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Superheroes are a manifestation of our biggest fantasies. These super men and super women can fly, withstand bullets and beat the bad guys against all odds. Can you match the super power to the superhero?

Which of the following superheroes has healing powers?

Marvel Comics' Wolverine doesn't just have wicked-looking claws. He also has powerful healing abilities that help him survive major battle wounds.


Which of these amazing heroes can fly?

Tony Stark's Iron Man suit gives him fantastic abilities, including super strength and amazing weapons. And of course, he can also zoom across the skies at mind-blowing speeds.


Which superhero is blessed with the power of super speed?

As you probably gathered, The Flash is the man with the super speed. His super speed even applies to his super fast thinking abilities.


Which superhero has the incredible ability of telepathy?

Professor X is a mutant who has the gift of telepathy. His mental powers dwarf those of most heroes, and obviously, most villains, too.


Which superhero has X-ray vision abilities?

Superman has a range of amazing abilities, from great strength to flying. But he also has X-ray vision that helps him protect people from bad guys.


Which superhero uses a Lasso of Truth to perform amazing feats?

Wonder Woman has super strength and fighting skills. But she also has her amazing, glowing Lasso of Truth, which she uses to thwart evil foes.


Which hero has superhuman endurance and survivability?

Luke Cage, the wrongly imprisoned superhero, has unbelievable durability even when faced with bullets and bombs. No normal human could survive these attacks.


Which superhero leverages an ability to crawl across vertical walls and even ceilings?

Spider-Man, also known as Peter Parker, definitely has bug-like abilities. He can crawl across impossible surfaces like a spider. He also shoots gray spider webs right from his special suit.


Which superhero derives many powers from a Power Ring?

Green Lantern is the super man with the Power Ring. It's no ordinary ring -- it helps the wearer focus willpower for some truly stunning super powers.


Which of these superheroes has the ability to fly, even in harsh conditions?

His real name is Warren Kenneth Worthington III, but he's really Archangel. He's a mutant who has huge wings that help him soar into the skies no matter how stormy it might be.


Which superhero can shoot a red blast of energy from the place where his eyes should be?

Cyclops doesn't have eyes, but don't worry, he doesn't need them. He can funnel the energy of the universe through the special lenses on his face.


Which superhero can control the weather?

Ororo Munroe, better known as Storm, wields the might of Mother Nature. When threatened, she can conjure ferocious storms to put down her enemies.


Which superhero uses spells to wield great power?

Dr. Strange is mostly just a regular dude. But his ability to cast spells makes him a force to be reckoned with.


Which superhero derives some of his powers from a weapon called Mjolnir?

Thor uses his magic hammer to smash enemies. The hammer, called Mjolnir, lends Thor some of his strength in combat. But Thor has other incredible powers, too, making him one of the most formidable superheroes of all time.


Who's another superhero with amazing healing powers?

Deadpool has incredible healing powers. So powerful, in fact, that he can even survive head wounds and, uh, decapitation. Who needs a head, anyway?


Which hero can send out destructive energy blasts?

Thanks to his mutant abilities, Havok can rein in the universe's cosmic energy and then blast his enemies. At maximum power, these blasts can virtually obliterate objects.


Which superhero has super powers even though he's blind?

A chemical accident stole Matt Murdock's sight. But the same accident gave him superpowers, like the ability to detect everything that's happening around him. He's also equipped with his complete fearlessness.


Which of the following superheroes has the gift of flight?

Superman was one of the first celebrity superheroes. It's appropriate, then, that he had not only had amazing strength, but he was able to fly, too.


Which superhero has a strangely flexible body?

Who needs to fly when you can just bend your body into any imaginable shape? That's Plastic Man for you. He's also armed with a sharp sense of humor.


Which superhero ages at a very, very slow rate?

Wolverine's mutations include a very slow aging rate. This characteristic helps keep him healthy, and it also means that he's experienced many different eras compared to humans with normal lifespans.


Which superhero has the ability to influence the behavior of animals?

Tarzan rarely runs into situations he can't handle on his own. But when he's outmanned, he can call upon his animal friends for help.


Which craggy superhero demonstrates amazing resistance to injury thanks to cosmic radiation exposure?

Thing is the rocky-looking superhero who is not only super strong but is also able to withstand injuries that would kill anyone else. Cosmic radiation exposure, it seems, isn't always a bad thing.


Which superhero has incredible super strength?

Few superheroes demonstrate the kind of strength of The Hulk. When the green man goes ballistic, watch out -- he doesn't always know how strong he really is.


Which superhero is essentially immortal?

Deadpool's healing abilities are so advanced that he's essentially immortal. He's already died several times … but he always comes back.


Which superhero relies mostly on his super smarts?

Batman doesn't really have any crazy super powers. What he does have, though, is a very smart brain that helps him defeat evildoers.


Which superhero has amazing healing powers, aided by the fact that his organs are only partially-%0Dfunctional to begin with?

Blast him with bullets and bombs, Spawn didn't need those organs, anyway. His advanced healing abilities are helped by the fact that his body doesn't really rely on typical vital organs.


Which superhero taps into the Power Cosmic in order to perform incredible feats?

Silver Surfer doesn't waste his time waiting on ocean waves. Instead, he harnesses the Power Cosmic to tap into fantastic amounts of power, which he uses for all sorts of amazing purposes.


Which superhero is half vampire?

Blade is half-human and half-vampire. The vampire side is a curse in a way, but it also helps our hero track down and fight the undead.


Which superhero wields control over space and time?

His famous hammer is just the beginning. Thor has mind-warping powers that give him almost perfect control of time and space.


Which of the following superheroes has indestructible skin?

Luke Cage was part of a prison experiment with unintended consequences, like indestructible skin. This trait, of course, comes in handy when the bullets begin flying.


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