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Story, songs and sets draw in an audience, but it's the characters that make Broadway musicals truly memorable. Take our quiz to see how much you know about the greatest villains, lovers, scammers and heroines to ever hit a Broadway stage!

Eliza Doolittle takes speech lessons from Professor Henry Higgins in which musical?

Based on the story of "Pygmalion," by George Bernard Shaw, "My Fair Lady" finds Professor Henry Higgins with his hands full, trying to transform Eliza Doolittle from flower girl to fine lady.


Aaron Burr is a complex villain in which historical show?

The 2015 hit musical "Hamilton" tells the story of Alexander Hamilton's life, from his childhood as an orphan in the Caribbean to his death at the hands of rival Aaron Burr in a duel.


Bad boy Danny Zuko falls for good girl Sandy in which classic musical?

"Grease" tells the story of a pair of star-crossed lovers at Rydell High School. Danny, a greaser, falls for a sweet girl, Sandy, but his macho friends take some convincing to agree that she is the right woman for him.


Which musical based on a Disney movie stars a woman named Belle?

Belle wanted so much more than the provincial life she was living, but she gets more than she bargained for when she falls for a beast -- who happens to own a sassy talking candlestick -- in "Beauty and the Beast."


Which musical stars Jean Valjean, also known as 24601?

Poor Jean Valjean spent 19 years in prison after stealing food for his sister's children. "Les Miserables" tells the story of his release and road to redemption as mayor of a small town.


Professor Harold Hill comes to River City, Iowa, and falls for Marian the librarian in what Broadway favorite?

The town of River City gets swindled by Professor Harold Hill, who sells parents musical instruments and uniforms while promising to help their children form a band in "The Music Man." It takes the town librarian to help Hill see the error of his ways and free River City residents from the scheme.


Elphaba Thropp isn't evil -- she is just misunderstood -- according to the plot of which smash musical?

You probably know her as the Wicked Witch of the West, but her real name is Elphaba and she didn't start out evil. In fact, fans familiar with "The Wizard of Oz" will get Elphaba's sad story in "Wicked," including the real truth behind her relationship with Good Witch Glinda.


All Tracy Turnblad wants to do is dance on TV and bring racial harmony to the city of Baltimore in which musical?

Tracy Turnblad has a simple mission -- to dance on the Corny Collins show and overthrow the racist attitudes of '60s Baltimore. Unfortunately, her mother Edna and local segregation fans keep holding her back in the musical "Hairspray."


Which musical features the unforgettable Mimi Marquez as an HIV-positive dancer?

In "Rent," audiences get to see Mimi struggle to pay the bills as a dancer, while battling a tough drug addiction on New York's Lower East Side.


Leo Bloom is an anxious accountant who carries a security blanket in which musical favorite?

In "The Producers," Leo and partner Max scheme to make money by selling interest in the worst stage show ever written. In the 2001 Broadway revival, Matthew Broderick took on the role of the nervous Leo, who kept the books with the help of his blue childhood blankie.


In which famous musical does a soldier named Chris Scott fall for a woman named Kim, as the Vietnam War rages?

Kim dances at a bar in southeast Asia when she is introduced to G.I. Chris Scott. The pair fall in love as the Vietnam War threatens to rip them apart in "Miss Saigon."


Forget the kids -- the most memorable character from which musical might just be the alcoholic Ms. Hannigan?

Annie and the other girls at the orphanage are subject to the whims of the terrible Ms.Hannigan, who relies on alcohol and her own desire for riches to get through each day in "Annie."


Which musical tells the story of the Jellicles, including glamour girl Grizabella?

In "Cats," Grizabella is a member of the Jellicles. She is a former star, looking for love and acceptance, best known for her rendition of the song "Memory."


Which musical stars a pair of murderesses named Roxie and Velma?

In "Chicago," Roxie Hart and Velma Kelly are vaudeville stars who are both on trial for murder. Their shared lawyer, Billy Flynn, knows how to play the game and tries to transform the pair into celebrities to get the public on their side.


Which musical features a cub named Simba who battles to become King of the Pride Lands?

Inspired by the 1994 Disney movie, "The Lion King" musical tells the story of a lion cub named Simba who must defeat his Uncle Scar before he can take his rightful place as king.


