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The National Hockey League sees a lot of talented players, but very few of these athletes manage to top any statistical categories. Can you match these famous NHL players to their all-time records?

Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe played pro hockey from age 18 to 51 … spanning the year after WWII until 1980. He played 1,767 games, more than any other player.

Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky, "The Great One," owns more than his fair share of NHL records, including some of the most coveted, like most goals in a career. He scored 894 goals, 93 more than Gordie Howe.

Martin Brodeur

Brodeur spent more time on the ice than the vast majority of goalies. His sheer longevity exposed him to tens of thousands of shots and he allowed more goals (2,781) than anyone.

Ray Bourque

Ray Bourque created a flurry of shots from 1979 to 2001, when he attacked the goal 6,206 times. That's more than 500 shots more than Jaromir Jagr.

Wayne Gretzky

When adjusted for season length Gretzky has the most points of anyone. His adjusted total is 2,475, about 300 more than Gordie Howe.

Patrick Roy

When compared to his peers, no goalie had more goals saved against average. Roy had 460 GSAA, 47 more than Dominik Hasek.

Wayne Gretzky

It's hard to say whether any player will ever match Gretzky's scoring prowess. During his 20-year career, he averaged nearly 2 points per game.

Martin Brodeur

Martin Brodeur played from '91 to 2015, and no goalie won more games. He socked away 691 goals, way ahead of second-place Patrick Roy (551).

Wayne Gretzky

When Gretzky was on the ice, goals were happening one way or another. The Great One was on the ice for 3,520 goals, more than any other player.

Jaromir Jagr

Few players can say they are clutch during the most critical situations. Jagr shot the game-winning goal 135 times during his legendary performances.

Wayne Gretzky

Not only was Gretzky a master of solo scoring, he was great at setting up his teammates, too. He set the record for assists (1,963), about 700 more than second-place Ron Francis.

Ken Dryden

Dryden's adjusted goals against per game was 2.027. That's ahead of Bill Durnan (2.160) and Dominik Hasek (2.367).

Martin Brodeur

Brodeur suffers the ignominy of some unattractive records, but he also holds some of the most enviable. He recorded 125 shutouts during his career.

Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky played in the modern era, but when his stats are adjusted, no one can match his assist numbers. His 1,717 adjust assists are nearly 500 more than Gordie Howe's.

Chris Chelios

Chelios was apparently a hex on his own team when he was on the ice during power plays -- opponents scored 708 goals against Chelios' teams while he was desperately trying to slow down power plays.

Mike Bossy

Mike Bossy played pro hockey for 10 seasons, and he made his time on the ice count. His goals per game average (0.762) is better than any other player.

Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky saw plays unfolding two and three steps ahead of defenders. It's one reason he was able to set the record for assists per game (1.3).

Tiger Williams

Tiger Williams had no qualms about committing a penalty or two, or 100. In minutes, he spent more time in the penalty box (3,966) than anyone.

Mario Lemieux

Mario Lemieux didn't wait for shots to come to him -- he was a relentless attacker. He created more goals per game (0.7) than any other pro player.

Craig Simpson

Left wing Craig Simpson played in the pros for 10 seasons. During that time, he was an accurate scorer -- his 23.66% shooting percentage is the best of all-time.

Martin Brodeur

No goalie won more games than Martin Brodeur. But no goalie lost more games (397), either.

Tuukka Rask

A lot of active goalies are well within the 92% save rate. But Rask is the top of the heap of active players, with a .9226 save percentage.

Wayne Gretzky

Gretzky was a force no matter how many opponents were on the ice trying to stop him. He drove home 617 even strength goals during his epic scoring binge.

Martin Brodeur

Brodeur's name appears in this over and over again because no other goalie put as much time on the ice. He played 74,439 minutes, so much time that he probably wore his facemask to both breakfast and dinner.

Dave Andreychuk

Dave Andreychuk excelled at capitalizing on power plays. He scored more power play goals (274) than any other opportunistic player.

Gordie Howe

When adjusted to account for varying season lengths, Howe is tops in terms of goals. His adjusted goal total? 925, ahead of Jaromir Jagr's 840 or so.

Alec Connell

Connell was a goalie in the '20s and '30s, and he set the record (1.912) for goals against average. George Hainsworth is second, with a 1.933 average.

Martin Brodeur

Because Brodeur played so many games (1,266), it's not surprising that he holds the record for shots against a goalie. He withstood a barrage of 31,709 shots during his career.

Dominik Hasek

From '90 to '08, Hasek accumulated the best goals allowed (adjusted) stat ever. He allowed 79 goals; second place goes to Patrick Roy, who allowed 85.

Wayne Gretzky

Your teammates stuck in the penalty box? No problem, Wayne Gretzky will bail you out. He scored 73 short-handed goals in his career.

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