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When it comes to pets, we welcome them into our homes and they instantly become part of the family. It is no different for celebrities, as we have seen many celebrities adopt dogs, cats and even pigs! They name them and then share photos with their fans thanks to social media. Heck, some of these celebrity pets even have their own Instagram accounts. And like their owners, some of these celebrity pets have a crazy number of followers on social media. Is it sad to strive to be as popular as a dog? Perhaps not.

For this quiz, we are going to share photos of the celebrity pet and then you have to match each pet with the celebrity to which it belongs. So, which pop singer has their own pig? How about that Hunger Games actor that has an adorable dog? Yeah, we will test you on those and many more during this quiz. Can you make it to the end of the quiz without getting any wrong? It is not easy, but how big of a pop culture expert are you? Well, we will soon know, as you work your way through the entire quiz!

This Bulgarian Canadian actress got her first role on "Degrassi: The Next Generation" and now most of her fans know her as Elena Gilbert, but which actress owns Maverick?

Nina Dobrev introduced Maverick Do(g)brev, a half border collie/half Aussie shepherd she got from The Pet Care Foundation in L.A. in 2017. Since then, Maverick has gained quite the following on Instagram, as she more than 350,000 followers.

Dog rescue is near and dear to the heart of this former child actress who has continued her acting career today on "Younger," but who is Momo's adoptive mother?

Hilary Duff is a huge advocate for dog rescue and she has worked with Love Leo Rescue in Los Angeles to help spread the word. She also adopted both of her dogs, Momo and Lucy, from the rescue.

She may be known for working with a black cat on her Netflix show, but which actress is also the mom to this adorable black dog named Frankie?

Kiernan Shipka is gaining huge popularity for her role as Sabrina on the Netflix show, "The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina," but she has also starred in "Mad Men" and "Feud: Bette and Joan." She introduced the world to her new girl, Frankie, in 2017.

This British actor may be a man of steel, but Kal definitely breaks down those walls. Who is the father?

This is one sidekick of Superman that we can support. Henry Cavill seems to be head over heels about his American Akita dog named Kal, as he said, he's "truly this man's best friend."

Known mainly for her singing career, this songstress got her big break starring in a Nickelodeon show, and she also owns Piggy Smallz, but who is it?

Ariana Grande is a lover of pets, as her dog Toulouse won the Cutest Celebrity Pet award at the iHeart Music Awards in 2018. Now she has this adorable pig named Piggy Smallz who is up for nomination this year.

Known for being a real housewife and a British restaurateur and author, who is mommy to Giggy the pom?

Giggy Vanderpump has been with Lisa since the inception of "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" in 2010. Giggy is not only seen on the show, but he has his own contract for the show and his own agent.

This country turned pop singer probably told her cats, Meredith and Olivia, that you belong with me when she got them, but who is their mom?

Taylor Swift may have a love for TGIT on ABC, as she named her cats Meredith Grey and Olivia Benson after the characters on "Grey's Anatomy" and "Scandal." The cats are famous though, and they even made an appearance in "Deadpool 2" as Ryan Reynolds wore a T-shirt with them on it.

This singer and actress known for her wild and crazy looks has three little monsters of her own. Who is the mom to Asia, Koji and Gustavo?

Lady Gaga may have worn a meat dress to an awards show, but she definitely is a lover of animals. She has three French bulldogs and often shares images and videos of them on social media.

This former late-night talk show host may have a love for alcohol, but she also has a love for these two furry babies, Bert and Bernice. Who is it?

Chelsea Handler is a big dog lover, as she had Chunk and Tammy before they both died within months of each other. She then adopted these two, who have the same love and following on social media.

Known to many of her fans as Sansa, which English actress owns this adorable husky puppy named Porky Basquiat?

Sophie Turner shared an adorable photo of Porky Basquiat after her and fiance, Joe Jonas, brought Porky home. Porky also has an Instagram account with more than 125,000 followers.

