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In well over 20 seasons on the air, "The Simpsons" has given viewers memorable storylines, relatable characters and some of the funniest quotes on TV. Best of all are the catchphrases, which bring the characters to life and help viewers keep track of the crazy crew that call Springfield home. Take our quiz to see if you can match the catchphrase to the character!

Which character is most likely to dub a positive event as "excellent"?

Burns, a millionaire who owns the local nuclear plant, expresses his pleasure with the simple term, "excellent." Of course, what Burns finds excellent may include things that are not so great for others, like that time he stole the sun and left Springfield totally in the dark.


What is Mr Burns' favorite way to let someone know he is displeased?

Wanna visit Mr. Burns at home? Better be ready to run when he instructs Smithers to "release the hounds," as he is likely to do anytime someone dares to cross him.


Which character is most likely to describe this quiz as "Best. Quiz. Ever."?

Comic Book Guy, who runs the local comic book shop, is a man of few words, often breaking events down to their essence with his favorite phrase "Best. _______. Ever." Of course, when something doesn't meet his standards, he's also willing to use other variations, namely, "Worst. ________. Ever."


Which of these is Bart most likely to say, if he gets caught spray painting the school?

Bart believes that the best way to stay out of trouble is to deny all knowledge of the event, even when caught with spray paint in hand. He uses this phrase so often that he once became famous as the "I didn't do it" boy, after uttering these words on the Krusty the Clown show.


Where can you find Lisa Simpson, if you need her?

Poor, misunderstood Lisa often has trouble fitting in with her family. Frequently, she leaves them to their antics with the classic catchphrase, "If anyone needs me, I'll be in my room."


Which Springfielder just might shout out "Glavin!"?

Professor Frink is an odd duck in a town of over-the-top personalities. He spends most of his time holed up in his lab, tinkering with his inventions, only to come out spewing strange phrases like "Glavin!" and various other jibberish. He also makes a mean hamburger earmuff.


How does Krusty the Clown open each episode of his show?

Krusty the Clown may be kid-friendly on TV, opening each episode with an enthusiastic "Hey, hey, kids," but he's anything but G-rated when the cameras are off. He spends most of his free time indulging in alcohol, tobacco and other fun things that would likely offend his core audience.


Who is most likely to exclaim "Seymour!" in an exasperated tone?

Principal Seymour Skinner lives with his mother, Agnes, and no matter how hard he tries he can never seem to please her, prompting her frequent expressions of "Seymour!"


Who is known for proclaiming "Oh yeah!" as he promotes a partying lifestyle?

Duffman was hired by the Duff Brewery to promote its delicious beer. He is frequently seen at events, where he shows how much fun the Duff Brand is by proclaiming "Oh yeah!" and referring to himself in the third person.


Which Simpsons superhero says "Up and atom" when preparing to save the day?

Radioactive Man is Springfield's answer to Batman or Superman. With the help of his trusty sidekick, Fallout Boy, he stamps out danger after exclaiming, "Up and atom!" When Rainier Wolfcastle played Radioactive Man in a movie, he had a little trouble with the line, repeatedly changing it to "Up and at them!"


Who solves every problem with a grave, "That's a paddlin'"?

Jasper is one old of the town's older residents. When he's called upon to serve as a substitute teacher, he informs students that for every transgression, "That's a paddlin'."


Who is most likely to say, "Smithers, who is that nincompoop?"

Despite his many interactions with the Simpson family, Mr. Burns never seems to recognize Homer Simpson, who is actually the safety inspector at the plant. Whenever he comes across Homer, Burns turns to Smithers and asks, "Smithers, who is that man?" The catchphrase changes, depending on the circumstance, with Burns using everything from "nincompoop" to "young go-getter" to refer to Homer.


Who greets Homer with a friendly, "Hey diddly-ho, neighborino"?

The God-fearing Flanders lives next door to the Simpson family. Despite the fact that Homer constantly insults him, Ned maintains a friendly attitude, often inserting a "diddly" into every sentence.


