Quiz: Can You Match the Facts to the Kardashian?
Can You Match the Facts to the Kardashian?
By: Kennita Leon
Image: Eva Rinaldi via Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

The Kardashians are known the world over, not because of their love lives, but also because of how fabulous they are. While many people despise them, others adore them, and that includes their friends and family. They appear regularly on the television show, "Keeping Up With The Kardashians," on the Kardashian apps, and on social media, so we want to know how much you've been paying attention.

We're going to show you some pictures of the Kardashian clan's closest friends and family members. We'll even give you a clue as to what role these people play in the Kardashians' lives. It will be your duty to guess the name of that friend based on the picture and the hint that we've given. If you're up to the task, then keep reading. 

We know that Scott Disick and Kourtney had three kids and that Tristan Thompson recently had a baby with Khloe. But could you identify Tokyostylez, Olivier Rousteing, Jen Atkins and Jordyn Woods if we showed you pictures of them? They're makeup artists, stylists, best friend and even boyfriends of the Kardashians. So do you think you can tell us who is who based on a single picture? Let's get started so we can find out!

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Which friend of the Kardashians is married to John Legend?
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Which of these men fathered Kourtney's children?
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What's the name of this twin, who is one of Khloe's best friends?
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What's Kris Jenner's ex-husband's new name?
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What's the name of Khloe's other twin bestie?
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This is Kylie's best friend. What's her name?
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This jewelry designer is Kris' friend. What's her name?
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What's this Kardashian make-up guru's name?
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What's the name of this man, with whom Kim has been collaborating for years?
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Kim and Kanye are great friends with Chrissy and her husband. What's his name?
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Kim worked for this heiress. What's her name?
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With whom did Rob have his first daughter?
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What's the name of the Kardashian hairstylist?
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Who is this girl, who happens to be Kylie's friend?
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This model is Kendall's friend. What's her name?
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What's Kylie's hairstylist's name?
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This Balmain designer is Kim's good friend. Who is he?
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This is Kendall and Kylie's brother. What's his name?
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What's Kylie's makeup artist's name?
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What Kylie's friend's name?
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This guy is the Jenner sisters' friend and Will Smith's son. His name is ...
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This woman models alongside Kendall. What's her name?
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This reality star is Kendall and Kylie's half brother. What's his name?
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This is Kylie's friend. What's her name?
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This girl was pregnant around the same time as Kylie. What's her name?
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Kim is really close to Vogue's editor-in-chief. What's her name?
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What's Kylie's personal assistant's name?
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This singer is really close to Kylie. What's her name?
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She also models with Kendall. What's her name?
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This woman is famous for her eyebrow products. She is ...
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He's Kylie's daughter's father. What's his name?
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She is Kim's friend and is married to a famous basketball player. Who is she?
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He's Khloe's baby's father. Who is he?
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This woman went to elementary school with Kim. Who is she?
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This man is Kim's so-called bestie. What's his name?
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