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Slogans and mascots don't have easy jobs! Not only do they have to represent a company's values, but they also have to be memorable and relatable. Can you step up to the plate and identify which slogans and mascots go together in this quiz?

Both of these features are incredibly powerful when used in the right way. Some mascots have even become pop culture icons and memes, such as Wendy (who could ever forget smug anime girl Wendy?) Similarly, many slogans have become synonymous with the company itself, like McDonald's "I'm lovin' it."

Sometimes all it takes is an innovative marketing campaign to bring enormous success to a company. Do you know the insurance company that quickly gained popularity after making a duck their mascot? We've included them in this quiz!

A company's brand recognition is of utmost importance, especially in the age of social media where companies (and particularly their mascots) need to stand out and have a good social media presence. Some mascots even have millions of followers!

Having a slogan and/or a mascot isn't always necessary, but there is no denying that they can do a whole lot for a company. If you think you can recall the things you see and hear around you every day, try challenging this quiz!

Do you know the catchphrase of this anthropomorphic tiger?

Even if you’ve never had Frosted Flakes, you definitely know Tony the Tiger and his catchphrase! Thurl Ravenscroft, the man who voiced “They’re grrreat!” for more than 50 years, also sung “You’re a Mean One, Mr. Grinch!”


Can you tell which slogan matches Monopoly’s mascot?

Rich Uncle Pennybags is commonly known as “Mr. Monopoly” or “Monopoly Man.” Only die-hard fans will know that his full name is Milburn Pennybags!


What’s the catchphrase of Kool-Aid's mascot?

One of the more unique (and, er, destructive) mascots, the Kool-Aid Man is always smashing through walls to deliver the refreshing drink to people, all while shouting “OH YEAH!” Needless to say, he’s the star of many memes!


Think you know the slogan of Planters peanuts?

Similarly to Uncle Pennybags, Mr. Peanut looks rather dapper with his top hat and cane! Did you know that he was designed by an elementary school student in 1916?


Which of these is the slogan for the company Mario represents?

Nintendo has created so many popular characters such as Pikachu, Link, and Kirby. It’s undeniable, though, that Mario was the best choice for Nintendo’s mascot. He’s from the best-selling video game franchise in history!


What’s the slogan of the company that Flo works at?

You simply can’t think of Progressive and not think of Flo! The overly-enthusiastic salesperson, portrayed by Stephanie Courtney, is one of the most well-known characters in advertising!


Do you know what McDonald's slogan is?

Being in use for more than 15 years, "I'm lovin' it" is McDonald's longest-running slogan, and it doesn't seem to show any signs of changing! The original jingle was sung by Justin Timberlake.


Can you identify the slogan of this all-purpose cleaner brand?

Can you believe that Mr. Clean's first name is "Veritably?" We're not kidding! He was modeled after a U.S. Navy sailor, and also seems to draw some inspiration from genies.


Which of these is the slogan of a French tyre company?

Though his official name is Bibendum, this mascot almost always called "Michelin Man" in English! The slogan, "Nunc est bibendum" means "now is the time to drink," which Michelin paraphrases to "The tyre that drinks up obstacles."


Can you identify Jack in the Box's tagline?

You'll often see Jack Box (mascot of Jack in the Box restaurants) in lists of "creepiest mascots." He's definitely one of the weirdest, at least! He starred in a slightly violent commercial, has a cousin in prison and he once got hit by a bus!


What’s the motto of this bear family?

The old slogan, "Please don't squeeze the Charmin," was used from the 1960s to 80s and cleverly conveyed just how soft the toilet paper was! The current slogan is sometimes extended to "Sit back, relax and enjoy the go."


Which slogan matches Lucky the Leprechaun?

Lucky the Leprechaun (a.k.a. Sir Charms and L.C. Leprechaun) is a perfect fit for this “magically delicious” breakfast cereal! Did you know, however, that he was once replaced for less than a year by a different mascot, "Waldo the Wizard"?


Can you tell the catchphrase of the Jolly Green Giant?

Green Giant was founded in Le Sueur, Minnesota in 1903, and the Minnesota River valley around the town is often called "The Valley of the Jolly Green Giant"! In a nearby city called Blue Earth, there's a 55.5 feet tall statue of the mascot.


Do you know this sailor-themed cereal’s slogan?

There’s some discourse on whether or not Cap’n Crunch is an actual captain. Though the brand insists that he is, the mascot is clearly shown on boxes with three stripes on his sleeve - the number that real navy commanders have - instead of four like an actual captain!


What’s the motto of this rum brand's mascot?

Here's another captain mascot, but this one is more akin to a pirate than an actual navy captain! Captain Morgan rum originated in the Caribbean and is now the seventh largest brand of spirits in the world.


Can you match Morton Salt's slogan to their mascot?

Both the mascot and slogan for Morton Salt perfectly illustrate the salt's free-flowing and anti-caking properties. Introduced in 1914, the Morton Salt Girl has been around for more than 100 years!


Do you know the slogan of the Quaker Oats mascot?

Founded in 1877, Quaker Oats has been a subsidiary of PepsiCo since 2001. Though he doesn’t have an official name, the Quaker Man is sometimes called “Larry” by insiders at the company!


Which is the correct slogan of this cat food brand?

What better mascot for a cat food brand than a cat? Though Felix is animated and not portrayed by a real cat, he’s often featured in live-action shorts on the brand’s YouTube channel!


