Can You Make It Through This Difficult Dating "Would You Rather" Game?

By: Teresa M.
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Have you had it with the dating scene, or are you just getting back out there? It’s tough no matter where you are in the Tinder universe. Perhaps getting in touch with the things you will and will not do while out on a date will help make it more bearable. You’ll undoubtedly get a better sense of what you want! 

This isn’t your ordinary, run-of-the-mill game of “Would You Rather.” Our game of “Would You Rather” will make you more confident by the time you’re done. You are going to have to ponder a lot of things you have never thought about before. And you are going to have to know yourself well enough to stick to your set of standards. Will you tolerate more than most, or are you sneaking out the back door at the first sign of trouble? 

If you can hang in there through these insanely tough dating choices, you might just have what it takes to be relationship material. Try to be truthful with your answers. No matter how difficult or how endearing you might find them, you have to choose what you would rather do based on your real life inclinations. Let’s find out if you have what it takes! 

Would you rather find out you were on a blind date with your boss or with your best friend's sibling?

If you were on a date, would you rather eat with your hands or slurp everything through a straw?

Would you rather spend a date seeing a musical or seeing a hardcore metal band?

When on a first date, would you rather talk about your ex or reveal the worst thing you've ever done?

Would you rather talk about your sex life with your mom or with your most uptight coworker?

Would you rather get dating advice from Jennifer Aniston or Angelina Jolie?

Would you rather go a month without shaving or a year without an alcoholic beverage?

Would you rather sleep together early in a relationship or wait until later?

When on a date, would you rather eat ribs or suck down raw oysters?

Would you rather reunite with your most recent ex or move far away and change your name?

Would you rather give up your job or your hobbies for a relationship?

Would you rather wake up in strange place or with a stranger in your bed?

Would you rather take a date out to an expensive restaurant or to a trendy diner?

Would you rather a date force you to watch a season of "Friends" or a season of "How I Met Your Mother"?

When you are on a first date, would you rather meet your date's parents or all of their friends?

Would you rather take a walk on the beach with your date or go go-carting?

Would you rather kiss someone with coffee breath or someone with cigarette breath?

Would you rather your date get drunk and outrageous or act shy?

Would you rather a first date start talking about politics or religion?

Would you rather go five years without sex or give up chocolate for the rest of your life?

Would you rather be single for the rest of your life or marry your best friend?

Would you rather have a long distance relationship or a series of flings?

Would you rather be taken on a helicopter ride on a date or go swimming with dolphins?

Would you rather meet a first date at your place or at their place?

Would you rather go out with someone who has the flu or someone that cannot stop talking?

Would you rather learn about a date's childhood or about their ex first?

Would you rather have a house full of children or have a childfree relationship?

Would you rather go a first date without a shirt or without pants?

Would you rather tell a first date about your deepest fears or the size of your bank account?

Would you rather drink a bottle of Fireball on a date or be forced to sing karaoke for an hour?

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