Which musical features Christine Daae as a beloved singer?

In "Phantom of the Opera," Christine Daae is a celebrated singer who receives some training from a mysterious figure who lives beneath the opera house.


Eponine is the oldest of the Thenardier children and pines for Marius as she wanders the streets of France in which musical?

Poor Eponine. She loves neighbor Marius but will never win his heart, because he loves Cosette, leaving Eponine to sing her iconic song, "On My Own," in "Les Miserables."


Sophie dreams of the perfect wedding, but first she has to find out who her father is so he can walk her down the aisle in which musical?

Sophie is ready to throw her dream wedding on a gorgeous Greek island, but first she needs to find out who her father is. "Mamma Mia" tells the story of Sophie's quest to discover whether her former singing star mom, of Donna and the Dynamos, conceived her daughter with Sam, Bill or Harry.


It's Jets vs. Sharks as Tony falls for Maria and everyone tries to keep them apart in which classic musical?

In "West Side Story," Tony is a former member of the Jets gang who falls for Maria -- a woman whose brother is leader of a rival gang called the Sharks. Fortunately, true love wins out over gang warfare in the end.


Which musical tells the story of a young pinball wizard who becomes deaf, dumb and blind after witnessing a murder?

Based on a classic album by The Who, "Tommy" tells the tale of a young boy who becomes a pinball champ despite losing his voice, sight and hearing after watching his father commit cold-blooded murder. Fortunately, his love of pinball helps him overcome his catatonic state and find his voice once again.


Sally Bowles is a dancer at the Kit Kat Club in Germany in what swingin' musical?

American writer Cliff Bradshaw falls for dancer Sally Bowles in Berlin, as WWII starts to heat up, in the musical "Cabaret." Liza Minnelli is famous for portraying Sally.


Which musical features the insane antics of Dr. Frank-N-Furter?

Brad and Janet are an innocent couple out for a drive when their car breaks down on a stormy night in "Rocky Horror Picture Show." They take refuge in the home of the crazy Dr. Frank-N-Furter, a mad scientist/transvestite with a whole crew of strange acquaintances.


Which musical is set at Mushnik's Skid Row Florist and stars a creature named Audrey II?

Seymour is a simple flower salesman at Mushnik's when he falls for his co-worker, Audrey. To celebrate his love, he names a terrifying, man-eating plant after her in "Little Shop of Horrors."


Nellie Lovett bakes pies from the flesh of her lover's victims in which creepy musical?

After he is unjustly sent to prison for murder, a barber named Sweeney Todd is hell-bent on revenge in the musical of the same name. He not only goes after the judge, but also kills his customers, leaving Nellie to cook his victims into pies to get rid of the evidence.


Rose is the ultimate stage mom as she tries to force her daughters to succeed in showbiz in what Broadway favorite?

"Gypsy" tells the story of a woman named Rose, who will do anything to help her daughters June and Louise make it in the biz -- whether they're talented or not.


Cornelius Hackl is a salesman at a feed store until he gets tied up in the crazy matchmaking schemes of a meddling widow in what musical?

Cornelius Hackl is an enthusiastic young salesman when he ends up ensnared in the schemes of Ms. Dolly Gallagher Levi -- a widow intent on meddling in other people's loves and lives in "Hello, Dolly!"


Peggy Sawyer is a simple girl from Allentown, Pennsylvania, who gets caught up in the drama of Broadway in which musical?

Peggy Sawyer steps off the bus from Allentown and onto the mean streets of NYC with a dream of making it in show biz in "42nd Street." She finally lands a part in a show, but gets fired on opening night before she finally ends up starring in the lead role of a Broadway show.


Which musical features a poor milkman named Tevye, who is proud papa to five daughters?

In the musical "Fiddler on the Roof," Tevye is a proud Jewish father who must put up with five daughters who continually test him, as well as a sharp-tongued wife named Golde.


Curly McLain pines for farm girl Laurey in what down-home musical?

In "Oklahoma!" cute country girl Laurey Williams has her pick of the guys, but it's boy-next-door Curly McLain who finally catches her eye and wins her heart.


Which musical tells the story of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons?

Learn the story behind the rise and fall of '60s group The Four Seasons in "Jersey Boys," a musical that takes its name from the fact that the four members of the band hailed from New Jersey.


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