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Fighting a war requires much planning. 

It also requires men on the ground and the equipment to support them. Soldiers can only do so much. In truth, the better-equipped army is the one that invariably wins wars. And this is something that has been proved throughout history. 

Fighting soldiers not only need the obvious equipment like armament in the form of guns, rations to keep them going or access to clean water, they also need vehicles.

These come in many shapes, sizes and forms. Think about it ... most are obvious. For example, tanks can support infantry troops on the ground helping them clear enemy positions. Mobile artillery units can pepper enemy positions with explosive ordinance to soften them up before an attack by waves of infantry and fast reconnaissance vehicles can scout ahead to find the enemy strength.

But what gets the troops into position, or brings up ammo and the like? Yes, the lowly truck. Or what is used to quickly get wounded men to field hospitals? Well in World War II, the Jeep performed missions such as this, along with many more.

Without this massive range of vehicles, war would be even more difficult to win. 

But could you identify which war each vehicle would have likely served in? An image is all you have to make your decision.

Good luck! 

The Gun Carrier Mk I was the first-ever motorized gun. From which war did it come?

The first-ever motorized gun, the Gun Carrier Mark 1, was devised by the British during World War I. It could travel at around 3.7 mph and had a crew of six.


The FV510 Warrior Tracked Armored Vehicle MCV-80 comes from which conflict?

The Warrior Tracked Armored Vehicle services has served with the British Armed Forces since 1988, including the Invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.


In what war did the Willys Jeep make its first appearance?

The Willys Jeep was made famous during World War II but continued as an important vehicle in United States armed forces in many conflicts afterward, including the Korean War.


The M1 Abrams is an impressive heavy battle tank. Which war would you associate it with?

The M1 Abrams was the main battle tank of the US Army during the 2003 Iraq war. The Abrams was introduced into service in 1980. The most recent variant, the M1A2, has a 120mm main gun with 42 rounds.


The Tiger 1 was a tank from which war?

The feared Tiger tank was produced by Germany for three years between 1942 and 1945. This heavy tank saw action in both the African and European theatres.


The _____________ saw communist forces used the BT40 R Bronetransporter armored personnel car.

The BT40R was an armored personnel carrier used by Russia from 1950. It was used by North Vietnamese forces during the Vietnam War.


An armored personnel carrier, the Cadillac Gage Commando would have served during which conflict?

An armored personnel carrier, the Cadillac Gage Commando was introduced in 1963 and saw service with U.S. forces during the Vietnam War. It was crewed by three and could carry a further nine passengers.


The Medium Mark A Whippet was a medium tank first introduced in _______?

Tank design grew rapidly during World War I with the Mark A Whippet, a medium tank introduced in 1917. It had a top speed of 8.3 mph, significantly faster than early heavy tanks and was intended to take advantage when troops broke through enemy lines.


The Alvis FV101 Scorpion recon vehicle was used by British forces during which conflict?

A British fast reconnaissance vehicle, the F101 Scorpion from Alvis, first saw action during the Falklands War between Britain and Argentina in 1981. It had a crew of three and armament of either a 76mm or 90mm gun.


A communist equivalent of a Jeep, which war would have seen the Gaz 67?

The Soviet equivalent of a Jeep, the Gaz 67 was used in World War II, in the Korean War by North Korean forces and the Vietnam War by the North Vietnamese.


_______________ served as the armed conflict in which the Opel Blitz truck had a prominent transport role.

The Opel Blitz was the primary medium truck of German forces throughout World War II.


This German tank, the Tiger II, would have participated in which armed conflict?

A German heavy tank, the Tiger II was a formidable opponent for Allied forces during World War II. 492 were built between 1943 and 1945 and was crewed by five. It was powered by a massive V12 engine which produced 690 brake horsepower.


The first-ever tank, the Mark I was used in what war?

The first-ever tank was devised in England in 1915 and pressed into action on the Western Front in 1916. It was crewed by eight people which included four gunners. The Mark 1 had a maximum speed of 3.7 mph.


This armored car, the Bussing A5P, was a vehicle used during _____________

The Bussing A5P armored car was used by German forces during World War 1. It was introduced in 1916, and only three were ever built.


Crewed by 15, the KS19 Air Defence Gun would be associated with which war?

A Soviet-produced anti-aircraft gun, the KS19 was used by North Korean forces during the Korean War. It was operated by a crew of 15.


Strange isn't it? This is the Skeleton tank. Any idea which war it was used in?

Only one Skeleton tank was ever built by the United States but it never saw action in World War I which ended before trials of the tank took place. Interesting looking vehicle!


Not self-propelled but a vehicle nonetheless, this cannon, built in France and called the Creusot cannon was used in the ______________ war.

Although this is not strictly a vehicle, the Boer Forces fighting the British Forces in South Africa at the turn of the century had four cannons in their possession. These were called ‘Long Tom’s’


Do you know in which war the M4 Sherman medium tank was used?

Used by Allied forces during World War II, over 49,000 Sherman tanks were built between 1942 and 1957.


This unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) would be associated with which of the wars listed below?

