Quiz: Can You Match the Pro Athlete to Their Nickname?
Can You Match the Pro Athlete to Their Nickname?
By: J.P. Naomi
Image: Erik Isakson/Blend Images

About This Quiz

Oh, what's in a name!? Are you ready to take this ultimate nickname quiz? It's time to see how well you know these professional athletes. If you know them well enough, you'll surely know their nicknames!

From The Say Hey Kid and The Littler Professor to the Black Mamba and Megatron, we want to know... have heard of these guys? And don't worry, we've got some ladies, too. Ever had a run in with beach volleyball's Six Feet of Sunshine? If you're up for this challenge, we're bringing it! Think you can answer these questions as fast as the Lightning Bolt can run? Or will you be Too Tall to ace this quiz? Well, no matter how you slice it, these nicknames are all in good fun. 

You see, that's the thing about professional sports. It takes one of two things to earn a nickname that lasts through the ages... first, talent... pure talent. You know who they call the GOAT right? How about The Fridge or the King of Clay? The second would be a humorous situation - like Big Papi, for example. If you go around calling everyone Papi because you can't remember their names, well, you can be sure someone might turn right around and call you the biggest one of all! 

So are you ready to get this nickname party started? Good luck and remember, winning is the name of the game!

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Do you remember Michael Jordan's nickname?
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Can you recall Peyton Manning's nickname on the field?
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What was Calvin Johnson's nickname?
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Do you remember Randy Johnson's alternative name?
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Jerome Bettis was known as _______.
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What did fans call Willie Mays?
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Some people refer to Rafael Nadal as ______.
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What did Shaquille O'Neal call himself?
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What did Reggie White's teammates call him?
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Serena Williams is known as _______ for short!
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Do you remember David Ortiz's nickname?
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What was Paul Pierce's nickname?
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Think you know Maria Sharapova's nickname?
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How about Usain Bolt's nickname?
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Not everyone calls Tom Brady this, but his fans sure do! What is it?
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What is LeBron James known as?
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What do baseball fans remember Ted Williams as?
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What Deion Sanders' nickname?
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Do you remember Kobe Bryant's nickname?
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And what about Brian Scalabrine's nickname?
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Earl Louis Lambeau was also known as _______.
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What is Manny Pacquiao's nickname?
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Do you know what they call Phil Mickelson?
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Do you recall Marshawn Lynch's nickname?
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How about Michael Irvin's nickname?
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What is Michael Phelps called?
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Do you remember Joe Namath's nickname?
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This was a the nickname for Robert Grove...
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Hakeem Olajuwon was also known as _______.
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Do you know Chad Johnson's number and nickname?
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What do they call wide receiver Julian Edelman?
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If you know about Darrelle Revis, you must also know about ______!
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What do some people call Shaun White?
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Do you remember William Perry's famous nickname?
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How about Walter Payton's nickname?
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Do you know what they call Kerri Walsh?
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What was Wilt Chamberlain known as?
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Can you remember Andy Murray's nickname?
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