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We live in among an endless array of professions and industries. Are you familiar with the tools of their trades? This quiz will help you find out!

Tools are indispensable parts of human existence. Even before human beings could communicate clearly with each other, they managed to create tools that would help them survive. From the simplest tools for hunting and gathering food to the more complicated tools of warfare to defend one's home or land, humankind has a knack for developing instruments that make life easier.

Soon enough, tools became a necessity for human existence. Without them, we would not have survive different eras. As we developed, so did our skills and our capacity to create. Soon enough, we were able to harness what nature could give us and fashioned materials into tools that furthered our progress.

So, do you think you can decipher some of these basic tools that we need around the house, in certain industries and in common jobs? We're sure you know many of them. Try it out and see! 

If you need to drive down a nail, what’s the best tool for the job?

A hammer is one of the most essential hand tools and is utilized in many kinds of industries. From technical to creative industries, trust there will always be a need for this simple yet practical tool to get the hammering job done.


To turn nuts and bolts easier, which tool is needed?

A wrench makes turning small parts easy in many kinds of mechanical jobs. There are so many different kinds, and every household should have at least one for handy repairs.


To apply paint on a surface, which tool do you need?

Paintbrushes can be wide or large for the initial coat applications, but they also come in smaller sizes for fine-tuned finishing touches.


What can be used to insert or remove a screw?

A screwdriver can either be manually or electronically powered. The simplest of screwdrivers usually have a handle that’s easy to grip and a long shaft used to turn the screws in place.


Which basic tool is often used to told a small object in place?

Pliers are great at holding certain kinds of small objects in place while another tool continues the job. The portion that you grip with your hand is usually coated so as to insulate the tool and protect your skin.


Any non-plumber with this simple plumbing tool could unclog toilet problems! What’s the tool?

Any kind of drain or pipe where water flows could clog up anytime, such as the toilet. That’s why it’s important for every house to have a plunger in place. Be careful when using it, and always clean up after!


Carpenters need this tool to split wood into smaller pieces. What’s the tool?

A typical handsaw is an ever-present tool found in woodworking industries. Many households have a handsaw as well, especially ones located in wooded areas where the occasional branch or tree may need to be cut.


When you need to know the length and width of things, what do you use?

A popular tape measure used by carpenters, painters, plumbers and other kinds of workers features a metallic type of ribbon ruler that can self-retract after using. Workers use this to measure in centimeters, inches or feet, and the metallic kind is helpful in keeping it in place as measurements are marked.


This is used to typically chop wood. What’s the tool?

An axe is a handheld tool that many different kinds of workers handle. It could be used to chop down branches or even whole trees, and it could also be used to chop chunks of wood into even smaller chunks to be used for firewood or another purpose.


You can find its cousin in the kitchen, but this one is very versatile for many kinds of workers. Which tool is it?

A utility knife is usually a small handheld knife that has a short blade and a handle long enough for an adult hand to grip. Its versatility can be applied to many kinds of work situations, which is why it's used by cooks, butchers, fisher folk and different types of handy workers.


To put a hole in a surface, which tool do you need?

A drill makes many jobs faster due to its electrical nature. A drill often replaces the hammer and nail, as it can drill holes into surfaces in seconds. It can also do a faster screwdriving job because it can drill a screw faster than the manually-powered hand tool.


Electricians prefer to stick things together using this simple “tool” of their trade. What’s it called?

Unlike other kinds of tapes such as masking tape or scotch tape, electrical tape is usually rubbery in appearance on one side and sticky on the other. Its special material is also useful as an insulator, which is why it’s safe to use on electrical wires and cables.


This simple scooping tool is a hit with gardeners and non-gardeners alike. What is it?

A trowel is a hand tool that can be used to scoop up material. In gardening, for instance, a garden trowel can scoop small amounts of soil, while a bricklayer’s trowel is used to scoop up and spread out cement or plaster.


To carry things in a small garden, what’s a good tool to use?

A wheelbarrow has been used since ancient civilization to move small amounts of material between locations. Usually, a wheelbarrow has one wheel and is designed to be pushed by one person, but some wheelbarrows today have two wheels for easier transport.


To clean up leaves in a yard, what tool can you use?

Anyone tasked with cleaning up dried leaves on the ground can use a rake to do the job. There’s no need for fancy equipment if the job is this simple, actually, so many households still keep one in their tool shed because it’s handy.


For dark areas, many kinds of workers utilize this simple but useful tool to help them do their jobs. What is it?

Whether it’s an industrial flashlight or a small one in your pocket or glove compartment, flashlights are very handy tools. Auto mechanics advise drivers to have one in their glove compartment, and those doing any kind of work around the house would also benefit from having one nearby.


Even if you’re not an auto mechanic, it’s nice to keep this simple tool handy to check for air. What is it?

