Quiz: Can You Match the Naval Flag to the Country?
Can You Match the Naval Flag to the Country?
By: Jacqueline Samaroo
Image: Wiki Commons

About This Quiz

Ships ahoy! Sail off into the sunset while showing you're just swimming in knowledge about naval flags of the world.

Naval ensigns or flags are proudly flown by military ships so everyone can know which country they are from. The naval ensign is sometimes known as the country's war ensign, but there are cases in which the two are different.

Some are really very easy to spot since they are the same or very similar to their country's national flag. So, if you know those, you've already got a few of these quiz items beat! Others might be pretty tough, however, as they are completely different from the national flag of the country they represent. Good luck with those - they'll be brain-bustin' fun!

There are several countries which stray away from the typical quadrilateral (rectangle or square) design and go with forked or swallowtail shapes instead. A few of them are neighbors up north and they share a common, rich maritime heritage. Think we've said enough for you to figure out which ones they are? Start the quiz and show us that your deductive reasoning skill is worth its salt!

You'll definitely need your sea legs, now! If you have them then you'll do swimmingly well and master this quiz. Don't wait any longer - dive right in!

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