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Eggs? First, they're good for you ... then bad for you ... then good for you. Potatoes? Bad, then good ... then bad again? Dairy? Good, then bad. But, some of it is good? And, don't get us started on avocado: It's good, but fatty, but fatty is ... OK? 

American consumers get a lot of mixed messages when it comes to popular finds in the grocery store these days. Have you ever heard the saying, "An apple a day keeps the doctor away?" Turns out, that's probably not really true, although it's a healthful eating habit. Still eating red meat a couple times a week? Some experts agree that it's part of a nutritious diet while others say, "Cut back." And, what's the deal with all of these new grains – quinoa, millet, farro, barley? We get it if you're confused.

Luckily, you have us here to help you sort through the confusion. Of course, we had to trim the list to just 35 foods with proven health benefits so you're on your own with the rest. But, hey, we're giving you a good start to your weekly shopping list. See how many of these superfoods you can pair to why they're beneficial for your diet ... and step away from the fast-food french fries! (Sorry.)

You've probably heard it referred to as nature's perfectly portable food, but this fruit also supports heart health. What is it?

Bananas come in their own perfectly-portable "container," the outer peel that protects the fleshy insides. In terms of health benefits, bananas are full of potassium and have been noted for helping decrease blood pressure and supporting heart health.


Healthy fats > carbs. This food, technically a fruit, is a favorite of those on keto. What food are we talking about?

People following the keto diet are big fans of the avocado, thanks to its higher fat content and low carb count. Eating avocado can help lower cholesterol and protect your eye health.


Because this protein is grass-fed, it tends to be higher in vitamins and minerals, aiding muscle growth and heart health. Which one is it?

Grass-fed animals such as lamb, from which this protein is derived, have much greater vitamin and mineral count (like omega-3s), making it a healthful diet choice. It has also been attached to claims of reduced cardiovascular disease, improved muscle growth and reduced inflammation.


Digestion issues? Which of these, also known as muskmelon, should you consider adding to your diet?

Whether you call them muskmelons, rock melons or cantaloupes, this antioxidant-rich fruit has been known to aid in disease prevention including cancer, as well as improving digestion and inflammation.


It may be hard to believe due to their size, but this food is one of the most nutrient-dense on the planet. They've also been noted for helping people lose weight. Which food are we talking about?

Teeny-tiny chia seeds! Can you believe it? These nutrient-dense seeds have a ton of fiber and other nutrients. Researchers have said that, as part of a healthful diet, they can also contribute to helping dieters lose weight.


Want shinier hair and clearer skin? Consider adding this fruit to your diet.

A fleshy fruit with a pit and seed inside, mangos have been shown to have numerous health benefits, not just limited to healthier hair and skin. They've also been related to reducing the risk of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.


What's up, Doc? A steady diet of this veggie may have helped keep Bugs Bunny from needing glasses. Which one of these are we referencing?

Cartoon character Bugs Bunny is frequently seen noshing on carrots and rightfully so. This root vegetable is packed with nutrients like beta carotene and lutein, and has been associated with eye health.


You can get your fluids and help the health of your bones with which of these?

Cucumbers are a pretty popular vegetable, made even more important with added health benefits. Made mostly of water, they can help keep you hydrated and are also good for your bones, heart and skin.


Unless you're a vampire, you'll love this food for its antibiotic properties and benefits to your immune system. What is it?

According to legend, vampires hate garlic, but with its numerous health benefits, they may want to reconsider. Sure, it's a bit stinky, but it has positive benefits for the body, acting as a type of antibiotic and immune booster.


Typically, "oily" is not a good thing, but this power-packed food is. Which one are we talking about?

Places you don't want oil: on your face. Places you do want oil: in your salmon. This oily fish is packed full of omega-3 fatty acids while still being lean and high in protein. These nutrients can help prevent heart disease, arthritis and some forms of cancer.


This rice replacement has gained popularity for its plant-based protein and its help in battling diabetes, high blood pressure, colon cancer and obesity. What is it?

Rice is out and quinoa is in ... at least for now. It's become a favorite replacement for its plant-based protein and high fiber, while aiding in reducing diseases like diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular concerns.


A tiny wonder, this food has been shown to improve glucose and insulin levels. Which one are we referencing?

Chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans, are a Mediterranean staple that has slowly spread in popularity to other places in the world. It is a favorite of the health-conscious for its ability to improve an individual's glucose and insulin levels.


Which of these has a laundry list of health benefits, from stronger bones and teeth to increased levels of vitamin D?

The long-lived slogan, "Milk: It does a body good," is more fact than fiction. The consumption of milk in a diet has been shown to help bolster the health of your teeth and bones, and contribute to increased levels of vitamin D in your system.


A condiment with purpose: This food product can work on the inner lining of your blood vessels. That's a good thing! What is it?

Here are those heart-healthy fats again! Extra virgin olive oil can have a positive impact on the inner lining of your blood vessels, but the goodness doesn't end there. Olive oil can also reduce the likelihood of cardiovascular diseases and high blood pressure and cholesterol.


Trying to conceive? You may want to add this starchy vegetable to your diet. Which one is good for fertility?

They may get a bad rap from some for their starchy properties, but sweet potatoes have been known to help promote fertility and to protect the body against foreign invaders. Of course, we don't know if piling it high with butter and cinnamon sugar helps or hurts. (We say "helps.")


The presence of lycopene is one of this fruit's (yes, fruit!) biggest benefits. Which of these helps battle cancer and heart disease?

