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Can you tell all of the Marys in the Bible apart? Then this quiz is definitely the one for you! There are countless women in the Bible who were mothers, saints and overall, incredible women. Their influence on the stories in the Bible is unmatched. Some great examples are Eve's influence on humankind after her actions in the Garden of Eden, or Hagar's decision to leave her life as a maid. Think you're an expert on these women and their stories?

Many women in the Bible aren't spoken of often. Little is known about them aside from a few details. Other women, such as Mary Magdalene or Jochebed have much more detailed backgrounds and stories that tell us more about them. Of course, to learn more about these fascinating women, we have to know where their stories are written! That's where the many books of the Bible come in. From the Old Testament to the New Testament, Genesis to Malachi, you'll need to know it all.

If you know their stories, as well as the stories in the Bible, then you've got the knowledge to ace this quiz. See if you can get a perfect score!

Which of these women can be found in the Book of Genesis?

In the Book of Genesis, Sarah is spoken of when God changes her name. Did you know that her name prior to becoming Sarah was "Sarai"?


What book is Zipporah mentioned in?

Zipporah has Jochebed to thank for her husband's life! Without Jochebed's courageousness, Moses and Zipporah would have never married and had two children of their own.


Can you name the woman who was in the Book of Ruth?

Ruth, is of course in the Book of Ruth. Did you know that Ruth is one of only a handful of women who are listed in Jesus's heritage? She was a very important woman in the Bible!


Which book is Zillah from?

Zillah is mentioned in a passage in the Book of Genesis and she is married to Lamech. Did you know that Cain, Adam and Eve's son, is an ancestor of Lamech?


This woman was in the Book of Acts. Who is she?

Priscilla was a family woman who stuck by her husband, Aquila, no matter what. There wasn't one thing that they didn't do together! Can you relate to the strong love that Priscilla and Aquila had for one another?


Jochebed was mentioned in which of the following books?

Jochebed is a respected mother in the Bible for how she saved her son Moses from an unfortunate death. What mother wouldn't go to such great lengths to save their newborn baby from a horrible fate?


Do you know which Mary was in the Book of Matthew?

Mary Magdalene was a loyal follower of Jesus who was there for him in his darkest times. Not only did she witness his crucifixion, but she was also there when he was resurrected.


Can you name the book that speaks about Rebekah?

Rebekah is in the book of Romans. You may remember her unique pregnancy story where she described the feeling of her sons fighting with one another in the womb. She was soon to find out that once they grew up, nothing would have changed between the two.


This woman was in the Book of Samuel. Who is she?

Hannah is the mother of Samuel, and found in the Book of Samuel. Hannah asked Jesus for a child, which turned out to be Samuel, but she was in luck, being blessed with many more children after.


Do you know which book Vashti is spoken of in?

The Book of Esther is all about Queen Vashti. Well... at least a little bit about her! Unfortunately, it was not a good ending for her, as she was stripped of her title of being queen, while her husband went on a search for a new queen.


The Book of Genesis features which of these women?

Zilpah, similar to Hagar, was a maid for Leah. But did you know that Zilpah was Leah's younger sister? Many sibling today may wish they could have the same!


Which book is Dinah from?

Dinah is from the Book of Genesis, just like her mother, Leah. She was Leah's only daughter and a sister to the founders of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.


She is mentioned in a book of the same name. Who is she?

Esther is mentioned in the Book of Esther, where she becomes queen by marriage to Ahasuerus. With her marriage came great power that allowed her to save the Jews from extreme danger.


Judith was mentioned in what book of the Bible?

Judith had a minor part in the Bible where she was one of Esau's wives. Having multiple wives was not uncommon in the Bible, as many men practiced this throughout their lives.


Do you know which woman was mentioned in the Book of Joshua?

Although she had a small role, Achsah was mentioned in the Book of Joshua. She was a smart woman who negotiated her way into getting what she wanted out of her marriage to Othniel.


