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Do you remember who said "No soup for you!"? The 1990s were truly a golden era of diverse and interesting sitcoms. These shows covered all of life, from high society to the struggles of your average family. Everyone gathered around the TV to watch iconic shows like "Friends", "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air," "Seinfeld," "Boy Meets World," and "Sister, Sister." There was truly something for people of all ages and backgrounds to enjoy.

The characters of the 1990s sitcom scene were all unique. Some were kind, some were mean, but all were zany, quirky, and truly one of a kind. Many of them changed TV history forever with their zany antics and colorful catchphrases. These icons of television had some of the most famous one-liners of all time. While most TV shows don't make it past their first few episodes and are quickly forgotten, these influential pieces of pop culture history have truly stood the ultimate test of time. Many of these shows aired throughout most of the 1990s and beyond and had hundreds of episodes. Whether you grew up with these shows or not you will probably never forget them.

If you are TV buff with a taste for nostalgia, then tune into this quiz!

"Hello, Newman."

This is one of the most iconic lines from "Seinfeld." Jerry Seinfeld often greeted his neighbor and occasional nemesis Newman like this.


"Did I do that?"

"Family Matters" revolved around the Winslows, a middle-class African-American family living in Chicago. This line was said by Urkel, their nerdy neighbor who frequented their house.


"You got it, dude."

"Full House" was an iconic show that aired from 1987-1995. This line was said by the baby of the family, Michelle Tanner.


"How you doin'?"

Friends aired on NBC from 1994-2004. This was the defining phrase of the character Joey.


"No soup for you!"

This line comes from the iconic 1995 "Seinfeld" episode "The Soup Nazi." It's said by temperamental soup-making genius Yev Kassem, who is better known by his nickname.


"How would you like to own a little bit of my foot in your ass?"

Variants of this line were used in almost every episode by Red Forman, the father of lead character Eric Forman. This character was played by Kurtwood Smith.



Red Forman often said this to his son, Eric, whom he considered to be a disappointment. The show was set in Wisconsin.


"Have mercy."

This was said in many episodes of "Full House" by Jesse Katsopolis, played by John Stamos. He often said it when he saw an attractive woman.



This was often said by Eric Matthews whenever he was looking for Mr. Feeny's help or advice. Eric Matthews was the older brother of Cory Matthews, the show's protagonist.



"Blossom" aired on NBC from 1990-1995. This was the catchphrase of Blossom's dopey older brother Joey.


"Hey Hey Hey Hey, what is going on here?"

This show aired on NBC from 1989-1993. This was the catchphrase of principal Mr. Belding, who tried to keep the high schoolers of Bayside in check.



"Sex in the City" is the show that made the word frenemy a mainstream part of everyday language. This show aired on HBO.


"Go Home Roger!"

This sitcom starred Tia and Tamara Mowry as twins getting to know each other for the first time as teens. They often said this catchphrase to their annoying neighbor, Roger.


"Cut. It. Out."

This was the catchphrase of Uncle Joey. He was played by Dave Coulier.



Tim Allen's expressive grunts on "Home Improvement" were a thing of their own entirely. This show ran on ABC from 1991-1999.


"How rude!"

This was the signature catchphrase of Stephanie Tanner. She was the middle child.


“Who loves orange soda?"

This teen sitcom aired on Nickelodeon. Kel was well known for his love of orange soda.


"That is brand new information."

This iconic line from the show is incredibly sarcastic. Characters would use it when someone was telling them something they already knew.


"These pretzels are making me thirsty."

This line comes from the famous episode where Kramer gets a small role in a Woody Allen film. It is supposed to be his only line in the film before disaster struck.


"Oh, what fresh hell is this?"

"Frasier" ran on NBC from 1993-2004 and won 37 Emmys. This line was often said by lead character Frasier Crane, a brilliant psychiatrist who could not deal with his own wacky problems.


"Holy crap!"

This was often said by Ray's long-suffering father, Frank Barone. This show ran from 1996-2005.


"Yada, Yada, Yada."

"Seinfeld" was a true catchphrase machine. It popularized using this phrase when you don't want to tell a whole story.


"Not that there's anything wrong with that."

This famous line comes from the "Seinfeld" episode "The Outing." It refers to homosexuality and has become a popular line to repeat.



"Martin" aired on Fox from 1992-1997. It was a sitcom built around stand-up comedian Martin Lawrence.


"I said good day!"

"That '70s Show" aired from 1998 to 2006. This line was often said by Fez as he left the basement.


"I kill me."

"ALF" aired from 1986-1990. Even if the Tanner family did not often find the wisecracking alien living in their home funny, ALF always cracked himself up.


"Serenity now!"

This famous line was used by George's father in an attempt to find peace of mind. It has unusual results.


"You know what I'm sayin'?"

This show aired on NBC from 1990-1996. It launched the career of Will Smith.


"Got any cheese?"

Despite not being a member of the Winslow family, nerdy neighbor Steve Urkel would come and go as he pleased. This is one of his catchphrases.



"Cheers" ran from 1982-1993 on NBC. Norm was one of the wacky characters who spent time in the show's Boston bar.


"Blanche, you're a slut."

"Golden Girls" ran from 1985-1992. Many characters insult Blanche for her promiscuity throughout the show.


"He's just not that into you."

Before this phrase was a best-selling self-help book and film, it was used by Carrie's boyfriend in "Sex and the City." This show aired from 1998-2004.


"You know what the problem is? I'm too good looking."

Variants of this line were said by Kelso all the time, who always talked about how good looking he was. He was played by Ashton Kutcher.


"Goodnight, Seattle."

Frasier Crane was a psychiatrist and radio host and this was his sign off. "Frasier" was a spinoff of the show "Cheers."


"Joey doesn't share food!"

"Friends" is one of the most iconic shows of the '90s. Joey is famous for both his surefire pickup line and hatred of sharing food.


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