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Caution -- spoilers ahead! Some of the most memorable movies end with a bang, a shocking twist ending that leaves audiences stunned long after the credits have finished rolling. Think you can match the mind-blowing twist to the movie? Take our quiz to find out!

Charlton Heston plays an astronaut who crash landed on a mysterious planet ruled by primates.

Audiences were stunned by the ending of "The Planet of the Apes" in 1968. After Charlton Heston's character spotted a mysterious object on the beach, he stepped in closer to reveal that it was actually the top part of the Statue of Liberty -- which means the primate-centric planet was actually Earth!


A young warrior learns that the symbol of evil he is trying to defeat is actually his own father.

You'd pretty much have to be living under a rock on Tatooine not to know that Darth Vader is Luke Skywalker's father. The young Jedi learns the truth in "The Empire Strikes Back," with the iconic line, "No, I am your father."


A woman struggling to find her way ends up at a small roadside motel -- only to be brutally murdered in the shower.

"Psycho" turned movie-making upside down, shocking audiences when what appeared to be the main character was slashed to death in the shower of the Bates Motel. The biggest twist in the film came with the reveal of the killer -- it wasn't Norman Bates' mom doing the slaying, because she was no more than a corpse. In fact, Norman himself was the killer.


Bruce Willis plays a man who struggles to help a boy deal with a ghost problem, not realizing that he himself is also dead.

Hearing Cole say, "I see dead people," should have been a clue, but it wasn't until the very end of "The Sixth Sense" that Bruce Willis' character -- and the audience -- caught on to the big twist. The only person psychologist Malcolm Crowe ever spoke to in the movie was Cole, because Cole was the only person who could communicate with the dead.


A demented killer kidnaps a pair of victims and makes them torture one another to escape a locked room in this 2004 horror flick.

At the very end of "Saw," audiences are stunned when it turns out that body in the center of the room wasn't dead after all. In fact, the killer was hiding right there in plain sight the entire time.


A cop takes on a serial killer, only to end up losing big when the killer stuffs his wife's head in a box.

Brad Pitt plays Detective John Mills in "Se7en." He spends the movie searching for a serial killer named John Doe, only to have Doe murder Mills' own wife -- played by Gwyneth Paltrow -- and shove her head in a box for her husband to find.


The world tries to figure out who the heck Rosebud is in this classic film.

"Citizen Kane" tells the story of Charles Foster Kane, a young boy who grew up to manage a media empire. When he dies with the word "Rosebud" on his lips, newspapers everywhere rush to find out who inspired Kane's last word. At the end of the film, viewers learn that Rosebud was the name of Kane's sled -- a symbol of his happy childhood at home with his family.


Leonard is a man with a shoddy memory who is desperate to find out who attacked him and killed his wife.

The 2000 film "Memento" takes viewers along on a two-hour journey as Leonard tries to discover who killed his wife -- and stole his memory. Turns out, his wife survived the attack, and it was Leonard himself who later killed her.


An adopted girl moves in and wreaks havoc on her new family in this scary 2009 movie.

"Orphan" tells the story of a girl named Esther who gets adopted by a family looking for a kid. What they get is a 33-year old psycho with a growth disorder that makes her look like a child.


Patrick Bateman is a high-flying New York investment banker with a bad habit of killing people.

In the 2000 black comedy, "American Psycho," NYC banker Patrick Bateman bathes in the blood of his victims. When he finally tries to confess to his crimes at the end of the film, he learns that the whole murderous rampage thing was all in his head and his "victims" are very much alive.


Michael Douglas plays a man named Nicholas, who gets a seriously twisted birthday gift from his estranged brother.

In the 1997 movie "The Game," Conrad gives his brother Nicholas the gift of a game to spice up his boring life. As he plays the game, Nicholas ends up destroying his life, and killing his brother before jumping off a building. Turns out, Conrad had planned these disasters all along, and no one actually died.


Leonardo DiCaprio plays U.S. Marshall Teddy Daniels, who is searching for a dangerous missing patient, in this 2010 movie.

Leonardo DiCaprio thinks he is a tough U.S. Marshall in "Shutter Island." Turns out, he's actually a deranged mental patient named Andrew Laeddis, which he learns alongside viewers in the movie's final scenes.


A like-minded group of parents start their own community to protect their children from the horrors of the modern world in this 2004 flick.

Bryce Dallas Howard plays Ivy Walker in "The Village." Ivy is a blind girl who is picked to leave her rural, primitive town to seek life-saving medicine -- only to discover that the modern world hides just beyond the edge of the forest.


A serial killer is slashing counselors left and right at Camp Crystal Lake.

Camp Crystal Lake closed down years ago when a young boy named Jason drowned in the lake. "Friday the 13th" shows counselors dying one by one after the camp finally reopens, but it's not Jason wielding the knife -- it's his mother.


This '90s horror flick put a whole new twist on the big reveal -- not one, but two killers were slaying Sidney's friends.

At the end of the 1996 movie "Scream," poor Sidney Prescott learns that both her boyfriend Billy and his buddy Stu are responsible for a series of local murders. Their motive? Revenge against Sidney's dead mother.


