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Who doesn't love sports?

We all have our favorites, don't we? And there is nothing quite like wearing your team's colors, going to a tailgate party before the game and then going to watch them (hopefully) crush the opposition while we shout them on in the stands!

But did you know that there are over 8,000 different sports types according to the World Sports Encyclopedia of 2003? 8000! Wow, that really is a lot of sport. And we probably can only think of around 20 to 30 if we are pushed to do so; otherwise, it's the usual suspects.

So how much do you know about sports phrases? 

And don't worry, we haven't gone to look for some obscure sport to throw you. In this quiz, we will give you a phrase used in sports from around the world.

You then tell us the sport it is associated with. That should be easy, shouldn't it?

You will have four options to base your answer on and if you really don't know, simply make use of our clues! They will put you on the right part.

In this quiz, we have covered a range of sports including favorites like soccer, NFL, baseball and others!

So what are you waiting for?

Let's hope for a game, set and match!


In which sport would you 'dink' the ball?

A dink is a very soft shot, usually played with the intention of just getting the ball over the net, making it difficult for your opponent standing back on the baseline to reach.


Name the sport where 'carom' is a term often used?

In billiards, a carom is when the cue ball is struck by the player and then hits two other balls.


A 'wide' is an illegal delivery in which sport?

In cricket, if a bowler has bowled a delivery too far away from the batsman that he cannot hit it, it will be called a wide.


When a kicker scores a 'conversion,' which sport are they playing?

A conversion is two points that are scored after a try in rugby. Because a try has been scored, the team's kicker gets an attempt to kick the ball through the posts. His attempt must be in line with where the try was scored.


Doing a 'grind' would have you taking part in which sport?

When a skater grinds, he slides the skateboard along a surface, for instance a railing or sidewalk edge.


Any idea what sport you would be playing in which the term 'gimmie' is used?

If you have hit the ball very close to the hole in golf, taking a 'gimmie' means that you automatically count the ball in the hole without having to take the next shot. You still do count the shot, however.


A 'maul' sounds pretty dangerous. And you have to be tough to play the sport it comes from. What is it?

A maul in rugby is an action that sees players from both sides trying to win the ball. One side will have the ball and try to push forward with the defending side trying to take it off them and stopping them from making an advance. It is a great attacking platform off a lineout.


In this sport, you would be extremely happy with a 'turkey.' Name the sport, please.

A 'turkey' in bowling means a player has thrown three strikes in a row.


If you 'trapped' a ball, which sport would you be playing?

A soccer traps the ball when it is passed to him in the air, as it drops, he brings his foot down on top of it near the ground to control it.


A 'tip-off' is associated with which sport?

Each basketball game is started with a tip-off that sees players compete a ball thrown by the referee as they attempt to secure possession for their team.


A 'no ball' is an illegal delivery in which sport?

A 'no-ball' is an illegal delivery in cricket. The bowler oversteps the popping crease. This adds one run to the opposition total, and if it results in a wicket, the batsman won't be out.


Which water sport is 'slash' a term in?

A 'slash' is a tight turn that surfers perform.


If you were 'schussing,' which winter sport would you be partaking in?

Schussing is going downhill very fast in skiing, basically in a straight line.


A 'try' is a method of scoring in which sport?

A try is the highest points a team can score in rugby. It involves a player crossing the try line of the opposition.


You have been awarded a 'penalty.' Which of these sports are you playing?

In soccer, a penalty is awarded when a player is fouled in the 18-yard box of the opposition. It means the team awarded the penalty have chance to score a goal by taking a penalty kick from the penalty spot.


You team-mate congratulate you on the 'century' you just completed and in two hours, no less. What sport is associated with this term?

A century is when a batsman scores 100 runs in cricket. It is a brilliant achievement.


In _______ a 'knock-out' is always spectacular.

A knock-out in boxing sees the boxer hit his opponent, sending him to the canvas and securing the win.


A 'kata' is from which sport?

A kata in karate is a type of training exercise. It can be for groups and individual with each kata having their own specific moves.


In which of these sports would you get a 'free-kick'?

A free-kick is award to a team in soccer that has had one of their players fouled by the opposition.


What sport is a 'paddle' associated with?

A paddle is used to propel the kayak forward as well as steer.


If you managed a 'dot ball,' which sport would you be playing?

A dot ball in cricket is one where no runs have been scored by the batsman. In other words he hits it straight to a fielder.


The 'end zone' is found in which sport?

A touchdown is scored in the end zone which is the area each team defends in American football.


______ uses a 'puck'.

This disk, made of hard rubber, is used in ice-hockey. The object is to get the puck in the opposition net to score a goal.


'Six' runs is the most a player can score with a single shot in ________

A six in cricket is when the batsman smashes the ball over the boundary of the field.


If you 'bunted,' you are participating in which of the sports below?

Instead of swinging at the ball, a batter in baseball can choose to tap it away into a space on the field so as to get himself to first base. This is called a bunt.


Sixteen players will contest a 'scrum.' What sport will they be playing?

If a player drops a ball in rugby and it travels forward, it is a knock-on. The game is then restarted by a scrum that sees the 16 forwards (8 on each side) push against each other to try and win the ball which is inserted in the middle of the scrum.


In what sport does 'backchecking' take place?

Backchecking is when players in an ice hockey team race back to their defensive zone to protect the goal from the opposition who have the puck and are on attack.


What a 'homer!' Name the popular sport associated with this term.

A homer or home run is when a batter in baseball smashes the ball outside the field of play, runs all four bases and scores a run for his team.


'Quater-back' is the most important position on the field in what popular sport?

Essentially the midfield general, the quarter-back runs the offensive plays in American Football. He has the ability to throw long passes, picking out wide receivers for touchdowns.


Players sit in 'the pen' in which sport?

A baseball team will sit in the pen while the game is ongoing. Please leave the pen to bat or field when it is their chance.


A 'Hail Mary' is thrown in which ball sport?

A Hail Mary pass is thrown by a quarter-back in the hope of finding a receiver. It is a very long pass and only used in desperation, for example with 5 seconds left on the clock.


Ooh! What a 'body check'. What sport are you watching?

A body check is when a player blocks their opponent using their body. It is an attempt for them to lose control of the puck.


In which sport does six balls constitute an 'over?'

An over is a term from cricket. A bowler bowls six balls at which point the play changes to the other side of the wicket with another bowler bowling an over.


What sport uses a 'big box' or '18-yard' area?

The 18-yard are is the area of the field in front of the goal. If the defending side foul a player here, the attacking side get a penalty.


A 'balk' is an illegal move in __________

If a pitcher pretends to pitch and doesn't that is known as balking.


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