Quiz: Can You Match the South American Capital to Its Country?
Can You Match the South American Capital to Its Country?
By: Isadora Teich
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South America is full of vibrant culture and thriving cities, but how well do you know some of the biggest cities in the Americas? Test your knowledge with this HowStuffWorks quiz!

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What is the capital of Argentina?
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How many capital cities does Bolivia have?
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Where is Paramaribo?
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Which of these is one of Bolivia's capitals?
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________ is the capital of Brazil.
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Santiago is the capital of:
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Where is Bogota?
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__________ is the capital of Venezuela.
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Where is Montevideo?
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Stanley is the capital of:
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Cayenne is the capital of:
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Where is Georgetown?
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Where is Asuncion?
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Lima is the capital of:
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Lima, Peru is one of the ________ cities in the Americas.
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Brasilia, Brazil is one of the ____________ Portuguese-speaking cities in the world.
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_________ is capital of Bolivia.
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Which is the smallest country in South America?
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Which of these capitals is the southernmost capital city in the Americas?
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What is the main language spoken in Brasilia, Brazil?
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Which capital city has the highest murder rate in the world outside a war zone?
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Which South American capital is known for its number of theaters?
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What is the most common crime tourists face in Quito, Ecuador?
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Brasilia is the capital of Brazil, but is it its largest city?
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Which country has both of the highest altitude capitals in the world?
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About 90% of Asuncion, Paraguay's population is:
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The name of which capital means "fair winds"?
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The oldest continuously functioning _________ in the Americas is in Lima, Peru.
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Which capital city has the least tourists?
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The majority of Brasilia, Brazil's population is:
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Santiago, Chile has few historic buildings because of:
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Bogota, Colombia has worked hard to change its _________ reputation.
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