Can You Match the Sidekick to These Famous Superheroes?

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Sidekicks are characters partnered with superheroes or villains who play a role in a given story, but to a lesser extent than the main cast. First seen in the 1940s and 1950s, sidekicks were created for a number of reasons, the main being that they provide comedic relief to balance out the serious side of a story's protagonist and antagonist, and also because heroes need a little help too from time to time. Much like the heroes who they follow into battle, some sidekicks possess superpowers, while others do not.

Sometimes, sidekicks even end up being superheroes in their own right, such as Robin/Nightwing in the "Batman" universe.

Many sidekicks are often portrayed as children or teenagers, not only to get kids to buy comic books but also to give young people someone to relate to. Some of these younger sidekicks include Robin, Kid Flash, Wonder Girl and Aqualad, while adult sidekicks include War Machine, the Winter Soldier, Bob Agent of Hydra and Bat Girl.

So how well do you know superheroes and their sidekicks? Can you match any superhero to his or her sidekick from just an image? If so then take this quiz to see if you are a true comic book fan.

Jubilation “Jubilee” Lee is a mutant who possesses the ability to create explosively charged objects. As a member of the X-Men, she is its youngest member and is often seen accompanying Wolverine, another member of the X-Men who she sees as a mentor.

Kid Flash is the name of many speedster characters who have played the junior counterpart to the superhero, the Flash. The first was Wally West, the nephew of Iris West, who is the wife of superhero the Flash, Barry Allen.

James “Jimmy” Bartholomew Olsen, is a character who was introduced as a photojournalist working for the Daily Planet in Action Comics #6. Jimmy is a close friend and ally to Superman who gave him a watch which the hero can hear from anywhere on the planet.

Richard Milhouse “Rick” Jones is a fictional character who is known for being the sidekick of many heroes, some of whom include The Hulk, Captain America, Captain Marvel and R.O.M. the Spaceknight. His first appearance was in The Incredible Hulk #1.

Captain Marvel Jr. also known as Freddy Freeman, is a superhero who first appeared Whiz Comics #25. He first appeared as a member of the Marvel/Shazam family team. He was a disabled newsboy who was rescued by Captain Marvel, the person who gave him his powers.

Aqualad is the name of two superhero characters who appeared in a series of DC comics alongside superhero Aquaman. The first Aqualad was named Garth, and possessed the same abilities as his mentor including the ability to communicate with marine life.

H.E.R.B.I.E. (Human Experimental Robot, B-type, Integrated Electronics) is a robot who first appeared in "The New Fantastic Four" as a replacement for the Human Torch because of fears that children may set themselves on fire. He went on to appear in many other Marvel comics.

Terra is the name used by three characters from DC Comics. The third Terra, also known as Altee, first appeared in Supergirl #12. She was both a member of the Titans and the sidekick of Power Girl who she helped save Manhattan from the Ultra-Humanite.

James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes is a fictional superhero who was first introduced as the sidekick to Captain America in Captain America Comics #1. He later became the Winter Soldier after being “brought back from death” and went on to become Captain America after Steve Rogers was thought to be dead.

Jim Rhodes, also known as War Machine, is a superhero who first appeared in Iron Man #118 in 1979. Initially the personal pilot and friend of Tony Stark, he got his first dose of heroism when he wore the Iron Man armor to defeat Magma. Stark later created a more heavily armed suit for him.

Superboy is the name of several fictional superhero characters who appeared in several DC Comics. In 1993, the character Kon-El, a clone of Superman, was created when Kal-El was presumed dead. In addition to having many of Superman's powers, he is also telekinetic.

Wonder Girl is the name of four fictional characters, the first of which was a teenage version of Wonder Woman. The second Wonder Girl, Donna Troy, first appeared in The Brave and the Bold #60, was the protégée of Wonder Woman and a member of the Teen Titans.

Arthur Everest, also known as Arthur the moth, was an accountant before becoming the sidekick of the Tick. He does not possess any superpowers, but he does have a suit which allows him to fly. He is well known for saying “Not in the face! Not in the face!”

Wong is a fictional character who first appeared in Strange Tales #110 in 1963. He comes from a family of monks in Kamar-Taj and plays the role of Doctor Strange’s sidekick and valet. He is a martial arts master who is also well-acquainted with the dark arts.

Dick Grayson, better known as Robin, is a DC Comic book character who first appeared in Detective Comics #38 in 1940. Batman adopted him after a mafia boss murdered his family members. In 1984, he retired his role as Robin and became Nightwing.

Zach is a 14-year-old boy who was affectionately referred to as the “fifth turtle.” He appeared in the animated television series, "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" from 1987–1996 where he proved himself to be a great member to the team despite not being a ninja.

Snapper Carr is a character who first appeared in DC Comics' The Brave and the Bold #26 in 1960. He is a supporting character to the Justice League and was featured in many comics with them from 1969 to 1989. Initially, he didn’t have superpowers, but he later gained the ability to teleport.

Mary Marvel is one of the many members of the Marvel/Shazam family, who she is often seen helping take down bad guys.

Barbara Gordon, also known as Batgirl, is one of several characters who has taken that name. She first appeared in Detective Comics #359, where she was the daughter of the Gotham City Police commissioner James Gordon. She was one of Batman’s many sidekicks, one of the others being Robin.

Roy Harper, also known as Speedy, is a comic book character who first appeared in More Fun Comics #73 in 1941, first as the sidekick of superhero Green Arrow. He was also one of the core members of the Teen Titans, and once he became an adult, he changed his name to Arsenal, then Red Arrow.

Supergirl is a DC comics character who first appeared in Action Comics #253 back in 1959. She is the biological older cousin of Superman who was sent to Earth to guard him as a baby, but after an error with her pod, she arrived years later. Supergirl possesses many of the same powers as him, and she was often seen accompanying him.

Kaldur’ahm, also called Jackson Hyde, is a DC Comics character who first appeared in the Brightest Day Comic #4 and later in the television series "Young Justice." He was one of many Aqualads and was initially a henchman for the supervillain Black Manta.

Falcon, better known as Samuel “Sam” Wilson, is a Marvel Comics character who first appeared in Captain America #117. He is often seen fighting alongside Captain America, and in addition to being skilled in hand-to-hand combat, he also has incredible sight, like a bird.

Lorena Marquez, who went by the codename Aquagirl, first made an appearance in DC Comics Aquaman vol. 6 #16. While on a date at the San Diego Zoo, an earthquake caused the city to sink deep into the sea killing many people. Lorena develops the ability to breathe underwater and took on the role of Aquagirl.

Damian Wayne, also known as Robin, is the fifth character to take on the role of the sidekick Robin, but what makes him unique is that he is the son of Batman and Talia al Ghul. Like his father, he is an expert at using high-tech equipment and is also skilled in martial arts and hand-to-hand combat.

Franklin Percy “Foggy” Nelson is a Marvel Comic book character who happened to be the roommate of Matt Murdock who is also known as Daredevil. Initially unaware of his roommate’s secret identity, he later helped him out after discovering who he was.

Thomas “Pieface” Kalmaku is a character from DC Comics who was often seen accompanying Green Lantern. He was introduced as a mechanic at Ferris Aircraft, where he helped pilot Hal Jordan on missions.

Timothy “Tim” Drake is a DC Comic book character who first appeared in Batman #436. He is the third person to take up the role of Robin, Batman’s sidekick, a role which he held for ten years. He was able to discover the identities of the Batman and the first Robin (Dick Grayson) after keeping tabs on their exploits.

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