This reality television star and model may have had her life get a little Stormi in the past year, but she states all nine of her pets are still in place. Who is it?

Kylie Jenner is worth almost $1 billion, so having nine pets is not a huge deal. She has a bunny, chicken and seven dogs, including Norman and Bambi seen here. They have an Instagram account with more than 40,000 followers.

Not only is Choupette a world-famous cat, but her owner is a world-famous designer living in Paris. Who is he?

Choupette is one spoiled cat, as she likes to spend her days hanging out with models and sleeping in handbags (Chanel, duh). People want to view that glamorous life also, as she has more than 100,000 followers on Instagram.

If you were looking up animal lover in the dictionary, you would probably find a photo of this "Big Bang Theory" star, as she is working on building her dream ranch to include all the animals, including Norman. Who is it?

Kaley Cuoco not only stars on "The Big Bang Theory," but she owns her own production company called Yes, Norman Productions, named after her dog. Cuoco is an animal rescuer and has 10 pets overall.

This actress may not be a mean girl in real life and we doubt she can predict the weather, but Finn seems to love her. Who is his famous mom?

Amanda Seyfried adopted Finn from Best Friends Animal Society. They have a strong bond and Finn even worked with Amanda in a short film for Vogue.

This former first lady is becoming quite a name for herself since leaving the White House, but who is Sunny and Bo's mom?

Sunny and Bo are both Portuguese water Dogs and were the first dogs of the United States. Bo joined the Obama family in 2008 and Sunny came later, ​in 2013.

There is no scandal here, Josie definitely loves her mom. Who is she?

Kerry Washington has a deep love for her fur baby. She says Josie loves to cuddle. In fact, a January 2019 tweet on Josie's Twitter page, Washington writes: "Sometimes the best thing to calm my heart and ease my soul is quality time with my first baby/fur baby. I didn’t grow up with a dog so this angel has taught me soooooo much about the art of the cuddle."

This socialite has a love for small dogs and even built a lavish home for her dogs. It is worth an estimated $325,000. Who is the mom to these little cuties?

Paris Hilton has always had a love for small dogs and she had a female Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, who was dubbed an "accessory dog." She would always carry her around and she was seen on her reality TV show. Tinkerbell died in 2015.

Olive brought some spice into the lives of this former singer and former soccer star, but who are her British parents?

The Beckhams welcomed Olive, a cocker spaniel, into their lives. She gets a lot of attention with the family, as she is often seen in photos on social media.

This actress may be known for her time on "House, M.D.," but she is an activist and gives back to her community, including adopting Elvis from the shelter. Who is she?

Olivia Wilde and Jason Sudeikis adopted this little guy from the shelter when he was 3 years old and weighed only 10 pounds. His name was Maxamillion, but it looks like his new human brother preferred Elvis.

He may try to keep all of the real housewives in line, but he is also the father to Wacha. Who is his father?

Wacha Cohen was actually in a kill shelter in West Virginia when See Spot Rescued found him. Andy Cohen adopted him and now he lives the lavish life. You can see it on Instagram, as he has more than 230,000 followers.

She may be known for her role on "Girl Meets World," but which teen pop singer and actress is also the mom to adorable Goodwin?

Sabrina Carpenter has a recurring role on "The Goodwin Games," as she plays a younger version of Chloe Goodwin. That must be where the inspiration came from for her dog, Goodwin.

This former model and now actress shares photos of her two bulldogs, but it seems to be all about her kids and former tennis star husband. Who is it?

Brooklyn Decker is married to Andy Roddick, so it only makes sense that they named their two bulldogs Bob Costas (after the television announcer) and Billie Jean (as in Billie Jean King). They show up on her Instagram account, but not as much as her adorable children.

He may only be 12 years old, but this actor makes you "wonder" if there is "room" for him to get any better. Who is dad to this adorable poodle named Rey?

Jacob Tremblay won everyone over for his role as Jack Newsome in "Room." He made room for his little girl, Rey, a poodle of which he often shares photos on Instagram.

