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Pray that you'll be guided correctly toward the right path in answering this screenshot quiz. Can you tell which pastor is featured in the photo, and which church or affiliation each one is connected to? 

Religion has always been a huge thing in civilization. Ever since human society started developing, faith-based systems also started developing. There are different kinds of systems based on what kind of supreme being each faith is honoring. There are even faiths where they honor many kinds of deities or supreme beings. 

These days, organized religion is a huge thing, worldwide. While different world cultures still have varied gods and deities for worshipping, the fact that humans need to recognize a supreme being still remains. And in today's super-busy and super-harried societies, even organized faiths and religions have adapted to the changing times. Thus, we now see megachurches and different kinds of pastoral services delivered not only within the altar or pulpit, but also in television broadcasts and even in traveling engagements.

So, we'll try to drop the names of some famous churches, congregations and organizations, and you tell us the pastors or religious leaders affiliated with them, OK? May the divine guide you in this journey.

Who is this pastor of Lakewood Church?

Joel Osteen heads Lakewood Church in Texas. He's also a New York Times best selling author.

He served as the founding pastor of Thomas Road Baptist Church. What's his name?

Jerry Falwell passed away in 2007. He was the one who founded the megachurch called Thomas Road Baptist Church in Virginia.

Who is this co-founder of the Mars Hill Church, who was also asked to step down from it?

Marc Driscoll was the recognized co-founder of the Mars Hill Church based in Seattle, Washington. Since stepping down from his post there as pastor, he founded the Trinity Church now based in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Who's this Saddleback megachurch pastor?

Rick Warren is the pastor of the 8th biggest church in America, called Saddleback Church. It's a megachurch.

He's the pastor of Stonebriar Community Church in Texas. Who is he?

Charles Swindoll, also known as Chuck, is connected to the Stonebriar Community Church. He also started Insight for Living, also based in Frisco, Texas like his church.

He was the pastor of Dexter Avenue Baptist Church in Montgomery, Alabama. Who is he?

Civil Rights Movement figure Martin Luther King, Jr. was a pastor at the Dexter Avenue Baptist Church. This has now been renamed to honor him, now called Dexter Avenue King Memorial Baptist Church.

Who is this leader of the New Destiny Christian Center?

Paula White is also part of US President Donald Trump's evangelical advisory board. She's like his spiritual advisor.

He's identified with Cornerstone Church. What's his name?

The Cornerstone megachurch in San Antonio, Texas, is run by founder and pastor John Hagee. He also has a media company named Global Evangelism Television.

He's the pastor of World Changers Church International. What's his name?

Creflo Dollar got into some controversy a few years back when he asked his World Changers Church International followers to donate money so he could buy a jet. Hm, what would jesus say and do about this?

The megachurch called North Point Community Church has him as their pastor. What's his name?

Andy Stanley is the senior pastor of North Point Community Church. That's in Georgia.

What's the name of this controversially disruptive pastor of Westboro Baptist Church?

Even though he's dead, Fred Phelps' Westboro Baptist Church continues to preach anti-gay hatred. In fact, they still have their hate-filled church website which we won't name here.

What's the name of this First Baptist Church pastor?

Charles Stanley is the father of Andy Stanley. His First Baptist Church is also in Georgia.

He's affiliated with The Potter's House. Who is he?

T.D. Jakes is also a media-savvy pastor. He's based in Dallas, Texas where his The Potter's House Church is.

He is regarded as the main personality behind the Church of Scientology. What's his name?

L. Ron Hubbard is recognized as the founder of the Church of Scientology. It's a controversial church, then and now.

The Second Baptist Church of Houston has him as their pastor. What's his name?

Ed Young is one of those pastors against giving LGBT protection. He once urged his church members to vote against a Houston bill that has anti-discriminatory practices.

What's the name of this influential Willow Creek Community Church pastor?

Bill Hybels is a respected preacher in his circles. His church is in South Barrington, Illinois.

He established the Moody Church. Who's he?

Dwight L. Moody was a 19th century evangelist. Moody Church is located in Chicago.

The megachurch called Fellowship Church has him as their pastor. Who's he?

Ed Young, Jr. is Edwin Young's son. Preaching runs in their family.

He is identified with the Times Square Church. What's his name?

David Wilkerson established the Times Square Church in New York City. He is the author of a popular book called The Cross and the Switchblade.

Life.Church identifies him as a main pastor. Who is he?

Craig Groeschel founded Life.Church. It's now considered as one of the largest churches in the USA.

