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Admit it, you want order and peace in the society that you live in. I mean, who doesn't, right? In order to get it, we have to have laws that not only protect the citizens of the country, but the land and infrastructure and animals and everything else around us.

That means we have a ton of laws out there, some we might not even know were laws. Did you know that bear matches are strictly prohibited in Alabama? If your barber starts humming a song while cutting your hair in Connecticut, illegal! While these are laws, who is going to enforce these laws and make sure law and order is kept in a society?

That is where this quiz comes into play! There are a wide range of law enforcement agencies in this country which are put to the task of enforcing these laws on a daily basis. You are going to have your head spin from the amount of acronyms I am about to drop on your plate. However, when all is said and done, you are going to know more about the government and the laws of this land. Are you ready to gain that knowledge? Well, then start the quiz!

Who regulates the Clean Water Act of 1972, which sets the basic structure for regulating discharges of pollutants into U.S. waters?

The USDA includes the Forest Service agency. They regulate the forests and grasslands to meet the needs of present and future generations.


Which agency would take on voter fraud issues which involve federal offices?

The FBI takes on these cases when it involves federal offices. They have the important role of ensuring a fair and free election for the citizens of our country.


The illegal use of music by an individual is enforced by which agency?

You file for a copyright in order to have the exclusive legal right to print, publish, perform, film or record literary, artistic, or musical material. The copyright also gives you the sole right to authorize who can or cannot use your materials.


Enforcing the removal of all illegal aliens is tasked to what agency?

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement is in charge of removing all aliens that have the final order of removal. To do so, they coordinate with foreign governments worldwide.


Refusing to rent a house to someone based on their religion would fall under this agency's jurisdiction?

Housing discrimination is illegal in nearly all housing. The Fair Housing Act provides protection against discrimination to people when renting a home.


Which agency is responsible for serving court papers?

The nation's oldest and most versatile federal law enforcement agency is the United States Marshals Service. They have been serving the nation in a variety of activities since 1789.


A company that is not paying a covered employee at least the federal minimum wage is subject to jurisdiction from this agency.

The Department of Labor is responsible for enforcing more than 180 federal laws. The Fair Labor Standards Act provides standards for wages and overtime pay.


Falsification of financial information is a white-collar crime, but which agency is handling it?

White-collar crimes consist of crimes committed by business and government professionals. These are not victimless crimes, and the FBI is dedicated to tracking down the culprits before the crimes happen.


Which department monitors the law requiring schools to offer college and career counseling to all students?

This is a requirement under Every Student Succeeds Act. This bill was passed in 2015 under President Barack Obama.


What agency monitors companies and the amount of hazardous pollutants being released into the air?

The Environmental Protection Agency is set out to protect the environment. The Clean Air Act is a federal law that regulates the air emissions from both stationary and mobile sources.


A group of LGBT students are beaten up on a college campus. This is considered a hate crime, but who is investigating the crime?

For the FBI, hate crimes are the biggest priority. Hate crimes are considered acts of violence against someone based on their race, color, religion or national origin. The Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 added hate crimes committed against those based on biases of actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender identity, disability or gender.


If an online purchase is going to take over 30 days to ship to you and the seller does not tell you, this agency would enforce the rules.

The FTC introduced the Mail, Internet, or Telephone Order Maintenance Rule in 1975 (later modified to include the internet, of course). If a buyer orders merchandise via the mail, internet or by phone, then the seller must ship the product within the advertised time frame. If no time frame is specified, then within 30 days. If they can't ship it within that time frame or a delay happens, the seller must OK it with the buyer or refund their money.


Any drug trafficking offenses would be handled by this agency.

The Drug Enforcement Administration enforces the controlled substances regulations and laws of the country. This would include seizing any assets that came from illegal drug trafficking.


Which agency is enforcing laws regarding drinking and driving?

DUI laws vary by state, which means that state police would enforce the rules regarding drinking and driving. This, of course, can also be done by county and local police officers, but the state police would work for the options given.


Which agency would investigate minorities being denied the right to vote in federal elections?

When it comes to election crimes, the FBI is responsible for enforcing any civil rights violations. They would investigate any allegations that minorities are being prevented from voting in federal elections.


If a company is guilty of having an unsafe work environment, which agency enforces it?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. The agency regulates the safety and health conditions in most private industries.


Any suspected acts of espionage by naval personnel is investigated by which agency?

The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is responsible for investigating felony crimes within the Department of the Navy. The NCIS consists of about 2,000 personnel.