You could say that this singer and former Disney star has a zoo going on in her home, but she wouldn't have it any other way. No wrecking ball to her house, but who is Milky's mom?

Milky, a pit bull, is just one of many animals that Miley Cyrus has adopted over the years. Between dogs and cats and pigs, she has them all living under her roof with Liam Hemsworth.

Known mainly for his role as Peter Parker, this British actor also has a huge love for Tessa. Who is he?

Tessa is a Staffordshire bull terrier and has been in Tom's life since she was a puppy. Holland is also smitten, as he often brings her to red carpet appearances and press junkets.

Known for his singing in the country music world, which male singer recently did a music video featuring his dog, Edgar?

Edgar is a Weimaraner/Vizla mix and is barely ever away from his dad. Eldredge is constantly sharing photos of Edgar on social media and fans love him, so he included him in his recent music video.

The love of animals may have brought him closer to his wife, but maybe it was that they were both vampires? Who is he?

Ian Somerhalder has a true love for animals, as he has started the Ian Somerhalder Foundation. The foundation was created to help with environmental protection​ and to stop animal cruelty.

This actress got her start working as a child model but then decided to "shake it up" when adopting this Australian shepherd and naming it Tampon. Who is she?

Bella Thorne is not one to stand by the norms, so fans should have expected that when she shared a photo of her new dog, Tampon. There was backlash for the name, but it did not stop Bella from keeping it.

Known for being the "mean" judge on singing competition shows, it looks like Squiddly and Diddly make his heart melt. Who is their father?

Simon Cowell is always considered the mean judge, but it looks like he has a big heart for his two little dogs. He joked that his son, Eric, spent so much time with them as a baby that Eric's first words would be him barking.

We first met her during her audition on "The X Factor" and then forming the group, Fifth Harmony, but which singer owns this French bulldog named Gracie?

Gracie is a teacup French bulldog that was named after Lauren's grandmother. She said she received the dog as a gift, but it was a gift for both her and her boyfriend Ty Dolla $ign.

Lucy, Leo and Bear kind of have a special mom, as she was the first American woman to win a gold medal in downhill skiing at the Olympics. Who is she?

If you see Lindsey Vonn anywhere (besides maybe skiing down a hill), she probably has her dogs with her. She has joked that she is the "crazy dog lady."

This American actor is known for his superhero movies and is very politically outspoken, but his heart melted once he met Dodger. Who is Dodger's human dad?

Chris Evans may be known for playing Captain America, but it was his role in the movie, "Gifted," that led him to find​ Dodger. A scene in the movie took place at a shelter and that is where he met Dodger and fell in love.

No big little lie here, as this actress and producer is known for being sweet home Alabama, but Pepper knows her as mom. Who is the actress?

Reese Witherspoon may be a mother to three kids, but she is also a dog mom to three furry babies. Pepper, a French bulldog, is one of those babies and is often seen in photos on Witherspoon's social media accounts.

This actress may not have been winning over any friends in Jackson, Mississippi, but with a little 'help,' she became the ​mom to Chaplin. Who is she?

Chaplin was first seen with Jessica Chastain in 2012, which is when people noticed the dog only had three legs. Chastain explained that Chaplin was in an accident before she got him​ but now runs faster than most four-legged dogs.

When you think of "The Hunger Games," you think of this actor, but Driver just thinks of him as dad. Who is it?

Josh Hutcherson adopted this pit bull from a rescue when Driver was three months old. He named him after Ryan Gosling's character in the movie, "Drive." He has since adopted a second pit bull.

This American fashion designer was the creative director for Louis Vuitton until 2013, but he still found time to love on Neville. Who is Neville's father?

Neville Jacobs is living the high life, as he gets to travel with his dad around the world. It's captured in his Instagram feed, which has more than 210,000 followers, and in his memoir, "Neville Jacobs: I'm Marc's Dog."

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