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The major religions of the world share some similarities, but also have a whole lot of differences! Humans have been practicing faith in all sorts of ways for centuries and centuries. The many cultures of the world are rich with ideas, traditions, and more. Each has its own holidays, foods, taboos, and moral codes. From Mumbai to Mexico City, almost every individual, family, and community has its own unique beliefs and ways of exercising them.     

Throughout the world today, the most practiced religions are Christianity, Islam, Hinduism, and Buddhism. Each has had a sweeping effect throughout the world and even changed the course of all of human history. Each has its own unique practices and a following of millions around the world. More than 30 percent of the world is Christian, making it the world's most largely followed religion. More than 2.4 billion people identify as Christian. The next largest religion is Islam, with 1.8 billion followers globally. And, of course, there are countless other religions practiced around the globe! 

If you are a religion buff who knows your stuff when it comes to all of the major religions of the world, see if you can match the tradition to its correct religion with this quiz! 

People of which religion wear crosses?

Jesus died on the cross, which is why it is a major symbol of Christianity. It is often worn by Christians, and large statues and crosses can be found in most churches.


The idea of karma comes from which religion?

The idea of Karma has become widely used and misunderstood in the Western world. It is a spiritual principle of cause and effect, through which your deeds positively or negatively affect your future and the universe.


People of which religion do not make direct depictions of their god?

It is against Islam to worship idols or make direct depictions of their god, Allah. Unlike other religions, they do not make statues, idols, or art picturing their main religious icon.


Which religion involves worship in churches?

Those of the Christian faith gather in churches. They can attend services weekly, daily, or on holidays.


Those of which faith go to synagogues for religious services?

Jewish people attend religious services in synagogues. These services are led by rabbis.


Alchemy is a part of which religion?

Taoism is largely concerned with achieving enlightened immortality though various means. Ancient Taoists tried to create substances that would grant immortality through alchemy.


Which religion venerates the Pope?

The Pope is the head of the Catholic Church. The Pope has numerous religious and political duties as the leader of Vatican City.


Which religion believes that the only way to save your soul is to save all souls?

Jainism is an Indian religion, of which one of the main tenants is Ahimsa. While this is often translated as non-violence, it implies an entire lifestyle dedicated to doing no harm as a means of liberation.


Which religion has many gods?

Hinduism is a polytheistic religion. This means that it has many gods which are worshipped and paid tribute to in unique ways.


Christmas is observed by _________.

Christmas celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. It is observed by Christians every December 25.


Which religion puts a heavy emphasis on fasting, but stresses that fasting is pointless if you still desire food?

Jains believe that the path to bliss is through extreme nonviolence and self-discipline. They have different types of fasting, and some Jain monks fast for months at a time.


Which religion involves going to confession?

Catholics attend mass and go to confession. They confess their sins to priests in confession booths.


People of which religion celebrate Diwali?

Diwali is the Hindu festival of lights. This autumn celebration revolves around the triumph of good over evil.


Regular purification rituals are a vital part of which religion?

Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan. It involves numerous purification rituals called Harae, which can be performed on a daily, weekly, yearly, or lunar basis.


___________ stresses the importance of meditation.

Buddhism encourages followers to see the unity between their own minds and bodies and themselves and all living things, rather than seeing things separately. A big part of this is meditation.


Fortune-telling is a traditional part of which religion?

Taoism is an ancient Chinese religion. Fortune-telling and divination using the I-Ching, bones, and other methods is a big part of it.


This religion worships Kami:

Kami are the spirits worshipped by followers of Shinto. They can be the spirits of ancestors, spirits of nature, or represent more complex ideas.


In which religion do they keep kosher?

Keeping kosher is a part of traditional Judaism. However, many modern Jews do not stick to this tradition.


Freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth is the aim of which religion?

The ultimate aim of Hinduism is Moksha​ or freedom from the cycle of death and rebirth. This is one of the four main goals of humans in life at the core of the faith.


Which religion does not demand that people pray?

Sikhism is an Asian religion that is against empty prayer, tradition, or ceremony. While it does offer some if followers wish to follow them, it rejects the empty performance of religion.


Which religion has a festival honoring teachers?

Guru Purnima is a holiday traditionally celebrated by these Asian faiths. It is an opportunity for them to express gratitude to their chosen spiritual teachers.


People of which faith take a pilgrimage to Mecca?

If possible, every Muslim wants to make a religious trip to Mecca during their lifetime. This trip is called Hajj.


Many followers of which faith are vegetarian?

Dietary restrictions are a part of many of the major world religions. For cultural and/or religious reasons, many followers of Asian religions do not eat meat.


Belief in reincarnation is a part of _________.

Reincarnation is the belief that a soul is reborn in many bodies throughout time. It is part of Hinduism.


Which religion does not have a unified clear concept of the afterlife?

One thing that makes Judaism unique is its lack of a clearcut definition when it comes to life after death. Beliefs vary amongst Jews and some do not believe in an afterlife at all.


Which religion involves the tradition of the Akhand Path?

Sikhism is one of the world's most popular religions, with 27 million followers. This tradition involves a continuous reading of their holy book without stopping, which takes about two days to complete.


Sangha Day is celebrated by ____________.

Sangha Day is an important Buddhist holiday for reaffirming faith. It is celebrated differently by different communities, but often involves gifts, chanting, and the lighting of oil lamps.


People of which religion pray to saints?

While Catholics are Christians, they practice Christianity in a different way from other Christians. They believe in and pray to saints the way people in polytheistic religions pray to different gods.


People of which religion don't eat root vegetables?

Jains severely restrict themselves in many ways for religious reasons. In order to minimize the amount of harm they do, they even have strict rules regarding what plants they can and cannot eat.


Which religion is largely concerned with performing rituals to chase away evil spirits?

Shinto takes a more optimistic view of human nature than many other religions. It believes that people are fundamentally good, with evil being caused mostly by evil spirits which can be vanquished through ritual.


Which religion involves traditions and practices that say they allow followers to achieve immortality?

Taoism is largely concerned with mystic self-cultivation. This can include extending your own life into immortality.


People of which faith don't eat pork?

Both Judaism and Islam are Abrahamic religions. Strict followers of both do not eat pork.


Purim is celebrated by __________.

Purim is a holiday celebrated by Jews every Spring. It celebrates the actions of Queen Esther, who, according to the Old Testament, saved Jews from genocide at the hands of the Persian empire.


People of which religion might have shrines dedicated to favored deities in their homes?

Some Hindus choose to focus their worship on certain deities. Some, but not all, will have personal shrines in their homes to their favorite god.


This religion has festivals which involve drunken revelry and solemn religious practice at the same time.

Westerners are often confused by traditional Shinto festivals, which are a mix of debauchery and solemn religious practice at once. The Japanese call these festivals Matsuri.


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