Can you identify this bird’s catchphrase?

Sonny the Cuckoo Bird’s catchphrase matches him perfectly and – at least judging from Cocoa Puffs’ commercials – he certainly does go crazy for the cereal! “Sonny” was at first a nickname that the brand's other characters called him, but now it’s his official name.


What is this jovial cow's tagline?

The Laughing Cow ("La Vache qui Rit" in French) has been around in the U.S. with moderate presence but enjoys a lot of popularity in Europe and Canada. Have you noticed that the Laughing Cow’s earrings contain an image of the cow too?


What's the slogan of this fancy mustached man?

Being both the brand’s mascot and logo, Julius Pringles instantly comes to mind when you think of Pringles. He’s been through a few minor changes throughout the years, but his design has stayed the same for the most part!


Do you think you know Maytag's slogan?

For almost 50 years, the Maytag Repairman was a lonely old guy who was always bored because no customers ever needed their appliances repaired. Now he’s been rebranded as younger and more physically fit, to parallel the quality of the products!


Which of these slogans matches this royal mascot?

Burger King has many slogans in use such as “Be your way” and “Home of the Whopper,” but “Have it your way” is definitely the most widely used. While the mascot’s presence in advertising has fluctuated over the years, he’s back in business now!


What's the slogan of Rice Krispies' mascots?

Snap,” “Crackle” and “Pop” also happen to be the names of Rice Krispies’ sibling mascots, in order of age! It was also originally intended for there to be a fourth mascot named “Pow.”


Can you identify this duck's slogan?

The Aflac Duck was introduced in 2000 and by 2014 the company’s brand recognition had skyrocketed by more than 80%! Now that’s a powerful duck!


Which is this cheerful mouse's catchphrase?

Chuck E. Cheese is often cited as a creepy mascot – more so in his animatronic than cartoon form – but his backstory is kind of heartwarming. He’s an orphan who doesn’t know his birthday and thus can’t celebrate it, so he makes it his mission to throw parties for kids!


Can you tell this energetic bunny's slogan?

There’s simply no better mascot to represent batteries than a bunny that – with the help of a Duracell battery of its own – never runs out of energy! It was originally trademarked as “Rampant Rabbit.”


What's the slogan of this reptilian mascot?

This quirky reptile debuted in 2000 and has become one of the most recognizable company mascots! GEICO chose him as their mascot because their name was often mispronounced like “gecko.”


Can you identify the motto of this cool cat?

Chester, along with Cheetos as a whole, has had quite a few catchphrases before “Take a Cheetos break.” Some of these are “The cheese that goes crunch!”, “It ain’t easy bein’ cheesy” and “Dangerously cheesy!”


Do you what Wendy's slogan is?

As you may know, Wendy’s mascot is based on one of the founder’s daughters! Their fourth child, Melinda, had trouble pronouncing L’s (and thus her own name) which led her to be called mainly by her nickname Wendy.


What's the catchphrase associated with this hipster tuna?

Created in 1961, Charlie is the “spokes-tuna” of Starkist, and his dream is to be caught by the company because (in his opinion) he's the perfect tuna! He’s always rejected, though, and the catchphrase “Sorry, Charlie” was once a popular phrase in American culture.


Which of the following is Pillsbury's slogan?

This cute mascot’s official name is Poppin’ Fresh, but he is usually called the Pillsbury Doughboy because, well, that’s exactly what he is! Did you know that he was once featured in a GEICO commercial?


Can you guess this cat food brand's slogan?

All three cats who have portrayed the finicky mascot Morris were from animal shelters. 9Lives also has a yearly bus tour throughout the U.S. to encourage cat adoption!


Do you know Android's motto?

This little green guy is probably one of the most recognizable tech mascots ever. The Android robot doesn’t have an official name but Google insiders often call him Bugdroid!


What is this chocolate rabbit's tagline?

Rabbits are undoubtedly popular choices for mascots, and for a good reason – they typically symbolize speed! In France and Greece, Nesquik once had a much weirder and short-lived mascot: a huge yellow dog-like monster named Groquik!


What's the slogan for this tea-loving group?

Tetley has used numerous slogans, including “Make time, make Tetley,” “That’s better, that’s Tetley” and “Everyone’s cup of tea.” The Tetley Tea Folk debuted in 1973, were axed in 2001 and returned in 2010.


Do you know this pink bunny's slogan?

The Energizer bunny was originally made as a parody of the Duracell bunny. However, when Duracell failed to renew their mascot's trademark in North America, Energizer swooped in and trademarked the pink bunny, so now Duracell can’t use their own mascot in the U.S. and Canada!


Can you identify this fast food mascot's slogan?

Can the founder of a restaurant chain also be its mascot? According to KFC, yes! Since Colonel Sanders’ death in 1980, he’s been portrayed in ads by many different actors.


Which slogan matches this snot blob mascot?

Mr. Mucus is definitely not the most attractive mascot ever, but considering he represents a cold/flu medicine brand, he’s quite fitting! Another slogan that Mucinex uses is “Don’t take sick lying down.”


What's the tagline for these talking candies?

Though you may not realize at first glance, M&M’s slogan is quite clever. It’s a reference to what inspired their candy-coated chocolate: a method soldiers would use to carry chocolate without it melting!


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