The Yasir Unmanned Aerial Vehicle is a copy of the American ScanEagle drone. It was developed by Iran and used by the Syrian Army. It can fly at 15,000 ft and has a range of 200 km.


The ___________ is the best choice from those below in which the M60 Patton tank would have seen action.

Although it was introduced as far back as 1960, the M60 Patton was used by the U.S. Army during the Gulf War in 1991. Over 15,000 have been produced.


A mobile artillery gun, the D30 Howitzer would have been used in which war?

The D30 Howitzer is of Soviet origin but was used in the Kosovo War of 1998 by Yugoslav Security Forces.


This armored car was a tank-killer during this war, despite the fact that it was under gunned. Which war would you most associate it with?

Part of the Israeli Defence Force during the Six Day War of 1967, the Panhard ALM was actually a French armored scout car. These vehicles saw extensive action during the conflict and even managed to take out T-72 tanks forming part of Arab forces.


Can you tell us when the strangely named Alvis Saladin, an armored car with six wheels, would have been used in combat?

The Alvis Saladin, a six-wheel armored car, was designed in the 1950s with some seeing action during the Vietnam War.


The Leichter Panzerspähwagen, a German vehicle comes from which armed conflict?

Over 2,300 examples of the the Leichter Panzerspähwagen were produced by Germany for use in World War II.


A self-propelled artillery unit, the M40 Gun Motor Carriage comes from the ________.

A self-propelled artillery unit, the M40 had a 155mm gun as its main armament. It could launch projectiles up to 106 miles away and although it saw some use toward the end of World War II, it served with distinction during the Korean War.


Any idea which conflict you can link the Tracked Rapier Surface to Air Missile to?

The Rapier surface to air missile system was first introduced in the United Kingdom in 1971 and saw service during the Falklands war in 1981. Initially not mobile, a tracked version was introduced to move the missile system easily.


This is the M41 Walker Bulldog. Any idea as to which of the conflicts below it would have been seen in?

The M41 Walker Bulldog is a tank first introduced in 1951. A number of them made their way to the Somali Army and were used during the Civil War of 1991.


The Alvis FV107 Scimitar is used by British forces as a light reconnaissance vehicle. Which war would it best fit into out of these below?

A British armored reconnaissance vehicle, the Alvis FV107 has served the British Army since 1971. It has been used in numerous theatres, including the Invasion of Afghanistan in 2001 by coalition forces


The Katyusha Rocket Launcher would be associated with which of the wars below?

The Katyusha Rocket Launcher was first introduced in 1939 and used extensively by Soviet Forces during World War II. It was also used by North Korean forces during the Korean War.


In which combat theatre would you most associate the T34 Tank?

This Soviet-built tank was one of the mainstays of the Red Army during World War II. The Soviets also sent T34’s to other communist countries including North Korea where they saw action during the Korean War.


The M107 SPA is a self-propelled gun used during the __________ war.

A self-propelled artillery unit, the M107 SPA entered service with United States armed forces in 1963 and saw action during the Vietnam War. It was armed with a 175 mm main gun.


An armored utility vehicle, the M39 was used by US Forces during which armed conflict?

Manufactured by Buick, the M39 Armored Utility Vehicle was primarily used during the Korean War. It had a crew of three and its main armament came in the form of a Browning machine gun.


An armored car by Rolls-Royce? Yes, they built it on the chassis of their Ghost car model. Which armed conflict would you most associate it with?

Develop in 1914, the Rolls-Royce Armored Car was built on the chassis of the Ghost, a luxury Rolls Royce model. The armament on the car took the form of a Vickers machine gun and it could travel at 45 mph.


The Schneider CA1, a tank of French origin, would have taken part in _____________.

The Schneider CA1 was a French tank from World War 1. It was the first tank used by the French army and introduced in 1916.


A tracked robot used in many different scenarios including bomb removal, the Talon would be used in which conflict?

The Talon is a tracked remote control robot used by the US military in a number of roles. Although they can be weaponized, they are mostly used as bomb disposal units.


Any idea as to which war the M2A2 Bradley, an infantry fighting vehicle, would match best to?

The M2A2 Bradley is an Infantry Fighting Vehicle that entered service in 1981 and first saw major action during the 1991 Gulf War. It carries a crew of three as well as six passengers.


In which war did German forces use the 88mm flak gun, a multipurpose weapon used against both land and air targets.

Not only did the Germans use the 88mm Flak Gun against aircraft, it was used as an anti-tank weapon and as an artillery piece as well. Over 21,000 were built with many being fully mobile.


The L3/33 formed part of the Italian armed forces. Smaller than a regular tank, which conflict would this tankette more likely be seen in?

Although it looks like a tank, the fact that it is smaller puts the L3/33 in the tankette bracket. This vehicle was used by the Italian army, among others.


In which conflict would the M110 howitzer, an American artillery piece, have operated?

Designed in the United States, the M110 Howitzer is a self-propelled gun with a 203mm barrel. It has served in many theatres, including the invasion of Afghanistan in 2001.


The M7 Priest was a self-propelled artillery vehicle used by American forces. Which war would you relate it to?

Although the M7 Priest was developed and used by the US Army during World War II, it was also an important self-propelled artillery unit in the Korean War.


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