Who begs the citizens of Springfield to "think of the children"?

The Reverend Lovejoy's wife Helen is very devout and can frequently be heard begging her fellow citizens to please think of the children whenever a potentially un-Godlike issue arises.


Which article of clothing does Bart Simpson invite others to eat?

While Bart has gotten slightly more polite as the show has progressed, he's not above throwing out a sarcastic "Eat my shorts" when someone annoys him.


Who is most likely to grumble, then say, "I don't think that's a very good idea"?

Poor Marge. Not only is she married to Homer and often dragged into his crazy schemes, but she also has to keep up with bad-boy Bart. She spends a lot of time grumbling a frustrated "hmmm...," but isn't above letting her family know, "I don't think that's a very good idea."


What is Homer's favorite way to express frustration?

No episode of "The Simpsons" is complete without a "d'oh" from Homer. He uses this expression to illustrate everything from regret to frustration, such as finding out he's made Marge mad or learned that Bart has eaten the last donut.


Which of these best describes Mr. Burns' attitude towards Homer?

Despite Homer's two-plus decades of service at the nuclear plant, Mr. Burns can never quite remember his name. Each time Burns interacts with Homer, Smithers is forced to remind his boss of Homer's name, prompting Burns to reply, "Simpson, eh?"


Finish this quote from town founder Jebediah Springfield -- "A noble spirit..."

Springfield may be named in his honor, but no one ever said Jebediah Springfield was a smart man. He is best remembered for saying, "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man."


Who is most likely to say, "Thank you, come again"?

Despite the fact that he works long shifts -- often 24/7 -- at the convenience store, Kwik-E-Mart owner Apu is never too tired to send customers off with a polite "Thank you, come again!"


How is Homer most likely to address his son?

Like all father and son pairs, Homer and Bart have their own special way of sharing their love -- usually it involves Homer screaming, "Why you little...," while wrapping his hands around Bart's neck.


Who answers the phone with an old-fashioned "Ahoy-hoy"?

Mr. Burns has very traditional manners. He typically answers the phone with a vintage "Ahoy-hoy." He's not nearly so polite off the phone and isn't above welcoming visitors to his office by releasing them through a trap door in the floor.


Which education staff member typically addresses the school principal as "SKINNNNER!"?

Poor Skinner can't get no respect. At home he's insulated by his own mom, and at school he's subject to the bad temper of Superintendent Chalmers.


Which of these does Homer use when referring to Ned?

Homer ends almost every interaction with Ned by mumbling, "Stupid Flanders." He also uses variations of this concept, such as, "Stupid sexy Flanders," after he sees Ned wearing a revealing ski suit.


What is Homer most likely to say when you give him a donut?

Homer is an easy man to please, and he shows off his happiness with a joyous "Woo hoo!" Given his love for donuts, it would come as a surprise to no one if he were to woo hoo it up for a couple of the delicious pastries.


What catchphrase is Mrs. Krabappel known for?

A teacher at Springfield Elementary School, Mrs. Krapabbel typically utters a sarcastic "Ha!" in response to almost any comment. Hey, you'd be jaded too, if you had to teach Bart Simpson.


Springfield bad-boy Bart Simpson often uses which Spanish phrase, which loosely translates to "Oh no!"?

When Bart knows trouble is brewing, he usually runs off, often throwing out an "Ay caramba!" on his way out the door.


Which of these does Bart like to remind people not to have?

Bart elicits frustration and anger with his antics, but he's quick to urge people, "Don't have a cow, man," when they start to let him know how they're feeling.


Who mocks others with his characteristic "Ha ha"?

Local bully Nelson has a rough home life, so he likes to laugh at others' misfortunes by pointing at them while belting out, "Ha ha!"


Who brightly says, "Hi, everybody," every time he enters a room?

The Simpson children often go to see Dr. Hibbert when they are sick, but are sometimes forced to see the quack Dr. Nick when money is tight. Nick might not be good at the whole medicine thing, but he's certainly friendly, entering the room with a bright "Hi, everybody" each time he comes on screen.


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