There is no Tyler Durden.

The first rule of "Fight Club" is to avoid spoilers until you've seen the movie. Otherwise, you'll ruin the surprise of learning that Brad Pitt's character doesn't really exist; he's just a figment of the Narrator's very twisted imagination.


Verbal Kint is Keyser Soze.

In "The Usual Suspects," Kevin Spacey plays an unassuming small-time criminal named Verbal Kint, who tells the story of an underworld legend named Keyser Soze. At the end of the film, viewers are treated to the ultimate twist -- Verbal Kint is actually Keyser Soze himself.


Nicole Kidman plays Grace, a mom desperately trying to keep it together and care for her kids in what appears to be a haunted house.

Grace is starting to think her house is haunted after her husband goes off to war and leaves her with the kids in "The Others." Turns out, she's right -- but it's her and her kids who are the ghosts.


Frank the rabbit isn't real, and the title character died as soon as the jet engine fell into his room.

The 2001 flick "Donnie Darko" takes viewers along on a bizarre trip with a teen named Donnie Darko and his horrifying companion -- a giant rabbit named Frank. As the film concludes, viewers learn that the entire film was a product of Donnie Darko's imagination, just before he died as a jet engine crashed into his room.


There was never a missing girl on Summerisle, and Sgt. Howie is in some serious danger.

In the classic 1973 film "The Wickerman," Sgt. Howie is sent to a strange place called Summerisle to search for a missing girl. When he gets there, none of the locals will help him, and the girl's own mother denies she exists. Turns out, Howie himself is to be the guest of honor at the annual harvest festival -- which he learns as he is being burned inside a giant wooden sculpture.


Faye Dunaway plays Evelyn, a woman desperate to protect her daughter/sister in this 1974 classic.

In "Chinatown," Jack Nicholson plays a P.I. named Jake Gittes who is hired by a woman named Evelyn to spy on her husband. Things get really complicated when Gittes learns that Evelyn's daughter Katherine is also her sister.


John Shooter was a figment of writer Mort Rainey's imagination in this 2004 flick.

"Secret Window" takes viewers on a terrifying journey with writer Mort Rainey, played by Johnny Depp. Rainey has a run-in with a man named John Shooter, who accuses him of plagiarism and stalks his family. The big twist comes at the end, when viewers learn that Shooter never existed and was a product of Rainey's warped mind.


Not only does Andy Dufresne successfully escape through a hole in the wall, but he actually leaves cash and directions for Red to find him on a beach in Mexico.

Andy Dufresne spends 20 years chipping through the walls of his cell, using a poster of Raquel Welch to hide the hole in "The Shawshank Redemption." After his buddy Red is finally paroled, he finds a buried box just where Andy said he would, and the pair are reunited in Mexico.


A pair of 19th-century magicians try to one-up one another to become London's best illusionist.

In the 2006 Christopher Nolan film "The Prestige," a pair of magicians perform increasingly dangerous tricks to impress crowds. At the end, viewers learn that one of these magic men is actually a pair of twins, which allowed him to perform some of his most amazing stunts with ease.


Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton play a feuding married couple with a beloved son.

In the 1966 classic "Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?," Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor play a couple named Martha and George. When Martha mentions their son to a pair of dinner guests, George informs her that their son has been killed. Turns out, they never actually had a son -- he was a shared delusion between the couple.


That yummy food you're chowing down on? It's people.

In the 1973 flick, "Soylent Green," the world of the future -- the year 2022 -- is overcrowded, and people are starving. Fortunately, the Soylent Corporation produces a product called Soylent Green to feed the masses. Unfortunately, it's made from people.


That hot sushi chef Dae-Su falls for is actually his daughter, who grew up quite a bit while he was in prison.

After Dae-Su was wrongly sent to prison for murdering his wife in the 2003 film "Oldboy," he is hellbent on revenge once he is finally released. While pursuing his tormentors, he ends up hooking up with Mi-do. When he learns the girl is actually his daughter, he cuts off his own tongue to punish himself.


Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan play detectives looking for a lost girl named Amanda.

Casey Affleck and Michelle Monaghan search for a missing girl in the 2007 movie, "Gone Baby Gone." Turns out, the little girl is hiding in plain sight the entire time -- at the home of Police Chief Jack Doyle.


Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam vet in this 1990 flick.

In the 1990 film "Jacob's Ladder," Tim Robbins plays a Vietnam vet with big problems. In the movie's final twist, viewers learn that he actually died in the war, and the entire film showed his mind struggling to accept the death.


Bruce Willis really is a superhero of sorts in this 2000 flick.

In the 2000 M. Night Shyamalan film "Unbreakable," Bruce Willis spends the entire film trying to convince Elijah Price -- played by Samuel L. Jackson -- that he doesn't have super powers. After Willis encounters a deranged janitor and saves a family from murder, he realizes he just might be super after all. In a further twist, the movie ends with Willis shaking Jackson's hand and seeing the evil thoughts lurking in his mind.


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