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Professional basketball in the U.S. has a history that reaches all the way back to just after World War II.  An attempt was made to form a professional league that would be an extension of the popular college basketball games of the time. Many cities had built arenas to house the ever-popular sport of boxing, music performances and even the traveling circus. It was natural to assume that an indoor sport such as basketball could soon fill those large arenas. It didn't work well at first. A series of attempts at a professional league failed to capture the popularity of the college game.

In the 1950s and '60s, the professional game started to catch up with college, largely due to the games being broadcast on national television. With the formation of a second professional league, the ABA, to rival the NBA, the game would soon enter the golden age of basketball. In the late 1960s, new arenas were being built to house NBA teams, some are still used today including Oracle Arena, home to the Golden State Warriors. 

With the popularity of basketball as high as it has ever been, teams are now updating and rebuilding arenas to be technologically dynamic and welcoming to fans. Many arenas and cities share venues with basketball and hockey teams as well as using the multi-purpose space for concerts and special events. 

Which California team plays in Oracle Arena, the oldest arena in the NBA?

Originally built for hockey in 1966, Oracle Arena in Oakland is now home to the NBA world champion Golden State Warriors. The Warriors will move into an new arena in the 2019 season.


Which CA capital city team plays in one of the NBA's newest arenas, Golden 1 Center?

California now has the oldest and second newest arena in the NBA. The new Sacramento Kings arena is only eclipsed by the recently opened Fiserv Forum in Milwaukee, home of the Bucks.


Which East Coast team plays in the "Garden" that has a green and white shamrock logo on its famous parquet floor?

The Boston Celtics play on the most unique-looking floor in the NBA. The criss-crossed parquet flooring is the signature of the Boston Garden, now known as TD Garden. Even after moving into a new arena, the Celtics took the floor with them.


With a capacity of 20,917, which team plays in the United Center Arena made famous by Michael Jordan?

The United Center Arena is home to the Chicago Bulls. It currently has the largest capacity of any NBA arena. Michael Jordan famously won 6 NBA championships for the Bulls playing his home games at the United Center.


Which team plays in the Motor City at Little Ceasars Arena?

The Detroit Pistons moved into their new arena in downtown Detroit in 2017. The Pistons formerly played in a suburb north of the city.


Which team's arena, Pepsi Center, is a mile high in the rocky mountains?

With Denver sitting a mile above sea level (5,280ft.) it's the highest NBA arena in the country. The thin air of Denver can be a slight advantage to players who are acclimated to the high elevation.


Formerly known as the Rose Garden, which NBA west coast team now plays in the Rip City arena called Moda Center?

Portland is known as the Rose City, also nicknamed Rip City, which their basketball arena was aptly named when built in 1993. The Trailblazers have a single NBA championship from the 1977 season


Which NBA team plays in the Amway Center right down the road from Disney World?

The Orlando Magic call the Amway Center home for the NBA games. Orlando might be most famous for the Disney World attraction, but the Magic can draw a pretty large crowd at Amway with a capacity of 20,000.


The Houston Rockets are one of 3 NBA teams in Texas. Which car giant-sponsored arena do they call home?

The Rockets play in the largest city in Texas. The Toyota Center, opening in 2003, self proclaims to have some of the most comfortable seats of any arena.


Madison Square Garden is known for having some of the most famous boxing matches, concerts and comedy events in Manhattan. It's also home to which NBA team?

The New York Knicks play in one of the most famous arenas in the country. Madison Square Garden is a New York City institution. The Garden, as it's known, also is home to the New York Rangers hockey team.


The Miami Heat play in the sunny south of Florida in which of these arenas?

American Airlines sponsors 2 NBA teams, the Heat and the Mavericks. The Heat play at their bayside arena in downtown Miami known as the American Airlines Arena.


This Texas city, famous for its "Cowboys" calls American Airlines Center home for which NBA team?

Owned by "Shark Tank" entrepreneur Mark Cuban, the Dallas Mavericks play their home games at the multi-purpose arena American Airlines Center. This is one of two arenas sponsored by the airline, the other being the Miami Heat's home of American Airlines Arena.


Which 10,000 lakes state team joined the NBA in 1989 and plays home games way up north at Target Center?

Along with the Orlando Magic, the Timberwolves joined the NBA as an expansion team in 1989. Home games are played at the Target Center in Minneapolis.


The Memphis Grizzlies moved from Vancouver to Tennessee in 2001. Which parcel shipping giant-named arena do they now play in?

The expansion Grizzlies only lasted 6 years in Vancouver before making the move to Memphis. The Grizzlies play their home games at the FedEx Forum in Memphis.


The Smoothie King Arena, damaged in hurricane Katrina in 2005, is home to which team?

The Pelicans home arena was damaged by Hurricane Katrina that struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. At that time they were known as the New Orleans Hornets. The team played part of that season in Oklahoma City until New Orleans had recovered.


Which arena is shared by 2 NBA teams in Los Angeles, the Clippers and Lakers?

