Quiz: Can You Match the License Plate to Its State?
Can You Match the License Plate to Its State?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Brian Ashworth via YouTube

About This Quiz

What does your state's license plate state about your state?

The United States of America may just be one country; however, the 50 states that make it up are extremely unique and diverse, especially when they are compared with each other. From the massive states like Texas, California, Alaska and Nevada, to the comparatively smaller states like Rhode Island, Connecticut, New Hampshire and Delaware; every state has a wide variety of things that it can be proud of, things that set it apart from all of the rest, things that make it unique!

While every state could just use a basic black and white design for its license plate, where's the fun in that? While state license plates do serve the obvious purpose of identifying vehicles that drive on local roads, when it comes to  their design, they have more often than not been used to highlight key aspects of the state's overall personality and identity! This can be anything from iconic graphics and symbols to simply having a popular state slogan or nickname printed on it. So, just how well traveled are you when it comes to the US? Jump right into this quiz and let's find out!

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