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Princeton, Harvard and Vanderbilt rank among the greatest institutions of higher learning in the U.S., but do you know where these storied schools are located? Take our quiz to see if you can match the college to the state!

Which state is home to Princeton University?

Princeton University is a private Ivy League school located near Newark, New Jersey. Founded in 1746, it's one of the oldest and most selective colleges in the U.S.


What state is home to Harvard University?

Harvard University is located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, just outside Boston. The private Ivy League school was established in 1636, and has an acceptance rate of only around 5 percent.


Where is the University of Chicago located?

The University of Chicago is located in Chicago, Illinois. The private research institution was founded in 1856, and its sports teams are nicknamed The Maroons.


Where can you visit Yale University?

Yale is located in New Haven, Connecticut. The private Ivy League school was founded in 1701 as the Collegiate School, and got its current name in 1887.


Where can you find Columbia University?

Columbia University is the oldest college in the state of New York. The private Ivy League school, which is located in upper Manhattan, was founded in 1754 as King's College.


Which state is home to Stanford University?

Stanford University is located just outside San Jose, California. It was established in 1891 by railroad tycoon Leland Stanford, who also served as both governor of California and a U.S. senator.


Where is Duke University located?

Duke University is located in the town of Durham, North Carolina, which is located northwest of Raleigh. It was founded in 1838, and went by several other names -- including Brown School, Union Institute and Normal College -- before getting its current moniker.


Which state is home to Dartmouth College?

Dartmouth is a private Ivy League college located in Hanover, New Hampshire. Founded in 1769 to educate Native Americans, the school sports teams are known as Big Green.


Where can you find Johns Hopkins University?

In 1876, philanthropist Johns Hopkins left $7 million for a college and hospital to be built in Baltimore, MD. The result was Johns Hopkins University and Johns Hopkins Hospital.


Where is Northwestern University located?

Northwestern University is located in Evanston, Illinois, roughly 12 miles north of Chicago. It was founded in 1851 by John Evans, who the local town was named after.


Where is Tufts University located?

Tufts University is located in Medford, Massachusetts. Founded in 1852 by the Universalist Church, it was home to P.T. Barnum's famous Jumbo the Elephant until a fire in 1975 destroyed the beloved stuffed creature.


Where can you find Wake Forest University?

Wake Forest is located in Winston-Salem, NC. It was founded in 1834 in the town of Wake Forest, but moved to its current location in 1956.


Where is Carnegie Mellon University located?

Carnegie Mellon University is situated in Pittsburgh in western Pennsylvania. It was founded in 1900 by Andrew Carnegie to educate the children of his factory and mill workers.


Where can you visit Emory University?

Emory is located in Atlanta, Georgia. The land grant used to fund the Atlanta campus was provided by Asa Griggs Candler, who founded Coca-Cola.


Where is Georgetown University located?

Georgetown University is located in Washington, D.C., overlooking the Potomac River. The Catholic university was founded in 1789, and is known today for graduating many future leaders in government and politics.


Where is the University of Notre Dame?

Notre Dame can be found in South Bend, Indiana. The private Catholic university was founded in 1842, and is known for its Fighting Irish football team.


Where is Vanderbilt University located?

Vanderbilt is situated in Nashville, Tennessee. It was founded in 1873 thanks to funding provided by Cornelius Vanderbilt. While Vanderbilt was a New Yorker, he hoped funding a southern school would help reunite the country after the Civil War.


Where is Rice University located?

Rice University can be found in Houston, Texas. Named for beneficiary William Marsh Rice -- who was killed by his own employees for his money -- the school was founded in 1912.


Where is Cornell University located?

Cornell is located in Ithaca, New York. Founded in April 1865 by a pair of U.S. senators, the school also has several satellite campuses, including one in Qatar.


Which state is home to Brown University?

Brown University is located in Providence, Rhode Island. Founded in 1764, the school offered the first engineering program among the Ivies starting in 1847.


Where can you find the College of William and Mary?

The College of William and Mary is located in Williamsburg, Virginia. Founded in 1693, it is the second oldest college in the country, after Harvard University.


Where is Brandeis University located?

Bradeis is located just west of Boston in Waltham, Massachusetts. Founded in 1948, it is named for Louis Brandeis, the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice.


Where is Case Western located?

Case Western Reserve University is located in Cleveland, Ohio. It was established in 1967 when Western Reserve University and Case Institute of Technology united.


Which state is home to Northeastern University?

Northeastern is located in Boston, Massachusetts. Founded in 1898, the earliest classes were held at the Huntington Avenue YMCA.


Where can you visit Tulane University?

Tulane is located down south in New Orleans, Louisiana. It was founded in 1834 as a medical school, then became the University of Louisiana in 1847. It got its current name after the Civil War.


Which state is home to Lehigh University?

Lehigh is located in Bethlehem, PA. It was founded by philanthropist Asa Packer, who named the school after the Lehigh Valley Railroad Company.


Which state is home to Pepperdine University?

Pepperdine overlooks the Pacific Ocean in Malibu, California. It was founded by auto supply magnate George Pepperdine in 1937, and originally located in south central Los Angeles.


Where can you visit Villanova University?

Villanova is located in Philadelphia, PA. Founded in 1842, it closed in 1845 as riots brought disorder and chaos to the city, then reopened to graduate its first class in 1847.


Where is Purdue University located?

Purdue is situated in West Lafayette, Indiana. It's named for businessman and philanthropist John Purdue, and was founded in 1869.


Which state is home to Brigham Young University?

Brigham Young is located in Provo, Utah. Founded by the LDS in 1875, 99 percent of the student body belongs to the Mormon Church.


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