Quiz: Can You Match the Celebrity to Their Crime?
Can You Match the Celebrity to Their Crime?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Hill Street Studios/Matthew Palmer / Blend Images / Getty Images

About This Quiz

It seems like just about everyone in Hollywood has been arrested, some for more serious crimes than others. And while getting arrested is no laugh, we've decided to get some kind of entertainment by making a quiz out of who got arrested for what. 

So, we're going to show you a picture of the celebrity and tell you why they were arrested. Your job is to tell us who that celebrity is. While we can't guarantee that this'll be very difficult, we can safely say that you'll be quite shocked to see that some of your favorite celebrities have gotten in trouble with the law.

For instance, did Robert Downey Jr. (our favorite Avenger) get arrested for drinking under the influence, for hitting a man in the head with a golf club or for streaking on set? Did Jay-Z (Beyonce's husband) get in trouble for stealing someone's car, punching a man for trying to hit on his wife or was he rude to a police officer? You'll find that out and so much more in this quiz.

So if you think you can match correctly the celebrity (which includes actors, reality stars and musicians) to the crime or crimes they committed, let's get started right now!

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She was arrested for driving under the influence and violated probation.
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She got in trouble for insider trading.
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He has been arrested many times.
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She was arrested for stealing, allegedly, of course.
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Someone accused him of aggravated assault.
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He was in possession of cocaine.
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He was arrested for a host of things.
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She had it rough when it came to abusing substances.
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He was arrested for assaulting his wife.
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This media mogul was accused of sexually abusing women, many of them.
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The founder of Microsoft broke the law for driving without a license.
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Failing to pay and file taxes is a crime, just ask this guy.
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He assaulted his then-girlfriend, Rihanna.
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She allegedly assaulted her husband.
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He got caught numerous times with drugs.
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This actor was arrested on suspicion of assaulting his wife.
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Once beloved, this man is currently on trial accused sexually assaulting women.
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He was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder, believe it or not.
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He had drugs and drug paraphernalia on him.
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He was accused of stabbing someone.
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He was arrested on suspicion of armed robbery.
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This heiress drove under the influence.
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He was accused of murdering his ex-friend and her friend!
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This famous boxer was accused and convicted of rape.
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He allegedly assaulted his then-girlfriend.
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He was charged with dangerous driving.
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He violated his probation.
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He drove under the influence.
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Among his many other crimes, this rapper was accused of being an accomplice to murder.
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He was charged with indecent conduct with a prostitute.
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He was involved in a battery case.
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Along with his many other alleged crimes, he burgled someone's house.
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She was charged with drug possession.
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He had to go to rehab for driving under the influence.
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He used to traffick cocaine.
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He has been arrested over ten times.
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He was accused of rubbing his genitals on a guard, among other things.
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This former TV dad got a bad name when he was accused of sexual assault, which he did admit to.
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His list of crimes is quite long and includes sexual harassment.
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