Can you match the person to their Secret Service code name?

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The Secret Service assigns code names to U.S. presidents and their families, as well as to other high-ranking government officials, prominent people and it even gives code names to certain places and things. Here's a look at those names, from Smurfette and Peter Sellers to Backseat and the Red Barron. How many do you know?

Which member of the Rat Pack's Secret Service code name was Napoleon?

Frank Sinatra's code name was Napoleon.

Which White House press secretary had the Secret Service code name Clam Chowder?

Ron Nessen was White House press secretary for President Gerald Ford.

What is the generic code name for the person holding the position of White House press secretary?

The generic code name for the White House press secretary is Matrix.

Who in the Gore family was code name Smurfette?

The Gore family -- all "S" code names -- included Sundance (Al), Skylark (Tipper), Silhouette (Kristen), Screwdriver (Sarah), Shortstop (Albert III) -- and Karenna as Smurfette.

Who is the Muse to her Mogul?

Melania Trump, a former model, is code name Muse, and her husband, Donald Trump, is code name Mogul.

Who, during the 2008 presidential campaign, was code name Denali?

Sarah Palin, former governor of Alaska, was code name Denali.

What is the generic code name for the person holding the position of U.S. secretary of the treasury?

The generic code name for the U.S. secretary of the treasury is Fencing Master.

The White House is code name Castle. But what is the code name for the White House Situation Room, in the basement of the West Wing?

The White House Situation Room is code name Cement Mixer.

Which U.S. president and first lady were code named Renegade and Renaissance?

Renegade and Renaissance are Barack and Michelle Obama.

Whose code name was Intrepid during the 2016 presidential campaign?

Intrepid was Bernie Sanders' Secret Service code name.

Kellyanne Conway, counselor to the President in the Trump administration, answers to which fruity code name?

Kellyanne Conway is code name Blueberry.

What code name was used for Dick Cheney during the Ford administration?

Dick Cheney's code name was Backseat, while he was White House chief of staff during the Ford administration.

No longer code name Backseat as vice president, what was Dick Cheney's code name during the Bush administration?

Cheney's code name was Angler during his time in the Bush administration.

Which has never been used as a code name for Jesse Jackson?

Jesse Jackson has had both Thunder and Pontiac code names.

What code name did Rahm Emanuel have as the 23rd White House chief of staff under the Obama administration?

Rahm Emanuel's code name was Black Hawk.

Who in the Bush clan was code name Twinkle?

George W. Bush's daughter Jenna was Secret Service code name Twinkle during her father's presidency.

Which airport is code name Curbside?

The Washington Dulles International Airport (IAD) is code name Curbside.

Which member of the Kennedy family was code name Coppertone?

Rose Kennedy, President John F. Kennedy's sister, was code name Coppertone.

Who in the Nixon administration had the code name Red Barron?

Lt. Gen. James D. Hughes, military aide to Richard Nixon, answered to code name Red Barron.

Which Bush brother (son of George H.W.) used the code name Trapline?

Neil Bush's code name was Trapline.

Which member of the British royal family is code name Kittyhawk?

Queen Elizabeth II is code name Kittyhawk.

What code name did presidential candidate Ben Carson have during the 2016 presidential campaign?

Ben Carson's code name was Eli.

Franklin D. Roosevelt was having an affair with a woman who the Secret Service gave what code name?

Lucy Mercer Rutherfurd, FDR's mistress, was code name Mrs. Johnson.

Which 20th century president was code name Rawhide?

Former actor Ronald Reagan was code name Rawhide.

Which dinosaur was Newt Gingrich's code name during the 2012 presidential campaign?

Newt Gingrich's code name was T-Rex.

What code name did the Secret Service give to the U.S. presidential state car?

The U.S. presidential state car is code name Stagecoach.

Which code name has been Hillary Clinton's since her time as first lady, secretary of state, and as a presidential candidate?

Evergreen has been Hillary Clinton's long-time Secret Service code name.

Which U.S. president and first lady were code named Searchlight and Starlight?

Richard and Pat Nixon were code names Searchlight and Starlight. Their daughters, Patricia ("Tricia") and Julie, were Sugarfoot and Sunbonnet, respectively.

Up until he took office, which U.S. president was a deacon, which was also his Secret Service code name?

Jimmy Carter was code name Deacon. His wife, Rosalynn, was code name Dancer.

Which first lady's code name was Grandma?

First lady Edith Wilson was code name Grandma during her husband Woodrow's presidency.

Peter Sellers was code name for the daughter of which senator-turned-presidential candidate?

Peter Sellers ("Peter") was the Secret Service code name for John McCain's daughter Meghan.

Which "First Kid" was code name Energy?

"First Kid" Chelsea Clinton was given code name Energy.

Calico is the code name for what building?

The Pentagon is code name Calico.

Which two people have both been code name Rainbow?

Nancy Reagan, while first lady, and Elizabeth Dole, during the 1976 presidential campaign, have both been code name, Rainbow.

What code name did the Secret Service give Roger Clinton, the half-brother of President Bill Clinton (himself, code name Eagle)?

Roger Clinton's code name was Headache.

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