If someone steals your mail, who would you report it to?

The USPS is responsible for handling any complaints regarding mail and mail theft. The U.S. Postal Inspection Service is responsible for enforcing federal criminal statutes regarding mail.


A company does not report its financial records to the public. It would be regulated by which agency?

The federal securities laws involve both the Securities Act and Exchange Act. The Securities Act monitors the sales and offers of securities in the country. The Exchange Act states that companies that have sales of securities in the company must also reveal their business operations and financial condition.


Food retailers must properly label food as to the country of origin, which is regulated by which agency?

The Country of Origin Labeling requires companies to label where certain foods are from. These foods include peanuts, pecans, ginseng and fresh and frozen vegetables.


A car dealer not posting a Buyers Guide on a used car for sale would be reported to which agency?

The FTC uses the Used Car Rule, which took effect in 1985. The Buyers Guide shows the buyer whether the dealer is offering a warranty or not. If they are, it clearly states the terms and conditions of that warranty.


Which agency addresses human trafficking cases?

Human trafficking is thought to be the third-largest criminal activity in the world. Human trafficking is addressed by the FBI under their Civil Rights program and its Violent Crimes Against Children program.


If someone has stolen your identity, who would enforce the laws?

Because of the expansion of the internet, identity theft is happening more and more. This happens when someone unlawfully obtains someone else's personal information and uses it to commit fraud or theft.


Which agency would enforce making a telephone-based entertainment company reveal the cost of using the company?

The Federal Trade Commission has put the 900-Number Rule into place. This requires the companies to disclose the cost of telephone-based entertainment or information services, which are known as "audiotext" services. These disclosures must be made in the advertising or in a message at the beginning of the program.


This agency prevents employers from discriminating based on disabilities.

The Americans with Disabilities Act was introduced in 1990. This civil rights law prohibits an employer from discriminating against anyone based on a disability.


Child sex tourism is a terrible crime. Which agency enforces it?

For these crimes, the FBI works with domestic and international law enforcement partners. This involves U.S. citizens and permanent residents traveling overseas to engage in illegal sexual activities with children under the age of 18.


If a city's drinking water was determined to be unsafe, this agency is called in.

The Office of Water is part of the EPA. Their main task is to ensure that drinking water is safe.


For internet video clips from TV programming, the video must be captioned. If not, this agency would regulate it.

The FCC states that if programming is shown on TV in the U.S., then the internet video clip must be captioned. However, delays are allowed for including the captioning. You have a 12-hour delay for clips of live programming and an 8-hour delay for clips of near-live programming.


A person is on the National Do Not Call Registry, but is still receiving unsolicited phone calls. Who do they report it to?

This registry was put in place for consumers to stop telemarketers from calling their personal phone numbers. If you have a complaint about telemarketer calls to your home or cellphone, they go to the FTC.


Which agency investigated the Mandalay Bay mass shooting in Las Vegas?

The shooting was the deadliest mass shooting by an individual in U.S. history. This mass shooting was considered domestic terrorism, which is why the FBI would have investigated it.


Optometrists and ophthalmologists must give patients a copy of their prescription from an eye exam at no extra cost. If not, which agency would get involved?

The FTC monitors the Eyeglass Rule, which states a copy of the eye exam must be given to patients at no extra cost. Also, this rule prohibits optometrists and ophthalmologists from making the exam available only if patients agree to purchase any ophthalmic goods.


The use of your cellphone while driving is enforced by which agency?

With the advancement of technology, more people are using their cellphone while driving. The laws vary by state, as some don't allow texting while driving and other states have banned the use of cellphones completely. Because of this, state police enforce these laws.


If a police officer uses too much force when arresting someone, this would be investigated by which agency?

The FBI put Color of Law violations into place to help prevent abuse of power from happening, like police officers using too much force when arresting someone. Law enforcement officers are allowed to use "reasonable" force, but they cannot go into “unreasonable” or “excessive” force.


The requirement to hang posters in a business related to employee rights is enforced by which agency?

The Department of Labor (DOL) requires employers to provide their employees with notices in the workplace. This can be a sign in the break room about minimum wage laws. These free posters are available on the DOL website to print.


If a lender refuses to allow you to back out of a loan within three days of getting the loan, the issue would be addressed by which agency?

The FDIC monitors the Truth in Lending Act, which allows borrowers three days to reconsider their decision on a loan without losing any money. This was designed to help protect consumers against lenders using high-pressure sales tactics.


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