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Could you live without your iPhone? If you went to your favorite fast food chain, would you order a Big Mac? If you're driving down the street, you might be in a Corolla or a 3 Series. These are some of the most popular products around the world. From Nike to Sony to Microsoft, can you match the company to its famous product?

When you think about some of the world's biggest companies, they were often able to reach their level of success through a singular product. Ranging from books and technology to food and clothing, these products have changed the way consumers shop. 

Companies like Canon and Nikon lead the market in photography and video equipment while Pepsi and Coke are two leaders of the soda industry. It's hard to imagine phones without Apple and Samsung while the Japanese Toyota and German BMW are always staples on the street. While these companies are huge, they are often recognized for a singular product. Could you identify the company when given its famous product? 

If you prefer PlayStation to Xbox, could you name the company behind it? For all the fast food lovers out there, who is the maker of the Big Mac? What about the Whopper? The lovers of magic might love Harry Potter, but could you name the company behind this best-selling book series? For those who can, this is the quiz for you! Kick off those Air Jordans and put down those iPhones. Let's get started!

No. 5 perfume

French entrepreneur and fashionista Coco Chanel created Chanel No. 5 in the early 20th century, and it became the world's best-known perfume. She made millions peddling her fragrance, which is still a hot seller.


Budweiser beer

For more than 140 years, Budweiser has been a popular pale lager throughout the world. It's one of the most valuable product brands in the world, and it's owned by Anheuser-Busch InBev.



The Frappuccnio is a trademarked brand from Starbucks, purveyor of all things caffeinated. Frappuccinos are a coffee drink laced with various other flavors, from banana to strawberry.


Word and Excel

Do you type or crunch spreadsheets? Then you've probably loaded Microsoft Word and Excel, two of the most-used software applications ever.



For decades, HP has been churning out printers. The Laserjet line of laser printers is still one of HP's best-selling products, available in both color and monochrome versions.



Gillette is famous for its line of men's razors. For more than a century, Gillette has sold and resold it's brand and image as indispensable to modern hygiene.


Pampers diapers

Pampers diapers are one of the best-selling disposable diapers in the world. Procter & Gamble leverages the famous name on all sorts of other baby- and toddler-related products, too.


Air Jordan

When Nike partnered with NBA superstar Michael Jordan, it created the Air Jordan line of basketball shoes. Since 1984, they've been one of the most popular (and expensive) shoes around.


Frosted Flakes

By using an enthusiastic cartoon tiger named Tony (and not a little sugar), Kellogg's has sold oodles of Frosted Flakes, a long-time favorite of breakfast cereal lovers.


Cold Cut Combo

Subway took the deli sandwich to new heights in recent years. One reason? Its Cold Cut Combo, which features bologna, ham and salami, along with whatever toppings you'd like your "sandwich artist" to add.


Honey Nut Cheerios

Honey Nut Cheerios has been around since 1979. One of the reasons it became General Mills' best-selling cereal? Because of the bee mascot, which was a huge hit with kids.



The rear-engine Volkswagen Beetle is one of the most popular cars in human history. And do you know who first came up with the concept for the car? Adolf Hitler, that's who. He wanted an affordable family car that would revolutionize German society, and in that task, he succeeded.


EOS Series cameras

Canon began selling EOS cameras back in 1987, and the lineup has made Canon of the most powerful brands in the world. EOS isn't just a random word -- in Greek mythology, it's the name of a goddess of the dawn.



Nobody does compact cars quite like Honda. And even Honda can't top its own Civic, an always-popular model. Since it was first introduced in 1972, the company has sold more than 16 million of these reliable vehicles.


Big Mac

The Big Mac is the most iconic hamburger in American history, and it's sold, of course, by McDonald's. It hit a single test market in 1967 and then went nationwide in 1968, and it's never looked back.


Macaroni & Cheese

Sure, a lot of companies make mac and cheese. But only one company -- Kraft -- makes "the" mac & cheese. It's one of the most famous foods in American history.



Sure, this one is a gimme. But it's worth mentioning because Coke is one of the most-consumed products in the world. Each day, humans drink about 1.9 billion servings of Coke.



Adobe Photoshop has been around for nearly three decades. It's one of the most-used image manipulation programs in the history of computers.



Lipitor is a crazy-popular drug made by Pfizer. Used to combat high cholesterol, it's the best-selling drug of all time, with annual sales in the billions of dollars.


Galaxy S8

Samsung is famous for countless electronics, including its popular line of Galaxy smartphones. The first was introduced in 2009, and the most recent incarnation is the Galaxy S8.



The Toyota Corolla is a compact car that's won rave reviews for its reliability and fuel-efficiency. Toyota's sold more than 40 million of these little cars since 1966.



The Sony PlayStation is an incredibly popular line of gaming consoles. Introduced in 1994, it's now on its fourth iteration.



Mercedes-Benz is renowned for its luxury automobiles, including the C-Class. Compared to the company's other models, the C-Class is relatively affordable, with new models starting at around $40,000.



Apple Computers is the maker of all things "i," from the iPhone to the iPad. In just a single business quarter of 2016, the company's revenues were a staggering $46 billion, making it one of the world's most profitable entities.


3 Series car

If you love cars, you probably want to own a BMW at some point in your life. But if you can't actually afford a BMW, you might buy a BMW 3, the company's entry-level model, which can be had for under $40,000.


Speedy Bag

First introduced in 1930, the Louis Vuitton Speedy Bag was originally called the "Express." It's one of the most iconic handbags in history, and it's not cheap -- you can spend hundreds of dollars on one. The upside? They're virtually indestructible


Road Glide motorcycle

Harley-Davidson is one of the most-recognizable brands in the world. It sells a lot of motorcycles, but the big Road Glide has a powerful engine and smooth ride that make it especially popular.


"Star Wars"

Walt Disney opted to buy the "Star Wars" franchise in 2012. To date, "Star Wars" is one of the most profitable series ever. It's grossed nearly $4 billion.


Americone Dream

Ben & Jerry's first unveiled its Americone Dream ice cream flavor in 2007. It was inspired by comedian and late-night talk show host Stephen Colbert, and it features vanilla ice cream laced with caramel, fudge and waffle cone bits.


"Harry Potter"

Scholastic struck gold with the "Harry Potter" concept. Now two decades old, the publisher has sold more than 400 million of the magical books.


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