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When you think about football in Britain, what comes to mind? Is it your favorite team, their logo projected on your living room wall? What about your favorite players? Certainly, they are the reason you choose to watch football. However, it is the stadiums that draw you to the games. They are the arenas where you can watch your favorite teams and players compete against one another. How well do you know the stadiums of these teams that compete in English football? Here's your chance to find out with this quiz!

Since 1988, professional football has imprinted itself on British culture. It is one of the largest and most popular sports in the country that fans gather to watch on a weekly basis. Many of those fans spend thousands of dollars each year in support of their favorite team, with much of that money going to seating at the stadiums. 

Do you think you can name the stadiums all across Britain from both the English Football league and the Premier League? Do you know which teams play in these stadiums? If you think you do and you are up for the challenge, get started with this quiz and display your knowledge of football in Britain!

Which team plays in Emirates Stadium?

During the 2003-04 season, Arsenal went undefeated in the Premier League. They also won 49 straight games, which included games in 2005.


Whose stadium is Liberty Stadium?

Liberty Stadium opened in 2005. It holds a crowd of 21,088 people.


Which team plays in Etihad Stadium?

Etihad Stadium is home to Manchester City but has also hosted many other sporting events. Those events include rugby matches and a world title fight in boxing between Ricky Hatton and Juan Lazcano.


Who plays in Anfield?

Liverpool has had success both in English leagues and nationally. The club currently holds five European Cups, more than any other English club.


Which team plays in St. Mary's Stadium?

Southampton started playing in St. Mary's Stadium in 2001. They had previously played in The Dell, which opened in 1898.


Which team plays in Wembley Stadium?

Tottenham Hotspur won the FA Cup in 1901, even though they were not part of the Football League. It was the only time a non-league team won the cup.


Who plays in Stamford Bridge?

Chelsea was one of the first two teams to wear numbered shirts. They wore them starting in 1928 in a game against Swansea City.


Which of these teams plays in John Smith's Stadium?

From 1924 to 1926, Huddersfield Town won three straight championships. They were the first club in English football to accomplish this feat.


Which of these teams plays in St. James' Park?

Alan Shearer is regarded as one of the greatest football players in the history of Newcastle United. He holds the record for most goals scored at 206.


Located in Liverpool, which team plays in Goodison Park?

Everton has competed in the top division of English football more than any other club. The club has been kept out of the top division only four times in its history.


Which of these teams plays in Turf Moor?

No player competed in more matches for Burnley than Fred Barron who played from 1898 until 1911. During that time, he played in 400 matches.


Of these teams, who plays in London Stadium?

West Ham United previously played in Boleyn Ground from 1904 until 2016. The stadium was named after Anne Boleyn, a former Queen of England.


Who plays in bet365 Stadium?

Founded in 1863, Stoke City is the second oldest professional football club in the world. The club was originally called the Stoke Ramblers but received its current name in 1925.


Whose stadium is King Power Stadium?

During the 2015-16 season, Leicester City won their first Premier League championship. This win was a surprise for many because Leicester played poorly the previous year.


Of these teams, who plays in Old Trafford?

Manchester United has more championships than any of the other clubs playing English football. Those championships have increased the club's popularity, making it one of the most profitable football clubs in the world.


Who plays in Vicarage Road?

Watford has been playing in Vicarage Road since 1922. The stadium was expanded over the years and currently has a capacity of 21,557.


Who plays in Vitality Stadium?

In 2009, Bournemouth would have been demoted from the Football League had they not beaten Grimsby. Bournemouth won the game 2-1.


Which of these teams plays in The Hawthorns?

The Hawthorns sits 551 feet above sea level. This makes it the highest elevated professional football stadium in England.


Which team plays in Selhurst Park?

Selhurst Park was designed by Archibald Leitch, a Scottish architect known for his football stadiums. The stadium opened in 1924.


Of these teams, who plays in Amex Stadium?

Jonny Dixon, the film director and producer, played for Brighton and Hove Albion. He played for the team from 2008 until 2009, when his contract was terminated.


Which of these teams plays in Kingsmeadow?

AFC Wimbledon is a much newer football club in England, founded in 2002. The club was the first one founded in the 21st century to make it into the Football League.


From the following teams, which one plays in The Valley?

Charlton Athletic has competed twice in the FA Cup Final. The club lost in 1946 but won in 1947.


Who plays in Keepmoat Stadium?

Keepmoat Stadium is also home to the Doncaster Rugby League Club and the Doncaster Rovers Belles Ladies Football Club. The stadium has a seating capacity of 15,231.


Who plays in Kenilworth Road?

Luton Town was one of the founding member of the Southern League in 1894. There were 16 teams originally in the league.


Of these teams, who plays in Oakwell?

Barnsley was founded in 1887 by Reverend Tiverton Preedy. Preedy believed sports could be used to increase moral value in society.


Who plays in Bloomfield Road?

Blackpool has been playing at Bloomfield Road since 1901. The name of the stadium comes from a road that once ran in front of the main entrance.


Which of these teams plays in Highbury Stadium?

Fleetwood Town was originally founded in 1908. The club has been reformed twice since its founding, in both 1977 and 1997.


Who plays in Pirelli Stadium?

Burton Albion's first appearance in the Football League was in 2009. The club previously did not compete in a league since its founding in 1950.


Who plays in Adams Park?

The Wycombe Wanderers is managed by Gareth Ainsworth. Ainsworth was a player-manager for the team until he retired in 2013.


Which team plays in Memorial Stadium?

Memorial Stadium opened its doors in 1921. However, the stadium was not home to the Bristol Rovers until 1996.


Which of these teams plays in Valley Parade?

Bradford City was founded in 1903. The club won its only FA Cup title in 1911.


Of these teams, who plays in Kassam Stadium?

Two brothers, Ron and Graham Atkinson, are two of the most well-known players in the history of Oxford United. Ron played the most games for the club, while Graham holds the record for most goals scored.


Which team plays in Ricoh Arena?

Coventry City was promoted to League One after the 2017-18 season. They previously competed in League Two.


Which team plays in New Meadow?

Shrewsbury Town is a six-time winner of the Welsh Cup. Those six championships are a record for an English team.


Which team plays in Crown Ground?

Accrington Stanley formed in 1968 after the previous club by the same name collapsed. The original club was founded in 1891.


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