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Do you know which beloved '80s series featured Alex P. Keaton or Jack Tripper? Remember the names of the "Golden Girls" or the hard-working ladies of "Designing Women?" If you grew up on '80s TV, you might have what it takes to match these characters to the correct sitcoms!

In 2016, Netflix debuted a series called "Stranger Things" that set off an '80s revival for the ages. The supernatural series was celebrated for its unique storyline, skilled child actors, and perhaps more than anything else for its ability to perfectly capture the feeling of being a kid in the '80s. Fans of the series recognized clothing, furniture and other objects from their childhoods, creating a spot of warmth for long-ago favorites like "The Goonies" or "E.T."

Of course, the '80s was about so much more than great movies, or a certain style; it was also a time of unforgettable television. Dramas like "Hill Street Blues" or "L.A. Law" pushed boundaries, but it was the sitcom that dominated ratings throughout the decade. Families fell in love with the Cosby's, Roseanne, Larry and Balki, the girls of "Full House," and even Alf.

Think you can remember which beloved '80s sitcom these characters appeared on? Take our quiz to find out!

Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane enforced the law on what '80s sitcom?

The show starred John Schneider and Tom Wopat as Bo and Luke Duke. Sheriff Coltrane was played by actor James Best.


Willie Tanner opened his home to an alien in which of the following sitcoms?

ALF stands for Alien Life Form. Bonus points if you remember that ALF was from the planet Melmac.


Colonel "Hannibal" Smith led a ragtag team of crimebusters on what show?

The character of Smith was played by George Peppard. Peppard was famous for his 1961 role in "Breakfast at Tiffany's" with Audrey Hepburn.


Sam Malone was a former baseball pitcher in what popular '80s sitcom?

Sam Malone was played by Ted Danson. The series spawned several spinoff shows.


Harry T. Stone handed down sentences in what sitcom?

Judge Harry T. Stone was played by Harry Anderson who also starred in the 1990 version of Stephen King's "It."


Suzanne Sugarbaker was a sassy businesswoman in which of the following sitcoms?

Suzanne Sugarbaker was played by actress Delta Burke. Burke is married to another sitcom star, Gerald McRaney.


Dorothy Zbornak lived a colorful life in what sitcom?

The character of Dorothy was played by Bea Arthur. In addition to acting, Arthur was a comedian and singer.


Andy Travis managed several unique characters on the airwaves of which show?

Andy Travis was the lead character in "WKRP in Cincinnati." The character was played by actor Gary Sandy.


"Weezie" ruled the roost in which of the following sitcoms?

Weezie was Louise Jefferson, who was portrayed by Isabel Sanford.


"Hawkeye" Pierce was a doctor on what early-'80s show?

Hawkeye was played by Alan Alda. Bonus points if you know that the character's first name was actually Benjamin.


Dick Loudon managed a New England inn in what '80s sitcom?

Bob Newhart played Dick Loudon. Bonus points if you remember the Inn was located in Vermont.


Danny Tanner was raising three daughters in which of the following sitcoms?

"Full House" also starred John Stamos. The series first aired on September 22, 1987.


Dan Conner played the father on what wildly popular '80s sitcom?

The character of Dan Conner was played by John Goodman. The title character, Roseanne, was played by Roseanne Barr.


Arnold Jackson got lucky in what '80s sitcom?

Arnold Jackson was played by actor Gary Coleman. Coleman was a child actor who was not as successful later in life.


Louie DePalma made his coworkers miserable on what show?

The character of Louie DePalma was played by Danny DeVito. DeVito is married to another sitcom great, Rhea Perlman.


Governor Eugene Gatling relied on his butler in what sitcom?

Benson was played by Robert Guillaume. The character of Benson was a spinoff of the sitcom "Soap."


Jessica Tate was the adventurous matriarch on what 1980s show?

Jessica Tate was played by Katherine Helmond, who also starred in "Who's the Boss"?


Kevin Arnold came of age on what '80s sitcom?

Kevin Arnold was played by actor Fred Savage. Savage also starred in The Princess Bride.


Jack Tripper had a cozy arrangement on what '80s show?

The character of Jack was played by John Ritter. The show also starred Suzanne Somers and Joyce DeWitt.


Angela Bower was a successful businesswoman on what '80s sitcom?

The character of Angela Bower was played by Judith Light, a former soap opera star. The show also starred Alyssa Milano from "Charmed."


Larry Appleton had trouble with a relative in which of the following '80s sitcoms?

Larry Appleton's cousin Balki Bartokomous came to the U.S. from Mypos, a fictional island in the Mediterranean.


David Addison Jr. solved crimes on what sitcom?

The character of Addison was played by Bruce Willis. The show also starred Cybill Shepherd.


Richard Bluedhorn-Stratton wanted to get to know his father on what sitcom?

Richard Bluedhorn-Stratton was played by actor Ricky Schroder. Schroder was a regular on "NYPD Blue."


Henry Rush lives in cramped quarters in which 1980s sitcom?

The character of Rush was played by Ted Knight. Knight was famous for his work on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show."


Charlie Moore taught history on what '80s sitcom?

Charlie Moore was originally played by Howard Hesseman. Later, Billy Connolly took over the role.


Sergeant Frank Drebin made a mess of law enforcement on what sitcom?

The role of Drebin was played by Leslie Nielsen of "Airplane" fame.


Buffy Wilson tried to fit in on what television sitcom?

Buffy was the female version of Kip Wilson. Both parts were played by Tom Hanks.


"Lenny" Kosnowski was friends with Squiggy in what popular '70s-'80s sitcom?

Lenny and Squiggy were played by Michael McKean and David Lander, respectively. "Laverne & Shirley" was a spinoff of "Happy Days."


Nell Harper kept things in order on what '80s sitcom?

Nell Harper was played by Nell Carter. Carter was a Tony-winning actress and singer.


Thelma Harper ruled the roost in what '80s comedy?

Thelma Harper was played by Vicki Lawrence of "The Carol Burnett Show" fame.


Mike Seaver came of age in which of the following '80s sitcoms?

Mike Seaver was the oldest child in the series "Growing Pains." The character was played by Kirk Cameron.


Eldin never finished a home renovation project in what show?

Murphy Brown was played by Candice Bergen. Bergen also starred in 2000's "Miss Congeniality" with Sandra Bullock.


Michael Taylor struggles to co-parent on what television sitcom?

The show starred Paul Reiser and Greg Evigan. Reiser played the character of Michael Taylor.


Emma McArdle played the daughter on what '80s sitcom?

Kate and Allie were played by Susan Saint James and Jane Curtin, respectively. Jane Curtin was a "Saturday Night Live" alum.


Alex P. Keaton was a diehard Republican in what television sitcom?

Alex P. Keaton was a Republican in a household of liberals. Bonus points if you remember the character was played by Michael J. Fox.


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