The Clippers and Lakers both play home games at the Staples Center in downtown Los Angeles. Clippers owner, Steve Balmer, hopes to build a new arena in Inglewood and move Clippers home games there by 2024.


Which team played in Bobcats Arena in 2005 but now plays in the Spectrum Center in North Carolina?

The original Charlotte Hornets expansion team moved to New Orleans in 2002. Another expansion team was granted to Charlotte in 2004 named the Bobcats. After New Orleans changed their mascot to the Pelicans in 2013, Charlotte took back the original Hornets logo which they use today.


Which Hoosier state team plays at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse in the Crossroads of America?

The Hoosier State is known for car racing and basketball. Home to the famed Indianapolis Motor Speedway, NFL's Colts and the Pacers who play their home games at the Bankers Life Fieldhouse.


The Cleveland Cavaliers play home games at which arena with a sponsor that can lend you a few dollars.

The Cavs have been playing at home in Quicken Loans Arena since 1994. The team finally won its first NBA Championship in 2016, bringing Cleveland a long awaited title.


Which team formerly played home games at the Salt Palace, but now plays at the Vivint Smart Home Arena?

Utah boast a single professional sports team, the Jazz. The team moved from New Orleans to Utah in 1979.


Which formerly Supersonic team moved from the Pacific Northwest to the Midwest and now plays at Chesapeake Energy Arena?

The Seattle Supersonics franchise moved to Oklahoma City in 2008. With a name change to the Thunder and a new home court, OKC now plays at Chesapeake Energy Arena.


The Nets made the short move from New Jersey to Brooklyn and now play in which arena?

The Nets are one of the teams which have moved in recent years. Formerly playing across the Hudson River in New Jersey, the Nets made the move to Brooklyn in 2012 and play home games at the Barclays Center.


Which NBA team that shares its city with a team of Falcons plays their home games in State Farm Arena?

Atlanta is known for having the busiest international airport in the U.S. It also is home to the Atlanta Hawks, who play home games at State Farm Arena


The only NBA team that plays home games outside the U.S. in the Air Canada Center is which team?

The NBA formerly had a second team in Canada with the Vancouver Grizzlies. After their move to Memphis, the Raptors are the lone Canadian NBA team and they play in Air Canada Center.


Which southwest team plays in Talking Stick Resort Arena in the Grand Canyon state?

The Phoenix Suns play in Talking Stick Resort Arena in Phoenix. The sponsor name is from a casino hotel and resort located on the Salt-River Pima Maricopa Indian Reservation.


Which NBA team plays in a state known for its cheese, and for having the newest arena in the NBA, Fiserv Forum?

The newest NBA arena is the Fiserv Forum, home to the Bucks. It is said to be the most advanced arena ever built. It also boasts the largest welcome mat in the world.


Which NBA team calls AT&T Center home in the city famous for remembering the Alamo?

The San Antonio Spurs are one of three NBA teams in the state of Texas. Of the three, they have the most titles at five. They play their home games at the AT&T Center.


Which team plays at the Capital One Arena that is not technically in any state?

The Washington Wizards, formerly known as the Bullets, play in our nation's capital of Washington, D.C. Their home floor is known as the Capital One Arena and has a capacity of 20,356.


Which team plays at Wells Fargo Center and shares it with the NHL hockey team the Flyers?

Many NBA arenas share their home with the NHL team of that city. The Flyers and 76ers both call the Wells Fargo Center home in Philly.


Which team plays in the Barclays Center, the costliest NBA building, that sits in a New York borough at the west end of Long Island?

Coming in at a cool $1 billion, the Barclays Center is the most expensive NBA Arena to date. With many new arenas in planning stages, this number is sure to be eclipsed.


Which NBA team plays in State Farm Arena, the smallest capacity arena in the city known as the Gate City of the South?

At only 16,600 seats, the State Farm Center is the smallest NBA arena currently. While Atlanta has one of the largest airports in the country, its NBA arena is relatively cozy.


Which team, playing at the Moda Center, currently holds the NBA home games consecutive sellout record?

At a staggering 814 consecutive sold-out home games, including playoff games, the Portland Trailblazers hold this record. The record dates from 1977 to 1995!


Based on fan ratings and reviews of arena experience, which team that plays in Amway Arena has to compete with Mickey Mouse?

While they may not be the best team in the NBA, the Orlando Magic continue to give their fans a great experience at the home games. The arena boasts the largest HD scoreboard in the NBA.


Which West Coast arena is home to 4 professional sports teams including the NBA's Lakers and Clippers?

It gets pretty crowded at the Staples Center in Los Angeles. Along with hosting 2 NBA teams, it also is home the the WNBA L.A. Sparks and the NHL's Los Angeles Kings.


Which team will start playing in the brand new Chase Center for the 2019-2020 season just across the bay from their current home?

Currently under construction, the new Chase Center will host the Warriors for the 2019 NBA season. The arena will move the team across the bay from Oakland to San Francisco.


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