Quiz: Can You Match the Chevy to the Decade?
Can You Match the Chevy to the Decade?
By: Robin Tyler
Image: Sicnag via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Chevrolet has a rich history and tradition in American motoring: as one of America's big three, it plays an essential part in motoring but not only in the United States but around the globe as well. 

It took the vision of William C. Durant, one of the early pioneers in the fledgling motoring industry in America, to form the brand together with a Swiss racing diver, Louis Chevrolet, after whom the company was named. And the rest, as they say, is history as Chevrolet just went from strength to strength as it rivaled Ford as the most significant American motoring brand.

Chevrolet quickly became a global phenomenon, selling vehicles not only in Europe but around the world as more and more markets opened for the brand.

And it's not hard to see why Chevrolet quickly became one of the top car manufacturers in the world. The sheer range of models over the years is just staggering. And the classics continue to this day. Think of the Corvette and the Camaro. Not only were they top sellers when introduced all those years ago, but they also remain so today.

So in this quiz we doing things a little differently. You don't only have to identify a Chevrolet from an image; you have to recognize the decade it first originated.

That makes things a little tougher!

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This Chevrolet muscle car was first released in what decade?
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A rare Chevrolet failure, this was their first V8. When was it first marketed?
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This Chevy truck, also sold under the GMC brand, first appeared in what decade?
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Which decade was this Chevrolet model, marketed in over 100 countries, introduced?
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This Chevy van was first seen during the ________.
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Considered one of the first modern pickups, when did this truck first roll off the Chevrolet production line?
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This sub-compact model from Chevrolet first saw the light of day in what decade?
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This vehicle was a competitor for the Model T that sadly was a failure. In which decade was it introduced by Chevrolet?
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Now a very popular Chevrolet sedan, do you know when this vehicle was first marketed by Chevrolet?
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When did Chevrolet introduce this pickup?
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Any ideas as to which decade Chevrolet first marketed the vehicle in this image?
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The Chevrolet model shown in this picture is from what decade?
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When do you think the minivan pictured here was first marketed by Chevrolet?
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This full-sized pickup formed part of the Chevrolet fleet from the _______.
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This two-door coupe was first made available by Chevrolet in what decade?
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This car, from the compact segment was only released over a period of five years. But in what decade?
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Can you tell us the decade that Chevrolet first marketed this crossover SUV?
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The medium-duty truck featured in this image first became a Chevrolet model when?
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When was this vehicle, part of Chevrolet's global fleet, first marketed?
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With a body designed with the help of a wind-tunnel, when did the truck in the image join the Chevy line-up?
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This vehicle was introduced by Chevrolet in what decade and helped break Ford's dominance in the American auto market?
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It was either loved or loathed but when was this covertible pickup marketed by Chevy?
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Here we have full-sized SUV which first rolled off the Chevrolet production line in what decade?
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Available as a station wagon, hatchback, and in other configurations, when was this Chevy model first released?
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This Chevy minivan was marketed around the world under a host of General Motor's brand names. In which decade was it first released?
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Chevrolet's green offering, do you know when this plug-in hybrid was first marketed?
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What a beauty! Tell us when it first roared in anger!
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A big off-roader from Chevrolet, this vehicle entered production in the ________?
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A muscle car in every sense of the word, when did Chevrolet first release this behemoth?
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This 4x4 Crew Cab offering entered the Chevrolet family in what decade?
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This Chevrolet classic was available in a number of body styles. When was it first seen on American roads?
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Chevrolet's answer to the early Ford F-150s, do you know when this vehicle turned its first wheel?
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What a beauty! This Chevrolet muscle car has pedigree. When was this version released?
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Somewhat of a controversial Chevy design, when was this car first seen?
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This pickup became a Chevrolet model in the _______.
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Any idea which decade this Chevy sedan was first seen?
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This Chevy model even took part in NASCAR. When was it introduced?
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A Chevy station wagon, when was this model first offered by the company?
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