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Sports are indoor or outdoor activities that combine wit and physical athleticism into one main event. Popular sports include football, soccer, baseball, and basketball, while other sports are less common, such as biathlon and snooker. But no matter how popular the sport is, there are respective championship games that pit the best of the best against each other.

You're probably familiar with the Super Bowl, which is one of the most televised events in the United States. The Super Bowl is the championship game of the NFL, which pits the two best American football teams against one another. Another popular championship game is the World Series, which involves the best of the best in baseball.

But let's take a look at some lesser-known sports and their championship games. For example, did you know that the Hockey World Cup involves field hockey, while the FIFA World Cup involves soccer (otherwise known as "football")? Even pub-like sports like darts and billiards have their own championship games!

This quiz will look at 35 different sports and their respective championship games. Do you think you know the difference between the Bandy World Championship and the ISSF World Cup? Take this quiz now to see how much you know!

Can you guess which of these sports should fill in the blank of this championship event: FIS Alpine World ___________ Championship.

Skiing is the correct sport that matches to the FIS Alpine World Ski Championships. This championship event is held from January to February.


'Scratch race' is an event in the UCI Track ________ World Championships.

The UCI Track Cycling World Championships matches to the sport of cycling and involves many different events. Some of these include​ the scratch race and the team sprint.


'Sabre' is an event at the championship of which of the following sports?

The World Fencing Championships involves the fencing sport, and includes events like sabre and foil. Fencing is a type of sport that also involves layers of protective clothing.


_________ ________ matches to the Hockey World Cup.

Field hockey is played at the Hockey World Cup with separate men's and women's divisions. Pakistan has won the Hockey World Cup more than any other country.


​Russia has won the men's ________ _________ World Championship more than any other country. Can you name the sport?

Ice hockey is played at the Ice Hockey World Championships, which involve both men's and women's divisions. The International Ice Hockey Federation also organizes this championship event.


You've probably seen Tessa Virtue at the World ________ ________ Championships.

Figure skating is the main event at the World Figure Skating Championships, which involves both men and women. Both 'single' and 'pair' events are also held during these championship games.


The Super Bowl involves which of these leagues?

The Super Bowl is the final match between the two best NFL teams each season. The New England Patriots are the latest Super Bowl champs.


This "tag" game is played at which of the following events?

The Kabaddi World Cup involves the sport of Kabaddi, which is a version of the classic "tag" game. India has won this event more than any other country.


The ________ ________ is the championship event of the MLB league.

The World Series is the championship event of Major League Baseball. The Yankees have won the most World Series championships.


The NBA Finals is associated with which of these sports?

NBA stands for National Basketball Association, which holds the NBA Finals every year. The Golden State Warriors are the current NBA champions.


Soccer (or "football") is played at which of these events?

Soccer (or commonly known as "football") is played at the FIFA World Cup, which stands for "Fédération Internationale de Football Association." Brazil has won this championship event the most times.


The FIS Nordic Combined World Cup involves which of these winter sports?

Nordic combined is played at the FIS Nordic Combined World Cup, which consists of both ski-jumping and cross-country skiing. This event is held every year.


The World Snooker Championship involves this sport that can be found in many bars and pubs.

Snooker, otherwise known as billiards, can be found in a variety of bars and pubs. The championship event is called the World Snooker Championship, which is held at the Crucible Theatre in England.


Field lacrosse is played at which of these events?

The World Indoor Lacrosse Championship is responsible for box lacrosse, while the World Lacrosse Championship holds field lacrosse games. As the name implies, field lacrosse is played on a field.


The World _________ Championships involves both men and women's divisions and first occurred in the late '70s.

The squash sport is played at the World Squash Championship, which is a type of racket sport. The game may also utilize both singles (1v1) and doubles (2v2).


The FIS ____________ World Championship first occurred in 1972 in Slovenia.

Ski flying is the sport that is played at the FIS Ski Flying World Championship, which is held once every two years. It is also a form of ski jumping.


"Slopestyle" is an event at the FIS ____________ World Championships.

Snowboarding is the sport that is played at the FIS Snowboard World Championship. It also involves many different events, including "slopestyle," and "half-pipe."


Running, swimming and cycling are part of which of these events?

A triathlon involves running, swimming and cycling, which are held at the ITU World Triathlon Series. This event is also held once every year.


This sport utilizes various types of guns. Can you match it with the ISSF World Cup?

The ISSF World Cup is a championship event that involves shooting as the sport. A variety of guns are used, such as air rifles and air pistols.


A bow and arrow are used at the World _________ Championships.

The World Archery Championship is held once every year. A variety of bows have also been used at this event, like the compound bow and the recurve bow.


The _______ World Championship is a winter sport that is similar to hockey.

Similar to hockey, bandy is a winter sport that involves bandy sticks and bandy balls to score points in the opposing team's goal post. The Bandy World Championship is the sport's championship game.


This sport involves a sled. Can you match it to the FIL World ____________ Championships?

Luge is a type of winter sport that involves a sled, and is played at the FIL World Luge Championships. FIL stands for "Fédération Internationale de Luge de Course."


The World Single Distance Championship involves which of these speedy sports?

The World Single Distance Championship involves speed skating, which is held on an ice rink. Both men and women can participate in this event.


A racket is used in the Fed Cup. What is the name of the sport?

Tennis is the sport that is played at the Fed Cup, which is a women's event. For men, the championship game is called the Davis Cup.


The Hydra Trophy is presented at the WFTDA Championships, but can you name the sport?

Roller derby is played at the WFTDA Championships, which is held in November every year. WFTDA also stands for "Women's Flat Track Derby Association."


The IBSF World Championship utilizes a bobsled during which of these sports?

Believe it or not, there is a sport called "skeleton," which involves a skeleton bobsled. Both men and women can participate in the IBSF World Championships.


The UIPM Senior World Championship involves five events, two of which includes​ fencing and pistol shooting. What is the sport?

"Penta" means "five," which describes the five events played in the UIPM Senior World Championship. They are ​pistol shooting, fencing, cross-country running, freestyle swimming and equestrian show jumping.


The WDF World Cup involves ______, which you may find in a variety of pubs and bars.

The WDF World Cup involves the sport of darts, which consists of singles, doubles and team divisions. You can also find dart boards in a variety of bars and pubs.


You may have seen Tiger Woods play at the World Cup of _______.

As its name implies, the World Cup of Golf involves the sport of golf. This is specifically related to the men's division.


The _________ Gymnastics World Championships involves events like uneven bars and still rings.

Artistic gymnastics is a branch of gymnastics that involves various types of events, depending on the gender. Men, for instance, participate in events like still rings and parallel bars.


The Uber Cup involves which of these racket sports?

Badminton involves a racket and a shuttlecock, and is played in a similar fashion to tennis. It is also played at the Uber Cup, which is the women's division of badminton.


The Women's ________ _________ World Cup occurs once every two years.

Roller hockey is played at the Women's Roller Hockey World Cup. Spain has won the most titles so far. Roller hockey is also known as rink hockey.


The ________ World Cup Sevens is held every four years.

Rugby is played at the Rugby World Cup Sevens, which is held once every four years. It can also be played by both men and women.


This sport involves a ball and is played at the ICC Women's T20 World Cup. What is the sport called?

Cricket involves a cricket ball and bat, and consists of 22 players. The ICC Women's T20 World Cup is the championship of the women's division.


Rifle shooting and cross-country skiing are both played at the __________ World Championships.

The biathlon is played at the Biathlon World Championship. The sport involves both rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. This event is held once a year.


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