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There are countless powerful gods and goddesses spanning thousands of years of mythology. How well do you know them? Test your divine IQ with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

The goddess Isis was originally:

Isis came to feature in both Greek and Roman mythology, but she was originally an Egyptian goddess of death, motherhood and magic. She was the mother of Horus and wife of Osiris.

Thor is the ________ god of thunder.

Thor is the Norse god of thunder who wields the war hammer Mjolnir. The day of the week Thursday is named for him.

Juno was a part of which pantheon?

The goddess Juno protected the women of Rome. She was known as a warlike protector of the state and had Greek and Etruscan counterparts.

Which mythology does Athena belong to?

Athena is the Greek goddess of craft, wisdom, poetry and warfare. She most likely takes her name from the Greek city-state of Athens, which she was the patron goddess of.

Which mythology is Zeus from?

Zeus is the king of the Greek gods. He's known for wielding lightning and his many affairs.

Brigid is the ________ goddess of the dawn and healing.

Brigid was a spring and fertility goddess of pagan Ireland. She's associated with poetry, smithcraft, the dawn, wells and the pagan festival Imbolc that marks the beginning of spring.

Loki is part of which mythology?

This shape-shifting trickster god always creates trouble for the other Norse gods. According to myth, he is instrumental in bringing about the apocalypse.

Venus is the _______ goddess of love.

Venus is the Roman goddess of sex, love, beauty, desire and victory. According to myth, she is the mother of the Roman people.

Osiris is the __________ god of the dead.

Osiris is the green-skinned Egyptian god of death, rebirth, transformation and the underworld. He is both the brother and husband of Isis.

Dionysus is a _______ god.

Dionysus was a Greek god of wine, revelry, ritual madness and theater. He was an important god and numerous cults existed in his name.

Apollo was a part of which two traditions?

Apollo has numerous aspects as a god of music, truth, the sun, poetry, plague, healing and even more. He was the god associated with the Greek Delphi Oracle, who would give prophecy.

The god Horus is associated with which tradition?

The god Horus is often shown as a falcon. He is associated with the sun, sky, protection and healing. The Eye of Horus is a famous symbol worn as a protective amulet.

Which mythology is Hades from?

Hades is the Greek god of the underworld. He is the brother of Zeus, who rules the sky, and Poseidon, who rules the ocean.

Eros was part of which pantheon?

Eros was the Greek god of sexual attraction. He has been depicted as both a primordial god and a winged love god, the son of Aphrodite.

The goddess Izanami (伊弉冉) is part of which tradition?

According to the Shinto mythology of Japan, this goddess was the first ever female and deity of death and creation. A marital spat between her and her husband Izanagi, the god of life, created our cycle of life and death.

Which mythology is Odin from?

Odin is the king of the Norse gods. He has one eye and is known for his use of magic and violence.

The god Mars belongs to which tradition?

Mars was the Roman god of war and also associated with agriculture. He was the most popular god of the religion practiced by the Roman army.

The Morrigan is associated with which mythology?

The Morrigan is a trio of divine sisters, often portrayed as crows. They predict death and doom in battle.

Vulcan is the _________ god of fire.

Vulcan was the ancient Roman god of metalworking, fire, volcanoes and the forge. The word volcano is derived from his name.

Tian (天) is from which mythology?

Tian is both the Chinese concept of heaven and a way their supreme god was referred to for a time. In the past, heaven worship was an orthodox state religion of China.

Quetzalcoatl belongs to which pantheon?

This Aztec serpent god played a major role in Aztec culture. He was the god of the wind and learning and his symbol was worn by rulers.

Which tradition is Ganesha from?

Ganesha is an elephant-headed Hindu god. He is revered as a remover of obstacles and god of wisdom and beginnings amongst Hindus, Buddhists and Jainists.

Hera is in the _________ pantheon.

Hera is the Greek goddess of marriage. She's the wife of Zeus.

Amaterasu (天照大神) is the _______ goddess of the sun.

It is said that the imperial house of Japan was descended from this sun goddess. She is often considered to be the primary god of the Shinto religion.

The gentle Olwen is a figure in which mythology?

Despite being the daughter of giant, Olwen was so gentle and fragile that it's said that white lilies would bloom in her footsteps as she walked. It's thought that she was a local sun goddess.

Tlazolteotl is a part of which pantheon?

Tlazolteotl is the patron goddess of adulterers. She is also a purification goddess who forgives those who commit sexual misdeeds.

The goddess Uzume (天宇受売命) is a part of which religion?

Uzume is the goddess of celebration and the dawn. She is often referred to as "The Heavenly Alarming Female."

Ra is from which mythology?

Ra is the Egyptian god of the sun. It was believed that he spoke all beings into existence by saying their secret names.

Nüwa (女媧) is the _______ creator goddess.

Nüwa is an ancient Chinese goddess. She is known for repairing a pillar of heaven and creating mankind, perhaps for company.

Ixtab was the ________ goddess of suicide by hanging.

Mayans believed that those who died violently or by suicide would enter heaven. Ixtab was a goddess who would lead those who died by hanging to the afterlife and serve them food and drink.

Cheonjiwang (천지왕) is from which tradition?

Cheonjiwang's name means "King of the Heavens and the Earth." His sons are protagonists in one of Korea's main creation myths.

Which mythological tradition does Gaia come from?

Gaia is the primordial earth deity of Greek myth. She is the mother which all life sprung from.

Gasin (가신) are a part of which tradition?

The Gasin are Korean deities associated with the rooms and objects in a house. There is an entire faith within Korean shamanism based around worshipping these divine figures.

Q'uq'umatz belongs to which tradition?

This Mayan god was depicted as a feathered serpent. He played a large role in creating humanity.

Pangu (盘古) is a part of which tradition?

Pangu is the first being to ever live. According to some sources, Pangu is the creator of all life on Earth.

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