You may think of the tomato as a vegetable, but it is technically classified as a fruit. Regardless, this food's lycopene stores are great for preventing chronic diseases like diabetes and heart disease.


You can get an energy boost from this omega-3 fueled food, which comes in forms like albacore and yellowfin. What is it?

Everyone knows that fish are a nutrient-rich protein. Tuna, specifically, is known to aid the immune system, reduce blood pressure and the risks of certain cancers and provide energy to get you through the day.


Beta glucans! Get your beta glucans here! What food has them in abundance?

Oats are sometimes shunned because they're higher in carbs than many people following popular low-carb diets want to ingest. Regardless, they are packed with beta glucans, which can be a step toward reducing bad cholesterol.


As if we needed another reason to eat this food, it's packed with antioxidants. Which one are we talking about?

You know this is the one you were waiting for! Dark chocolate! We don't need to sing its praises too much because, well, chocolate. But, it does have numerous antioxidants which, when eaten in moderation, can help with cholesterol and cardiovascular concerns.


This versatile pantry item can be used as a salad dressing or a drink, and it helps lower blood sugar. Sounds like a win-win to us. What is it?

Apple cider vinegar, known more commonly by its ACV acronym, is a favorite in health communities. It has versatile uses (salad dressing, beverage, condiment) and can help lower your blood sugar, among other benefits.


This food item has bacteria in it, but the good kind. Which one of these is a treasure trove of probiotics?

Yogurt is essentially milk that's had bacteria added to it. Sound gross? Don't fret about it! The probiotic bacteria in it is good for your digestive system and, no worries, you can't taste the "bacteria."


This popular fruit can help keep the doctor away ... or so goes the popular saying. Which stroke and diabetes preventer is it?

You've heard it said: An apple a day keeps the doctor away. While that may not be entirely true (you're still probably going to get sick from time to time), apples have been proven to help prevent health issues like stroke and diabetes.


You can help prevent osteoporosis with this equally funny-sounding green. What is it?

Arugula is a funny-sounding leafy green with serious health cred. It has sizable levels of nitrates which can help with blood pressure, and consuming it as part of a healthful diet can assist in preventing osteoporosis.


Phew, we're glad this one is on the list! Which of these can help prevent Parkinson's disease?

If you're a coffee lover, you'll appreciate this one. This antioxidant-rich beverage is known for its protection against diabetes, cancer, heart disease and even Parkinson's. Of course, enjoy all things in moderation ... coffee included.


It's a common "medication" for urinary tract infections. Which food are we referencing?

These bitty berries pack a punch! Full of vitamins C and E, as well as fiber, cranberries are renowned for helping to prevent urinary tract infections, but also have potency for treating things like cardiovascular disease and oral health.


We could eat this veggie as a snack all day long. Which of these has a proven track record of lowering blood pressure and helping reduce depression?

Edamame, a type of young soybean, is a great nutritious snack with a plethora of health benefits, among them reduced blood pressure and properties that can help with depression and fertility issues.


Which of these citrus fruits can help combat free radicals?

There's a reason the glorious grapefruit is found in so many women's beauty products. This fruit is known for its ability to combat free radicals and help create clear and healthy-looking skin.


This food item is the bee's knees. Which of these can help heal burns and relieve reflux?

Oh, honey! This pantry staple for many is a natural health wonder with numerous benefits, including the treatment of reflux and seasonal allergies as well as antibacterial properties good for speeding burn relief. Look for the raw varieties for the greatest benefit.


Calling them fungi hurts their feelings! This veggie is chock full of selenium, which provides a boost to the immune system. Which of these is it?

Call them fungi if you must (that's technically what they are), but mushrooms are packed with nutrients like selenium, which helps provide a boost to the immune system. Mushrooms are also known to help blood pressure and stop the growth of cancerous cells.


You'll only find bromelain in this fruit, so eat it. Which of these is thought to reduce joint pain and inflammation?

If you're experiencing joint pain, inflammation or arthritis, reach for a pineapple. The only food known to contain bromelain, it is a natural inflammation reducer, working on sore and arthritic joints.


Isoflavones in this food can help reduce your odds of developing osteoporosis. Which of these should you stock up on?

Don't make that face! Tofu is a versatile food but, more importantly, it has numerous health benefits. Made from soybean curds, isoflavones in this food has been tied to a reduced risk of osteoporosis and other nutrients may help stabilize blood sugar.


This summer favorite should also be a health favorite. Which of these has lycopene, a nutrient proven to improve heart health?

It's hard to choose just one health benefit of watermelon because of the laundry list of nutrients in this fruit, from vitamin B6 and folate to potassium and lycopene. Eat up to help reduce blood pressure and inflammation while boosting healthy hair and skin.


Fighting an infection? You might want to add this natural anti-inflammatory to your tea. What is it?

Cinnamon, although you don't eat it in vast quantities like a typical food, is a powerful spice that can yield tremendous health results. It is known for being an anti-inflammatory and is packed with antioxidants to protect you from free radicals.


This food has taken over an entire season. Which of these supports heart and eye health?

You can thank Starbucks for pumpkin's resurgence as a popular fall treat, but we're not saying the Pumpkin Spice Latte is medicinal. Rather, regular pumpkin is full of nutrients that support your heart, vision and immune system.


Feeling anemic? This vegetable is full of iron to pump you up. What is it?

Eggplant, notorious for its purple, bulbous shape, is full of iron, a mineral we need in our bodies to help carry oxygen. Consuming foods that are high in iron can help combat issues with anemia in addition to other health benefits such as aiding in digestion and feeding your brain.


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