Church of God in Christ identifies him as their head. What's his name?

Charles Blake Sr. is actually a bishop. His archdiocese is located in Los Angeles, California.

When you say Branch Davidian, you can only think of one leader connected to them. Who was this notorious leader?

The infamous siege at Waco, Texas had David Koresh forcing Branch Davidian members to stay with him there until the end. He considered himself a kind of prophet, which some followers believed.

He's identified with the New Life Church. What's his name?

Ted Haggard founded the New Life Church, but had to step down as its pastor when a scandal erupted about him in 2006. Allegations of gay sex with male prostitutes and drug use were just two details of that scandal, which he later said he already overcame.

He founded the Life Without Limbs organization. What's his name?

Nick Vujicic tours the world as a motivational speaker. He is Serbian-Australian.

Who's this Woodlands Church pastor?

Woodlands Church in Texas is one of the top 10 biggest megachurches in the USA today. And it's all thanks to the work of its pastor, Kerry Shook.

The unique Inclusive Orthodoxy identifies him as the pastor. What's his name?

Reverend Justin R. Cannon embraces the LGBTQ community with his very affirmative ministry called Inclusive Orthodoxy. The progressive ministry has been praised in various progressive sectors, as well as the LGBTQ community in the US.

Who's this Calvary Chapel megachurch founding pastor?

Fort Lauderdale's fastest-growing megachurch called Calvary Chapel was founded by Robert Coy. However, he had to step down in 2014 due to some controversy about having affairs.

We know him more from his influential Christian TV show called The 700 Club. What's his name?

Pat Robertson has got to be the most high-profile conservative Christian figure to come out of last century. He's still at it this century, especially when he airs his views on The 700 Club TV show, syndicated worldwide.

This controversial pastor was once associated with the Assemblies of God USA. Who is he?

The 1980s was rocked by news of pastors doing illegal activities. Jim Bakker, together with Tammy Faye Bakker, became infamous during that time for various allegations and crimes.

This activist minister was once affiliated with the Nation of Islam. What's his name?

Malcolm X was an influential human rights minister, much like MLK. And like MLK, he was also assassinated.

Who is this former Bellevue Baptist Church pastor who was able to grow this church into a megachurch?

Adrian Rogers was able to grow Memphis' Bellevue Baptist Church membership during his reign there as pastor. He passed away in 2005, shortly after stepping down as pastor.

He's identified with the First Baptist Church of Dallas, Texas. Who's he?

Thanks to W.A. Criswell's pioneering efforts, the development of the megachurch concept happened during the late 1900s. He passed away in 2002.

The Peoples Temple gained international headlines due to the work of this controversial leader. Who is he?

Jim Jones was the minister of the Peoples Temple who was able to persuade hundreds of followers to commit mass suicide in their Guyana settlement. This eventually became known as the Jonestown Massacre.

He's identified with the Trinity United Church of Christ. Who is this pastor emeritus of theirs?

Jeremiah Wright retired from the Trinity United Church in Christ and is now their pastor emeritus. That church is located in Chicago.

This Word of God Fellowship pastor is a popular televangelist. What's his name?

Televangelist Marcus Lamb's media ministry has a huge TV following. He also used this platform back in 2010 to ask for forgiveness for an affair he had before.

Who is this beloved Bethany Baptist Church pastor emeritus in Brooklyn?

Dr. William A. Jones is considered as one of the best black preachers by Ebony Magazine. The multi-awarded pastor passed away in 2006.

Hillsong Church has him as one of their major pastors. Who is he?

Brian Houston is the global senior pastor of HIllsong Church in Australia. He was born in New Zealand, though.

This legendary pastor had his own Evangelistic Association. Who is he?

Billy Graham is considered as one of the most influential evangelical Christians during his lifetime, having been the spiritual adviser to a host of US presidents since the 1940s up to Obama's time. He also established the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association and preached worldwide.

She also has her own ministries named after her, based in Missouri. Who is this?

The Joyce Meyer Ministries was once investigated by the US Senate due to the lavish lifestyle that its head, Joyce Meyer, was supposedly living. This is in connection with the concept of "prosperity theology."

He was actually defrocked by his former affiliated church, the Assemblies of God. What's the name of this famous televangelist?

Who could forget the infamous "I have sinned" speech given by Jimmy Swaggart in front of his TV audience during the 1980s, complete with his crying and all? The televangelist was defrocked by the Assemblies of God as a result of multiple incidents of scandal that involved him and some prostitutes in various times.

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