This book speaks of Orpah. What book is it?

Orpah was in the Book of Ruth where her story includes Naomi and Ruth. While the other two women stayed together, Orpah had other plans for herself and wanted to pursue them.


Which of the following women are mentioned in the Book of Judges?

Deborah was mentioned in the Book of Judges and she is now recognized as a saint. She is also the performer of a song named for her, called the "Song of Deborah."


Can you name the book that Elisabeth is mentioned in?

The Book of Luke speaks about Elisabeth, who you know better as the mother of John the Baptist. Did you know that Elisabeth and the Virgin Mary were related? They were cousins!


She is mentioned in the Book of Galatians. Who is she?

One of the most famous women in the Bible, the Virgin Mary is mentioned in the Book of Galatians. Did you know that Mary and Elisabeth, mother of John the Baptist, were both pregnant at the same time?


Do you know what book Jemima is in?

Jemima was mentioned in the Book of Job, as she is one of Job the prophet's daughters. Did you know that the book never named Job's sons? All three of his daughters were named, however.


The Book of Genesis mentions which of these women?

Hagar has a remarkable story in the Book of Genesis. Bearing a child for the husband that she worked for, she later turned away and left with her son. As any mother would, she did what she had to do.


This book mentions Phoebe. What book is it?

Phoebe is mentioned in the Epistle to the Romans in the New Testament. She was very close to Paul the Apostle, who trusted her to deliver this famous letter.


Can you name the woman who is in the Book of Numbers?

Miriam was someone who was called a prophetess and a key figure in Israel. She took on the job of leading the Israelites, something she was destined to do.


Do you know which book Dorcas/Tabitha is part of?

Dorcas/Tabitha is referred to by different names sometimes, but can be found in the Book of Acts. She even has a day celebrated just for her on October 25th each year.


Which of these women are mentioned in the Book of Kings?

Jehosheba saved her baby nephew from death by hiding him from danger. Later in life, he became the king, thanks in part to the work of his aunt years before, when he was helpless.


Naomi is part of which book of the bible?

Naomi is fittingly part of the Book of Ruth, as she and Ruth were very close. The two traveled alongside each other and spend most of their life with one another.


This woman is mentioned in the Book of Ruth. Who is she?

Leah was an important woman in the Bible, as she became the mother of part of the Twelve Tribes of Israel. Without her, the iconic group may have never became what they were destined to become.


Which book is Hazelelponi mentioned in?

There is not a lot of information on Hazelelponi as she is mentioned very briefly, but it does take place in Chronicles. We know that she had a family which included one daughter.


Do you know which woman was in the Book of Genesis?

Eve was in the Book of Genesis, where her story with Adam, God and her children was told. She is another one of the most famous women in the Bible who is known for her fateful day in the Garden of Eden.


This book talks about Rachel. What book is it?

Rachel was the mother of Benjamin and Joseph who grew up to become the founders of two branches of the Twelve Tribes of Israel.


Can you name the woman who was part of the Book of Luke?

Mary is mentioned in this book along with her sister Martha. The two got a lucky visit from Jesus himself. How would you have reacted if Jesus had showed up at your door?!


Do you know which book Tamar is part of?

Although she is the daughter of one, you won't find Tamar in the Book of Kings! Her life was not perfect however, as she was violated by one of her brothers, Amnon.


The Book of Chronicles mentions which of these women?

Bathsheba was spoken of in the Book of Chronicles. The famous story details her catching King David's eye while she was bathing on a rooftop. Of course, their love was forbidden until the death of her husband.


Can you name the book that Milcah is part of?

Milcah is part of the Book of Genesis. There is a lot of confusion on her relation to certain individuals in the Bible, especially Rebecca, who was though to be either her daughter or granddaughter.


Which book was Zibiah part of?

There is no a lot known about Zibiah. We only really know two facts about her: She's the mother of Jehoash who hails from Beersheba.


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