Can You Match the NHL Team to Their Arena?

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Every NHL team has an arena that they call home. Can you match each of these 31 NHL teams to their home base? We bet you can't get every one of them right!

Bell Centre

Bell Centre is home to the Montreal Canadiens. The stadium can accommodate more than 20,000 fans.

Air Canada Centre

Air Canada Centre is home to the Toronto Maple Leafs. The stadium can hold more than 19,000 fans.

Rogers Place

Rogers Place is home to the Edmonton Oilers. The stadium opened in 2016.

Rogers Arena

Rogers Arena is home to the Vancouver Canucks. The stadium holds nearly 19,000 fans.

United Center

United Center houses the Chicago Blackhawks. The stadium holds almost 24,000 fans.

PPG Paints Arena

PPG Paints Arena is home to the Pittsburgh Penguins. The movie "Grudge Match" filmed a scene there.

Madison Square Garden

Madison Square Garden houses the New York Rangers. The Garden opened in its current location in 1968.

T-Mobile Arena

T-Mobile Arena is home to the Vegas Golden Knights. Hey! How do they keep the ice from melting in Vegas?

TD Garden

TD Garden is home to the Boston Bruins. The stadium opened in 1995.

Little Caesars Arena

Little Caesars Arena is the home of the Detroit Red Wings. Obviously, you can get pizza there.

Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia

Wells Fargo Center Philadelphia houses the Philadelphia Flyers. The stadium has a capacity of 19,500.

Scotiabank Saddledome

Scotiabank Saddledome is home to the Calgary Flames. Its capacity is over 17,000.

KeyBank Center

KeyBank Center is home to the Buffalo Sabres. The stadium seats more than 19,000 fans.

Xcel Energy Center

Xcel Energy Center houses the Minnesota Wild. The stadium opened in 2000.

Canadian Tire Centre

Canadian Tire Centre is home to the Ottawa Senators. The venue opened in 1996 as the Corel Centre.

Prudential Center

Prudential Center is home to the New Jersey Devils. The stadium can accommodate almost 20,000 fans for concerts.

Bell MTS Iceplex

Bell MTS Iceplex is home to the Winnipeg Jets. The stadium also houses the AHL team the Manitoba Moose.

Scottrade Center

Scottrade Center houses the St. Louis Blues. The arena seats almost 20,000 fans.

Capital One Arena

Capital One Arena is home to the Washington Capitals. The arena is in Washington, D.C.

Barclays Center

Barclays Center is home to New York Islanders. The arena became home to the Islanders in 2015.

Bridgestone Arena

Bridgestone Arena hosts the Nashville Predators. The arena opened in 1996.

Amalie Arena

Amalie Arena is home to the Tampa Bay Lightning. Seriously, how do they keep the ice from melting in the South?


STAPLES Center hosts the Los Angeles Kings. The venue also hosts arena football, concerts, and basketball.

Pepsi Center

Pepsi Center hosts the Colorado Avalanche. The venue seats just over 18,000 fans.

SAP Center

SAP Center is home to the San Jose Sharks. The arena is nicknamed "The Shark Tank."

American Airlines Center

American Airlines Center is home to the Dallas Stars. The arena also hosts the Mavericks basketball team.

Nationwide Arena

Nationwide Arena is home to the Columbus Blue Jackets. The arena opened in 2000.

Honda Center

Honda Center is home to the Anaheim Ducks. The stadium cost $123 million.

Gila River Arena

Gila River Arena is home to the Arizona Coyotes. The arena cost $220 million.

PNC Arena

PNC Arena is home to the Carolina Hurricanes. The stadium opened in 1999.

BB&T Center

BB&T Center is home to the Florida Panthers. It opened in 1998.

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