radio station system, whether a professional or a personal one. Depending on your needs, you can choose from many kinds of radio broadcast-related software available today.

To connect metal to metal, what is this device called?

This is an example of a magnetic mount antenna. Its bottom is the actual magnetic mount, very handy if using a mobile ham radio system with an antenna that needs to be attached to the outside part of the vehicle.

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