A tire pressure gauge is handy whenever you’re going to put on air in your car’s tires. The gauge will help you determine the right amount of pressure that each tire should have, because having the wrong pressure could lead to accidents when on the road.


If you need to jump-start your car battery, what long, handy tools are good to keep in the car trunk?

Jumper cables are handy to have in your car trunk in case you need to jump-start your dead car battery. To complete this process, you need to connect the jumper cables with alligator clips attached to the terminals of two batteries. Make sure the correct terminal connections match each other.


Which tool tells you when you need to add more oil in your car?

A dipstick is literally that: a stick that is dipped onto the oil container inside the engine of a car. It has definitive measuring gauges that tell you if you need to add some oil in order for your car to perform better on the road.


To water a simple garden, a gardener could use this very long tool. What’s it called?

A garden hose is a very long cylindrical tool that’s flexible enough to be rolled, yet sturdy enough to withstand the pressure of the water that’s passing through it. Simple garden hoses are usually connected to a spigot, and the other end often has a sprayer attached to it to control the water that comes out.


A baker uses this handy tool to measure the amount of each ingredient. What are these tools?

Bakers need to be precise in their ingredients when doing their job, so it’s natural to have a set of measuring spoons to easily see how much they’re putting into a certain mix. Usually, the sizes of the spoons tell the bakers the amount they carry, so there’s no guessing game here.


Car mechanics need to use one of these tools to raise up the car a bit. What’s it called?

A jack is a type of lever that you place underneath the car, specifically in a certain area where a part of the car can be raised up. This tool makes changing a flat tire very easy.


If you’re doing some handy work and you want to protect your eyes, what kind of tool is used for that purpose?

Working with wood, paint or metals can be dangerous to the body, especially the eyes. To protect them, workers put on goggles.


What tool do doctors need to listen to your hearbeat?

The stethoscope is one of the most common tools for doctors. It's designed to be worn in the ears, while thin tubes connect at and end with a small resonator that enables the doctor to hear your heartbeat. Even veterinarians use them to listen to animals’ hearts and other necessary body parts.


Those who work in the kitchen use this indispensable tool to cut up basic things. What’s this tool called?

A general utility knife that can slice and dice many food items is called a chef’s knife. Sometimes, it’s called a cook’s knife.


In order for welders to keep their items in place, what tools do they need?

The most universal kind of clamp for many types of industries is called the C clamp, primarily because its main holding mechanism resembles the letter C. But if you also consider the screwing mechanism below the C, then it can be called the G clamp.


A butcher needs a butcher knife, but what else do they need to finish their chopping duties?

In essence, a butcher block is actually one huge chopping board used by butchers to cut up huge chunks of meat. A butcher block is usually made from hard wood for increased durability.


A police officer’s basic tool is this weapon. What is it usually called?

Many law enforcement agencies issue a gun to their workers in case of emergency situations. One needs to have ample practice and skill to be able to hold and fire a gun, and one also needs government licenses in order to be permitted to carry one.


Architects use this necessary tool to create specific measurements when working on their drafting tables. What’s it called?

The most basic tool that any architect could have is the T-square. It’s usually handy when working on drawings atop a drafting table, because it's be easier for the architect to be precise when laying out designs and checking measurements.


Farmers who harvest grain by hand use this specialized blade tool. What is it called?

A sickle is a kind of cutting tool with a C-curved blade and a wooden handle, so it qualifies as a hand tool. Farmers and farm workers use it to cut blades of grass or weeds, harvest different types of grain crops like wheat, and slash through plants or foliage.


Fisher folk use this device to catch their day’s, well, catch. What’s it called?

Fishing nets need to be made of strong fibers in order to hold on to their seafood catch, depending on the size and amount of fish. One kind of fishing net is called the landing net, where the net structure is woven onto the end of a long handle, which looks like a hoop and is used to scoop up or catch the catch, so to speak.


Workers who work in scientific laboratories are very happy to use this peeping tool to see small things. What’s it called?

A microscope is an essential tool in many laboratories and is used to scrutinize small particles that are not visible to the human eye. For example, hospital laboratories use them to analyze blood samples of patients.


This tough tool is often used by road workers to break through concrete. What’s it called?

A jackhammer is a heavy-duty tool used by many road workers who need to drill into a very hard surface, such as a sidewalk. Many jackhammers are powered by electric motors, but the pneumatic kind are powered by compressed air pressure mechanisms.


Before the laptop’s invention, early writers and journalists used this mechanical typing tool to pursue their trade. What’s it called?

Many modern writers love the idea of typing with a manual typewriter, where they need to push a lever on the side to continue typing on the next line. One needs to have a sharp mind, though, to pull of typing in a typewriter, because it has little to no room for typos!


Which ultimate tool holds all of the smaller tools?

A toolbox houses many other tools. They vary in size, material and durability depending on one’s needs.


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